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Wishlist is now in profile. ^_^ Always happily accepting low gen regular blacks and CB magis! Any time I am offering something for trade I will gladly take anything on my wishlist (though I won't accept even gen tinsels..only spirals/stairsteps with 2 breeds).Kallistrate, ArynChris, and kiffren are amazing. <3jhy5m6.pngClicky for scroll

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    I owe the following people:

    Nobody! All caught up on IOUs. <3

    Low gen shiny wishlist:

    2nd/3rd gen silver prize from any CB pairing
    2nd/3rd gen bronze prize from Bronze/Harvest or Bronze/Autumn
    2nd gen gold with gold mother/vine father
    2nd gen gold with nebula mother/gold father
    2nd gen silver with silver mother/red father
    2nd gen gold with gold mother/white father
    2nd gen gold or stone with gold mother/stone father
    Any shimmer! Particularly love the bronzes. <3

    2011 Bronze tinsel offspring I'm missing:

    Brazen Zalvaris CB
    Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing
    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr

    2011 Silver tinsel offspring I'm missing:

    Polak Czysto
    Dawn's Silver Medal
    Arboriel Morchaint

    2011 Gold tinsel offspring I'm missing:

    Alexandria Aurelix

    2nd gen white from Marrow/CB White - Thank you LBD!
    2nd gen hellfire from Sweetling/CB hellfire - Thank you alliana1!
    2nd gen red from white mother/red father - Thank you alliana1!
    Holly - Thank you ArynChris and kiffren!