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  1. Happy Halloween! I was really hoping for a spider dragon this year, but I'm really beginning to think that one was scrapped entirely. D: Either way, these new Halloween eggs are very creepy looking and I can't wait to see what comes out.
  2. I tried on and off again for years to get on the list and one day happened to be lucky enough to snag a spot. It took several more months before I got an egg though, so even when you do get on the list don't expect anything very soon - his lists are either really long or his dragons are sporadically bred. That being said, I love my 2nd gen Thuwed so much! Just need to figure out a good name for it.
  3. Love this event, haha. Happy Easter/April Fool's everyone. <3
  4. Your Forum name: gravija Your Scroll name: gravija The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): ---- Egg type: Balloon Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 3:00 p.m. EST (which is roughly 2 hours from now) Time of Death: 3:07 p.m. EST Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 0/0/0/ My first time trying this so...we'll see I guess. Okay..I guess I messed up my timing. It died as soon as I unfogged.
  5. I've had the same dream for years, usually after a particularly stressful day. It always starts out as me in a sewer, running along looking for an exit. I finally find a door, not a manhole or anything but an actual door, and it opens to reveal a huge staircase covered in bright red carpet. I ascend the stairs only to find they go on as far as I can see, so I take a hallway, usually on the right, and begin going through doors. Some have really bizarre things behind them like the one that takes me into a world where Earth is somehow very small and you can travel from planet to planet via ladders. It's also under attack by aliens, though I've never seen them so I don't know how I know this. Another door has a zombie apocalypse behind it and whenever I go through that one I always wake up suddenly, shaky and breathless. The worst one by far is this huge mostly empty room covered in crimson paint with a trap door hidden beneath a rug. When I open the trap door and go into the cellar area, the door shuts locking me inside and suddenly I'm thrown into darkness. At that point someone else usually appears, my husband or a close friend, and they shed light on our surroundings. It is the stuff of nightmares. The entire space is filled with spider webs with thousands of spiders crawling all over the area and it takes all my control to not scream in horror when I realize the only way out is straight ahead where I may or may not find an exit. This dream is sort of multi layered. Sometimes I find amazing rooms and sometimes I find the ones filled with horrors I have to force myself not to think about when I wake up. I've been having this dream since I was maybe ten years old. It doesn't always end with a bad or good room and sometimes I go through several doors before finally waking up.
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    I have two kitties. One is a pretty little black and white short hair with the most ridiculous personality. She's always running up and down the stairs for no apparent reason, and if you call out to her during of these frantic periods her eyes get all wide and she darts over to roll around in your lap. Strangest cat I've ever had. My second is a grey/orange female who obsessively stalks me. If I am doing laundry, she's on the dryer watching me. Any room I enter to clean something she follows and wraps herself around my shoulders as I move about. Tsuki is the first one and Toph is the second. They're incredibly sweet, silly cats and I love them to bits. <3
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    Oh I don't think it's always a great choice. Most people want babies, not older kids, and often it can take years of going through red tape to adopt so by the time a couple gets the baby they wanted they've already lost years. Unless they meet up with the mother beforehand to arrange things, and if she doesn't change her mind and decide to keep the baby herself. I can't imagine the heartbreak of bringing a life into the world only to send them into the system where they have a small chance of finding a loving home some day. Some children do, certainly, but it's not terribly common. I'm glad it worked out well for you and I only wish it could go that way for every child out there. @Laryal - I don't remember saying anywhere in my post that it's 'wrong' to have an abortion. A fetus isn't viable during the window of time abortions usually take place, so I don't technically consider it a life yet. If you consider it taking another life, what then would you do if carrying on with the pregnancy meant the woman's life would end? That the strain of the extra blood in her body could cause her heart to suddenly stop? Or any other number of issues? Also the mental toll it could take on her. How do you value one life over another?
