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  1. Ghost Opera (Kamelot)
  2. Etrezomp Ni Kelted (Omnia)
  3. (the) Call of the Mountains (Eluveitie)
  4. Norwegian Reggaeton (Nanowar of Steel)
  5. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Nightwish)
  6. Uranus (Nanowar of Steel) Okay... it's technically SFW, but, well... if Beavis and his friend sat down to write song lyrics with every possible double-entendre ever made about that particular planet's name, this is it. As the lyrics say, even an old joke deserves a song! Incidentally, the bass player for this group actually is an astrophysicist.
  7. I'm On Fire (Brother Firetribe)
  8. Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars)
  9. I think you posted past your bedtime! You were on C. Continuing with D, then... Day Tripper (The Beatles)
  10. **giggles** And, another reset! Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)
  11. Beauty and the Beast (Nightwish) Live performance from 2000 with guest vocalist Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica.