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Wishlist in my profile.

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    The Frozen North
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    I like reading, writing, movies and music. I'm a mediocre keyboardist but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it.

    To all those who have gifted/glomped me, I love you. Infins, I love you most.

    I Owe: None.

    Little Wishes:
    CB Spring

    Medium Wishes:
    CB Gold Lunar Herald
    2nd Gen Val 09 (Any Mate)
    2nd Gen Aegis Dragon (Any Mate) (I was dumb last year and forgot to put my eggs in a hatchery)
    2nd Gen Mutamore (Any Mate) (Wasn't around for Valentines 2016)

    Big Wishes:
    CB Gold (All these years and still haven't gotten one)
    CB Silver (Same as above)
    4th Gen Gold Tin
    4th Gen Silver Shimmer

    Full On Dreams:
    A 2nd Gen Silver Tinsel from Male Monarch (I've got a Male Monarch from Cassandra Isabel that needs a mate)

    A Mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/C8bQO .