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  1. i keep getting a database error when i click on an egg :/
  2. i named mine m myers terror f krugar terror e bathory terror l borden terror lol i have one more to name, it hasn't gendered yet...i am a horror movie buff and these dragons lend themselves perfectly for my horror geekery
  3. *by far* my absolute favorite dragon so far. they are creepy and stunning. both male and female. i see the female as stately, rather then demure. there is something very regal about her. proud, stately, regal,sexy. i love the male too. i think they are just perfect. i was not totally crazy about the ungendered ones, but gendered babies were cute and eerie the adults are just stunning. i am gushing i think
  4. incubating the eggs w/ a red dragon takes a day off their time for hatching
  5. i think my candy-hangover is over hahah. just wanted to give me way around the pumpkin scroll lock some people were upset about. i incubated one, so it hatched a day early. i fogged two, so had two hatchies and two eggs, this allowed me to get two halloween eggs, then i unfogged pumpkins, they hatched and i gave one away, then nabbed my 4th halloween egg. fogging is a great way to keep from full scroll lock to enable you to get both the pumpkins and new eggs
  6. i managed to turn an adult vine into a zombie. around 8:30 am est this morning. i used all 5 of my kills and only the 5th revive turned. one came back as a regular dragon and the others went to dust but yay i finally have one
  7. awesome samhain events. i got all my tots 4 pumkins (now hatchlings) 3 new eggs and my zombie. whoot
  8. all mine were 12 min. right up to the 92nd one
  9. oh sorry, then i have no idea lol
  10. have all 92 tot's whoot that was fun. plus 4 pumpkins, now to hatch a couple before any would be halloween eggs come
  11. Quite well, apparently. :B a friend of mine from aus sent me a box of those (i am a candy fiend) and they are amazing candy
  12. i read apparently there is one style of basket that isn't showing for anyone, it is a glitch and tj has to fix it when he can...at least that was what was said earlier in the thread
  13. it will only be one every 11 min. regardless of where you are, so if you are on ap and 11 min is up it will be there, if it isn't clicked there and you go to your scroll it will be the same one there, or the cave, until you click it, then 11 min later another (Hopefully different one) will apear
  14. i just got a knight in shining armor on a horse
  15. i think it is a severed zombi finger
  16. one of my pumpkin eggies has boo in his code woohoo
  17. i got 3 pumpkin eggs whoot. i missed them last year so these are my first 3. for trick or treating i got a small little dragon, a cat dragon, a gummy bat, a steaming cup, and a skull of an animal.
  18. shelldoo

    10 on 10-10-10

    ok i'm trying i have the first page in a different tab so far 3 minutes and the page says fully loaded but nothing. i'll keep waiting though
  19. shelldoo

    10 on 10-10-10

    weird i have looked there all day and have yet to see them. i have been here ages, and knew that was where they usually are but they aren't there for me today
  20. shelldoo

    10 on 10-10-10

    how do people know what the hatchlings look like?
  21. all mine have insane names. either from their codes or me being sleepy, or just having namers block...so yeah they are oddballs all of them.
  22. hahah i just nabbed an emergency egg just like 15 hrs on it and hatched an er nebula and froze her. i just can't stop the nebula grabbing. i usually abandon them, but i needed a frozen hatchie nebula...rationalizing i know