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  1. Book Number: 5 Number Of Pages: 531 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Complete compleat enchanter Author: L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt