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  1. Is it possible for regular eggs to hatch behind a holiday wall? There's a Thuwed egg I've been watching and suddenly the views went up and it hatched. But I haven't seen any regular eggs in the ar.
  2. The best thing I've read all day.
  3. I think I clicked everything and I have 13 things in my inventory.
  4. I caught a Floral Crowned yesterday but have not seen a Sakahana yet.
  5. I released a frozen hatchling I got in '09 so I could grab another egg to use for breeding. My scroll did update right away and I got the egg, but like Fuzz said, better to double-check before going hunting.
  6. I like brutes too! I was going to start a PB project with them but I got distracted.
  7. Whites. I think part of it is the feathered wings and part is they're from way back when I first joined. I just love them and will take any/all eggs I can find, even messy ones. I want to build an army!
  8. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Chaosdawn Forum name: Chaosdawn Birthday: Feb 19 List: 1. CB Silver 2. 2G Silver from M Pink or 2G Silver from F Guardian 3a. PB White - Any Gen 3b. PB Red - Any Gen 4a. CB White 4b. CB Royal Blue I hope the Tier 2 is ok with two options. My favorite dragons are whites, in case you haven't noticed. Thank you!
  9. I have a bunch of reds I can breed too. ^.^ Edit: Dropped 15 purebred reds and a few whites and magi.
  10. Thank you! It's the 19th so it's a bit of a wait but I'll just collect mates for her in the meantime.
  11. So a few weeks ago I saw it mentioned that someone had waited to pick up their prize until Xmas to get that stolen on date and I thought 'oh it would be cool if I won the raffle in Jan so I could pick up my prize on my birthday'. And this morning I woke up to an email that I won. What are the odds?? But now I gotta wait. At least I have time to decide what to do with it.
  12. 5 adults disintegrated. Hatchling revived!
  13. My understanding is the effect will stay until the dragon is bred. There is no time limit.
  14. 100% named, except my leetle tree cuz I like the code as its name.
  15. Thank you! =D I was thinking of using this pretty as a mate. She has three SAlts for great-grandparents.
  16. I want a egg! scroll name: Chaosdawn Forum name: Chaosdawn I'd love a baby. ^.^
  17. I don't have many to breed but ping me and I'll add what I can. 😃
  18. I just want to add that I haven't used any of my shards literally because there's only one way to get them. If there was another way, like a consolation prize, I would start buying eggs in the market. As it is now, I just hold onto to them because I'm not sure what I want and if I buy a gold, it'll be months before I have enough shards to buy a silver and even longer to buy another gold. The market is the only option for people who cannot seem to catch rares in the cave and do not have much of value to trade for them. I would love to have another source of shards.
  19. I would love to see a consolation prize of some shards for non-winners, such as myself. It does get discouraging month after month, receiving at least -something- would make it more tolerable.
  20. I missed the Thuwed egg I wanted cuz it appeared in the AR in the middle of night. I didn't even have a chance. =(
  21. I really really would like the common x common breeding to be fixed. I'm already frustrated with my leodon x white checker and I refuse to even try the mint x tercorn checker or pipio x magelight. It's very limiting that the ratios are so unbalanced. They're commons, it shouldn't be next to impossible to breed one. =/
  22. Ok, I shouldn't have looked in the AR cuz I cannot stop myself from picking up white eggs. Thank you anon for this lovely: https://dragcave.net/lineage/N0YfW ! I love it.