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  1. They really are pretty. I love how they turned out!
  2. Im glad i got both of my eggs. V-Day isnt all that high on the list of holidays i like to celebrate, but they always tend to put nice dragons out. And i love the flowers this year. So pretty! Thank you TJ and Spriters! You did a wonderful job. As always PS- if you gifted or gift me a flower. Feel free to inbox me telling me so. Ill gladly gift back. ;D
  3. Thank you to all who sent me flowers and who are sending me flowers! I return all favors when i know you sent one to me. haha
  4. i agree, maybe something will be done about it.
  5. thank you sooooo much! Sending a red and white lilly your way. <3
  6. ill send back whatever you want. I love Branches and roses <3
  7. Thanks to whoever sent me the pretty black rose!
  8. i am like in love with those branches and the roses! especially the rainbow roses!
  9. flower number 7 just arrived! I am goaling for 15 by the nights end <3
  10. sending one to you in 5 minutes. haha. Any particular one you want?
  11. wow, my vase is really coming along! thank you to everyone sending them to me! This makes me so happy!
  12. I think my top 5 flowers are the rose, columbine, hyacinth, branches, and lilly. They are all sooo pretty<3 Anyone else have favorites? ;D Maybe ideas of a "Flower wishlist"? haha
  13. WOW! 3 flowers already! I wish i knew who sent the other 2 to me! haha. I would return the favor. <.<
  14. Awe! thank you! Returning with some flowers for you as well! ;D
  15. Thank you down time! You helped me get my 2 eggys! As soon as the site came back up i snatched both my eggs right in a row! I cant wait to see the adults. Thank you spriters and TJ!
  16. Good luck to everyone applying. I just dont have the time to be on here enough. So im not going to apply this year. PLUS! Im not level 4. haha Maybe another time. ;D
  17. I kinda feel bad for those who won that are getting swamped with requests. I just message some of them to say congrats. Not like so many people. Id rather wait a bit. I mean, it would be nice to get a 2nd gen of all the prize dragons ASAP. But any would be nice in time. Just to have them on my scroll. haha
  18. I cant wait to see the what the new dragons look like! Congrats to all the winners! I cant get in my E-mail right now so i still have my fingers crossed. haha
  19. DarkDragonXD

    Donation Meter

    Since i cant afford to donate money, i donate my love. <3 haha
  20. For this Christmas I would like ANY Holly! Thank you for doing this
  21. Holy Cow! They are pretty! Defiantly New. Nothing like that in the cave.
  22. not finished yet. It will be over at midnight EST. You have about 12 and a half hours left.