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  1. I'm a lazy person who bestows things on local Goodwills on the regular, actually! If I can't use it, chances are pretty good someone else can
  2. I blame the Misfits. Or too much eggnog =p
  3. whoop whoop, hot fresh and now Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Awesomekotsu's Lil Terp appears here too btw
  4. I need to downsize my life, so i started by going medieval on my wardrobe. Goodwill is about to get 7 bags of apparel @_@ also tfw you trade with someone so many times you feel you should say hello to them or something, lol
  5. A special release for the super-duper CB rares (Silvers, Coppers etc). Maybe 24 hours, nothing but those, like we do with the new breed releases. hey i can dream
  6. A pair of CB Silvers Pairs of CB Coppers Purple Dino Red Dino everything else (assorted Zyus and Xenos) I can get myself if I'm super patient, just the above is...probably never going to happen due to rarity ;w;
  7. everything shootable has a little health bar next to it. If you can see the health bar when you go to attack, it's already been 'killed'. When you shoot at something and it takes damage it'll tell you you're getting exp.
  8. I had plenty of snow at the very start, but every hour since it's only spawned one pile of anything. Snow or ice, and still no wood. My poor tent needs fixing ;w;
  9. Yeah I'm drawing a blank on Chrome too. Java and Flash are both on.
  10. ...well, there go my happy plans out the window >:'(
  11. [SCREAMING EXTERNALLY] ....oh wait, it shows you your dragons by default, doesn't it. derp ;w;
  12. G3 PB up for grabs! (another one just got auto-abandoned because I am a derp, keep your eyes peeled) The owner of the two Aeons up top is scroll-name 'godless', so idk if this one's related to any of y'all's or not... CLAIMED by @Astreya!
  13. Eyeballs-to-comprehension circuit shorted out, accepted the wrong trade offer =/
  14. A pair of fresh Geodes, PB. PB trade if possible, but I'll take anything interesting. CB's I'm still looking for are in my sig. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Going up in the general trade thread now =p
  15. tfw you work hard to breed a nebula to add to a trade lineage, and it gets picked up ...and now it's dead. :'C
  16. Weird, I was somehow under the impression Expunge completely removed zombies. Huh. Good to know though :'D
  17. Expunge working on dead eggs.... >__>
  18. Always a fraction of a second too late in the click queue to nab an Omen. Always. WHY ARE THEY SO RARE 😣😠😣
  19. Try again, there was a glitch but it should be fixed now
  20. I finally had to get glasses in my 20's. Never have been able to reconcile myself to the concept of sticking a finger into my eye to improve my vision. I actually like my look better with them on
  21. I've been here long enough to have gendered Papers (please don't take them away, it's my one claim to fame ;w;) Let me breed them.
  22. I wouldn't mind a few more CB Aeons... too bad my 2Gs yet again eggfailed :'D
  23. I know I've swapped with you before, Dekka, that's why I didn't reply =p Here's my collection so far though. I need to get a male from Grampa and Gramma, they just failed earlier today. Could probably produce a G3 though.
  24. I was lucky enough to get my golds when the breed first came out, and honestly I'm starting to think that's the way to go (if you're like me and want a pair of CBs of each breed on your scroll...guess I shot myself in the foot there lol). I think I've seen a grand total of one silver in the year I've been active again - they came out after I dropped off - and I'm not even sure about that, it was gone so fast. CB rares are next to impossible to get in trade unless you have 2G prizes/prizekin or something equally specific. It's a little maddening. Mind you, I'm happy wi
  25. takes a bow I'm here aaaaall night ;D