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Will breed nearly any of my dragons for anything on my wishlist/commons, simply pm me and we'll work out a deal.anarya-ameana.pngwishlistTGT gifted count: 20partymini.png

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    Check out my website to find my updated wishlist (with everything in it), my personal lineage projects, and some of my trade ratios (what I'm willing to trade, etc.)

    Items that have been struck out have been paid.

    (forum name: my IOU : what I'm owed)
    -shockzekrom: 3rd gen marrow from Suzaku or Kaisa : /CB black egg/
    -nairnine: 2nd gen GW from CB snow angel, /3rd gen gold/ : 3rd gen gold, /CB magma, CB thunder/

    Completed IOU's (both sides paid):
    -kaagia: CB golden wyvern male hatchling : CB common hatchlings
    -S9429183F: Offspring from Alario/Elrena and Lakiro/Lerina : two silver tinsels, one bronze
    -AccidentlyonPurpose: 2 CB golden wyvern hatchlings : 2 CB black eggs
    -sha6dow: 2 CB golden wyvern eggs : 3rd gen silver
    -kaagia: 3rd gen gold from Ralaia: 7 CB common hatchlings