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  1. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: Haydogs Scroll Name(Make scroll link): Haydogs PM link: PM What Avatar do you want? Creation Any desired mates? Any (or a mate that could continue lineage) Any other comments?Chaoz Thanks for this thread. It's been impossible for me to get a GoN so far -.-
  2. I Would Like to Update My List! Forum name: Haydogs Birthday: June/1 Original List: (Favorite animal is a penguin) 1. Vine 2. Neglected 3. Any Dino Revised List:1. Any Dino 2. (preferably CB or even gen) Blusang Lindwurm 3. Gold Tinsel
  3. I'd like to join! Join Date: 6/27/12 Forum Name: Haydogs Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM Proof I read the Rules: C Eligible Dragons(Code Link, Breed, Frozen/Adult): Adult Bluna
  4. This is awesome! My I please be added to the waiting list please?
  5. Its ok, it looks AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!
  6. Dragon Breed, Stage and Gender: Two-Finned Bluna Adult Female & Moonstone Adult Male Background colour: Whatever looks good Text animation colour: Whatever looks good Text placement: Whatever looks good. You basically have designers digression. Please and thank you!
  7. Haydogs I'll take in Inbred Dragons!
  8. Best Way to Contact: PM Your Job? (Keeper or Freelance Volunteer): Freelance volunteer Do you promise not to kill, neglect, or freeze your given egg?:*raises right hand* I promise. Maybe when Ill change to Keeper soon
  9. Granted! But in order for this to happen, all of the drawing/paining materials in the world we destroyed. I wish that...everyone could feel happy for once
  10. Granted! But the attention was the bad kind of attention, and you were put in jail! I wish that i had a million dollars.
  11. Granted! But it destroyed the world >.< I wish i could breath under water.