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    I'm really not sure if I should be posting in here because, well, it's a very difficult subject for me to discuss. I have a hard time even speaking to my husband about it and he knows exactly how I feel. Firstly, my entire life I've been pro choice. It is ultimately up to a woman as to whether or not she feels she is capable mentally or physically of carrying on with a pregnancy to full term. If abortions were illegal, women would resort to back alley practices. It's something you cannot force on everyone - some women can be 'talked into' having a baby they don't want, but many more will do whatever is necessary to end the pregnancy. Therefore, I've always thought we should have the choice to have an abortion performed in a safe environment and the government/special interests groups should stay out of it entirely. Second, and this is the difficult part for me, I've been in the position of having to make that choice - whether to have an abortion or not. I decided ages ago that I never wanted children, never cared to make myself a slave to another person's wants and needs nor have I ever been interested in being pregnant or giving birth. I told my ex fiance this and it ended our relationship. When I met my husband I had the same talk with him, that if he desperately needed to be a father then we just couldn't be together because I was never going to subject myself to such mental torture. I've nothing against children, I just never wanted any myself. Two years after we were married I found myself unexpectedly pregnant. It was the single most terrifying moment of my life to see the positive sign on that little stick. We had both recently lost our jobs and were being forced to move in with my parents until we could regroup and figure out where to go from there, so we didn't exactly have any financial means with which to support an infant. I had no health insurance. We had gone through our savings to try and make things work in our former home, but in the end we had to give up almost everything. And, of course, I did NOT want to have a baby. We put that knowledge on the back burner while we packed and moved to a new city to start over. A week after we began settling into my parents' home my husband and I broached the topic, began discussing options. I felt numb all over thinking of going through with the pregnancy and I knew he'd support whatever decision I made, even if it hurt him deeply to agree with me on an abortion. I spent a lot of my time just thinking, wondering if it was normal to feel so scared of something as natural as bringing a life into the world and made a list of the pros and cons of why I should or shouldn't have an abortion. It took me another couple of weeks before I decided that while I may not be cut out for parenthood, the fetus (I wasn't even thinking of it as a baby at that point) wasn't to blame for it's conception and I had to be responsible for my mistake. I decided to carry on with the pregnancy, applied for medicaid until we had employment and could afford private insurance again, and began seeking out a doctor. I was three months along before I finally landed an appointment with a midwife and the first visit she she did a sonogram and I heard the heartbeat. There is absolutely nothing in the world that could have prepared me for that moment. Nor the following ones where I saw the baby in an ultrasound and learned that the blob of cells growing inside me was a girl. That she had two hands with 10 perfect little fingers, a face, and the potential to be someone amazing some day. I fell in love, hard, so much so that I still cry thinking of the choice I almost made to destroy her. I smile brightly when I feel her kick, even when it's my ribs which makes breathing somewhat challenging for a few seconds, and I worry myself sick when she's sleeping and I can't tell if she's okay or not. It has been worth every second of vomiting, back pain, insomnia, and given the chance to choose once again I'd make the same decision. Not every woman would feel the same way. That's why despite my experiences with struggling through the decision I am still pro choice. I agree that it could break some women because being pregnant isn't easy, nor is it especially safe for some. Adoption is a solid choice for women who don't mind surrendering their bodies and freedoms to another life for 37+ weeks, but I know a LOT of women who would terminate without a second thought. And in the end, it should always be an option. Your body, your choice. Edit: And I doubt this matters, but my struggles had nothing to do with religion or moral grounds. I'm an atheist and my decisions came from a purely mental place, not a spiritual one.
  9. I've been trading for years and only met one truly persistent and rude person through it. I can't imagine how much worse it is now with people trading so many CB metals, 2nd gen tinsels/shimmers, neglecteds, etc all of which are as coveted as the hollies were just a couple years ago. I'm glad this was made as an announcement and I really hope those unfortunate ones who ARE being harassed can finally find some peace after they turn down an offer and wish to end things there.
