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I am fully capable of editing my posts ten times in a minute. Please refresh at least five times before deciding I have said everything I meant to say. Please tend the eggs.Thank you Kurai, for the avatar! Lineage goals: 188 waterhorses and counting"Good news, everyone! I've fixed the poison slime pipes!"208872.png378026.png481844.png378038.png241117.png61481.png20ax9af.png

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    by a river. Guess which one.
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    I play WoW, so if you're on Medivh ally side, PM Layn or Reprisal.

    Reality isn't real. Or is it? Dreams are more real than the world of the living. In "reality" existence is defined by actions in the eyes of others, yet in dreams existence is what you wish. Thus, is there any true concept of reality?