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  1. I've been AP hunting for zombie fodder but I keep picking up eggs with lineages too nice to 'zombify'. I'm usually pretty good at finding all the messy ones, I can't believe all the pretties I've found! 2nd Gen Stone- I didn't know how much I'd like this pairing. It'll get a mate once Halloween breeding starts. BBW x Silver Checker Deep Sea x Gold Checker Spitfire with UVs, it just looks pretty Lumina x Valentine Checker
  2. No zombies this year for me. Ten attempts, two revived as regular dragons and the rest disintegrated. That makes three years of no success with zombifying males! Still, lots of great new eggs. Looking forward to seeing the new beauty from aangs-sister!
  3. If you wanted to include only commons (so leaving out trios, breed-only, alts, metallics, tins, shimmers, and holidays) you'd need 69 base dragons. That's assuming you don't worry about getting both dimorphic sprites, but do use all the nebulas and seasonals. Then there's three tins, three shimmers, three halloween (Pumpkins only breed with pygmies), five Xmas, five Vals, two metallics, four breed-only, and three alts. So 27 more dragons. So the total would be 103 dragons. Yes, I'm working on a lineage project so I can figure it out. The scarier thing is to figure out how long i
  4. I may have found a new favorite sprite set- the Soulpeace Dragons! Gorgeous work, Earthgirl! Loving the Royal Crimsons as well.
  5. Yay! Easter eggs are back! Thanks to TJ and the spriters! This years' eggs look just as fantastic as last years!
  6. What about people who play DC but who aren't on the forums? If you do the "X breeds are only in the no-trophy biome, Y breeds only in the bronze biome, etc" how will they get them? I'm not talking about newbies, but about people who have been playing for years. And what happens when there is a new release? Is TJ forced to release 4 new breeds each time (one for no-trophy, one for bronze, silver, gold?)? They'd all have to have the exact same rarity and yet still people would be complaining because they couldn't get an x dragon because there aren't as many upper level people trading
  7. there do seem to be a lot of adults in the daycare and hatchlings in the hatchery. Actually I saw a gendered hellfire wyvern in the regular egg hatchery section (the nest?). I find it oddly satisfying to click to clear hatchlings and adults, but recently there have been so many that I sometimes have trouble clicking them all before my thirty seconds are up and the page refreshes still, AoND is my favorite!
  8. OMG :jealous: Amazing clicks!! Got this lovely Blusang recently, can't wait to breed a mate for him. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZNY9Q
  9. I looked at my dragons and thought "wow, my moonstones look epic!" then I realized they were the sunrises...
  10. Thanks to everyone who put together all these great halloween treats! And yay for bringing back the Dragon Dress-up!!
  11. I've been here over a year and saw a silver in the cave for the first time just a week or two ago.
  12. Please Please Please Yes!!! I'd love to be able to group my lineage projects in particular
  13. I did a quick recolor of the outlines, using the darkest shade color on the sprites. If these work, then I'd do the cracking sequence. Here's the cracking sequence: For the record, Silvanon gave permission in the Art Usage thread:
  14. Your Forum name: MsTigerlily Your Scroll name: MsTigerlily The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): EqGip Egg type: Water Walker Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 8:35 PM Time of Death: 8:42 PM Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 1/1/1 Hatched Normal- got over 1000 views in seven minutes! Maybe too many ers... Your Forum name: MsTigerlily Your Scroll name: MsTigerlily The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): oDFJS Egg type: Albino Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 9:07 PM Time of Death: 9:12 PM Amount of current V/U
  15. If you mean the Garden Dragons (carrot, asparagus, artichoke, cotton, etc) they are still there, listed under Garden.
  16. I just caught a CB I've been really trying to get!
  17. My absolute favorites: Mist Dragon Eve Dragons Flame Quetzal Other ones I really like: Amour Propre- so pretty eggs! Hydraulis Amphiptere Cyan DragonGingerbreads- adorable Xmas Dragon Jade Dragon- although there are a lot of green dragons, this one is particularly pretty Indigo Fire Dragon- Golden Mudsnout Dragon- super cute lizard-y dragon Eastern Unicorn Dragon Whitewater Dragon Wildfire Dragon Iridescent DragonsIridescent Dragons Jellyfish Dragon Skinless Dragon- amazing sprites
  18. It is crazy. I tried all the winters on my scroll (16 from my seasonal projects) and nothing! I also haven't found any cbs, so I'm kind of concerned about getting a set for a spring seasonal project...
  19. accidentally abandoned an S2 dino when I meant to freeze it... wasn't really paying enough attention and clicked the wrong button, and didn't realize it until the abandoned message popped up!
  20. Thanks for the wonderful description! It made me like them even more. Now I'm thinking I'm going to have to get twenty...
  21. Amazing! This was addictive. Thanks to TJ and all the artists who worked on this! also, don't know if I missed this, but will we be able to view the inventory items after Halloween, like the trick or treating and easter eggs? Because there are too many cool sprites for them to just go away.
  22. Your Forum name: Mstigerlily Your Scroll name: Mstigerlily The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): uh0HZ Egg type: stone Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 10:30 AM Time of Death: 10:43 AM Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 11/1/1 It hatched normal . Probably unfogged it too early. I'll try again after Halloween.