  10. A red dragon. <3 I thought they looked like storybook dragons, with all their fierceness and fiery look about them. So now I have a decent collection and I am still always looking for more, haha. Also magis. They're so..orange and Halloweeny when paired with blacks (but I loved them before I even gave thought to breeding dragons).
  11. I've been searching for blusangs lately as it's come to my attention I only have 1 CB pair. Well, since the cave is blocked yet again I was refreshing the AP and lo and behold a blusang egg appears. In my surprise to actually see one, which to me is more exciting than a metallic, I delayed clicking on it for a few seconds. Of course by the time I did click it somebody else had gotten there first. So I checked the lineage and it's exactly what I'm looking for - a 2nd gen from CB blusang father/CB silver mother. It's the stupidest thing I've done on DC in a long time, letting a pretty egg like that go.
  12. The adults are stunning. They have so much fine detailing and I rather like the pose. <3 My favorite is probably the bronze. I'm not on any list either, but once the 2nd gens start going out and people begin breeding 3rd/4th gens I have hope that I'll land a pretty shimmer-scale within a few months. It'll be more than worth the wait!
  13. Oh gist that's so pretty. >< I love those colors together! Can't wait to see more, er, something-kins, but I also hope you guys get to breed some lovely shimmer-scale offspring soon too.
  14. Love it when mod app time comes around. <3 Best of luck to all applicants!
  15. Oh this is a lovely idea. Last year I had absolutely no idea who to give my holly offspring to and I don't like trading holiday dragons because to me, it sort of ruins the spirit of gifting. So can I join as a donator with this holly? I just read I'm supposed to PM about donating. Suppose I can do that too if necessary. ><
  16. Congrats to all the winners. <3 I hope you enjoy your lovely new dragons and I can't wait to see what they look like! I'm sure I'll be PMing winners at a later date to hopefully get on a waiting list or two, but as I've never done that in previous years I'm not sure if I'll be less lazy this time around, lol. Also, this is probably a touch off topic and a bit late, but I loved the holiday events. My gingerbread house decorating skills are pretty well nonexistent, though finding the recipes and cooking stuff up was very fun!
  17. Congratulations to those who won! I just checked my mail a bit ago and didn't have an email, but it's okay. The event was wonderful, I love my wreath, got two hollies after years of trying and failing to obtain one, and I have a great new job with so many things planned out for this year ahead of me (college, summer trip to Europe, moving to Dallas). Failing to win a pixel dragon doesn't phase me. <3 So Happy New Year all!
  18. Received my first holly this year through a pair of wonderful users. <3 I love it's lineage and I can't wait to breed it next year for some lucky, random people.
  19. Bred my tinsel with one of my rosebuds after finally getting unlocked, but no egg was produced. I'll try again next week!
  20. Beautiful! Glad I'm trading off some tinsels for them. <3 I want 12 or so, because I already have a lot of pretty lineages in mind.
  21. Love the hatchies! They're so adorable and as I expected, I love their coloring. Can't wait to see the adults, though I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of my favorite breeds released this year. <3
  22. Killed 4 dragons for this and just tried reviving all of them. Both the adults were successes and one of the hatchies, so 3/4 are now zombies. <3 I'm satisfied with that. *nod*
  23. Grabbed 3 and waiting on my pumpkin/marrows to finish hatching to so I can stock up on ghosties. <3 Thanks Tj for the new dragon! I can't wait to see them hatch and grow up...and then go on to build beautiful lineages.
  24. Gah, it's heartbreaking killing these dragons. I've not tried for a zombie in a long time, but I've got two that are good to go for reviving as soon as Halloween rolls around. I hate killing them, even if they are pixels.
  25. Been working on this for the better part of an hour and I love it so far! Thank you for such an unique, entertaining event. <3 I'm a bit stuck right now, but I'm only at 26 objects so I'm sure I'll figure out my next move soon.