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  1. Edited for the encore! Now my fort matches the rest of my walls. For my fort, i envisioned a peaceful old caretaker residing at the edge of a mountain forest, dutifully maintaining a tree nursery within the walls of an abandoned old castle.
  2. Wow, excellent! happy birthday to all!
  3. and locked! Happy Halloween to all
  4. Very lucky, managed to snag this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZrDQk Extremely satisfied with this turn of events~
  5. Very lucky this year- already locked!!! Happy Halloween everyone!
  6. Between 'Sick' (neglecteds) and 'Seasonal'. Very interesting! so not named 'speckled' anything...
  7. opened a count of 50 'steal egg pages'- none caught. i don't know how i feel about this new javascript thing, seems kind of unnecessary and difficult.
  8. Had a wonderful metal breeding session
  9. The CB Gold i caught earlier just bred this for my end of an IOU agreement First try and first offspring!!
  10. Grabbed a CB gold Very happy- i have plenty of 2nd Gen Metallic IOUs to fill and this'll help a lot.
  11. Caught a CB Silver and a CB gold in the last drop- my first cb metallic catches in over a year the market's pretty saturated with them right now, so i'll probably end up keeping them.
  12. 3rd Gen Black egg hatched as a curled alt!
  13. Wow- this is interesting This holly is one i abandoned in november: http://dragcave.net/lineage/kajYc looks like she ended up breeding after all! Wild Egg #1Wild Egg #2(Not) Wild Egg #3??? the third egg doesnt appear to be wild though, which is very interesting...
  14. 1. Breed CB pumpkins, 2nd Gen Marrows, and CB Shadowalkers for the people who missed them. 2. Collect a few new pretty lineages before the event 3. Begin hunting early, i doubt i'll be able to snag an egg for at least the first few hours. I hope there's a plan for the sheer amount of people trying to hunt on the 31st, after this last release i'm worried that a lot of people will miss out.
  15. Two months after summoning my first GoN, i have successfully summoned another. i have 5 sets of trios, used thunder male for second successful summon, magma female for first successful summon. Already reserved a name for her c:
  16. finally obtained my gold trophy!
  17. FINALLY. after two years of trying, i have finally summoned my first GoN. the only thing i did differently was i pressed enter twice instead of moving my mouse to click 'continue' after entering my password. i also used my magma female, if that helps. yay c:
  18. Waterhorse x Lumina pairing resulted in successful tanning, plus an awesome code: http://dragcave.net/lineage/meefs
  19. just snagged two waves and three sunlights, but both spitfires produced spitfire eggs rather than new ones. i'll have to see if someone will trade for one. Happy 6th Birthday, DC!
  20. Got my email, very vague and open-ended. Like others have said the email does not contain an invite code. yes? no? maybe???
  21. Joined: 6 August 08 Member Number: 9245 Kings! although I avoided creating my forum account for a long time after i registered on the DC site, didnt have much use for it.
  22. Still a work in progress, but i'm having fun with it! My Wreath