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  1. Ah thank you. I didn't think to check serebii (doh!)
  2. Hey guys, I can't seem to find it on google, where do I got to evolve magneton?
  3. I luckily have a nice friend who is giving me most of the Y exclusives such as yesterday he gave me his Mewtwo and the mega stone as well as houndooms Megastone And thanks to Flamingo I got another vivillion: High Plains now onward on my quest for a Monsoon vivillion!..... Or any other that I am missing!
  4. I got pokemon X in the day of the release, and I haven't turned off my 3ds since. Quite literally. So I think I'm immune to the glitch I need to find a white or black fedora but none of the stores seems to want to sell them Also I now have 3 types of vivillion: modern, elegant, and tundra
  5. My team as of now: Delphox(?) idk how to spell well Armando 65 Charizard/Ice - 65 Aurorus/Auren - 61 Gogoat/Stagren - 68 Aegislash - 63 Meowstic/Calamity - 64 A team with a ton of weaknesses but some how is pretty awesome T^T I can't let any of my babies go. Also I am looking for a good name for my Aegislash, its a girl and i almost named her Midna, but I am unsure, should I go for it?
  6. Awe am i not allowed to recommend to others? This isn't just for me you know
  7. A nice little RPG maker game i would recommend is OFF by Mortis Ghost
  8. I think a game lock thing would be a bit complicated, I think its mostly just an annoying GTS issue that they need to solve. Like the whole Reshiram Lv 9 or under (which i action replayed myself one in and you STILL couldnt trade it)
  9. I believe pokemon NEEDS a way to ask for legendaries on the GTS impossible. It is SO freaking stupid all the requests for Xerneas, Mew, Shaymin, Arceus, Yveltals, etc. for like small things like surskits and MAGIKARPS. It is beyond annoying. it clogs it up and makes it entirely too difficult to actually find something tradeable
  10. A lot of em are different (mostly just pitch) and it is bugging me slightly, especially like Machoke's since its pretty High pitched. I think they only kept a handful the same such as Bidoof
  11. I figured Mega CHarizard Y would be the same but, I have a question, Am i the only one that is supremely disappointed/disliking how 90% of all the pokemon's cries are different? I am terrified about how my darling typhlosion will sound
  12. It would be interesting to see shiny Megas, If they are a thing. I just wish shinies weren't so afraid of me T^T Personally I like the Johto/kanto Elite four music. Oh and in further news Zapdos gave me a heart attack when it randomly decided to say hello when i was peacefully strolling along
  13. Wonder trade has helped me out a buttload, I even got a froakie out of it and 50 other pokemon I needed for the pokedex. And quite a few Foreign pokemon. I was excited when I got that vivillion now I want the Squall, savannah, and marine(?)
  14. *sigh* I have a hideous Modern Vivillion sadly, though Wonder Trade decided to be nice (for once) and it gave me a Polar one
  15. Wow I wish i was that lucky wit da shinies. T^T Anywho i am loving the safari zone, I just wish there was an acquaintance version, from lack of friends. (msg me if ya wanna swap friend codes~) Also should I feel bad I spent 300k on a dress because i have no clue where that discount coupon is?
  16. Hey guys, if you play on the mod pixelmon I would suggest you join this one server ^.^ the community is great and a very well maintained server
  17. Hey I would like to know if anyone is really good at making skins. I am hopeless. I need the Johto's Elite Four, Karen, skin. I have become admin and Elite four spot on a server and I'm required to have a skin. Please PM me if you wanna help
  18. Um request Denied. you obviously did NOT read my rules
  19. Caught two before it went down. T_T the eggs are pretty~
  20. http://i49.tinypic.com/1zph4y1.png this should be ok
  21. I finished Ninetails' request http://awesomegoth.deviantart.com/#/d5o7awt and i moved Angel's to Commisions, since she paid me with eggys
  22. the link to your deviantart doesn't work.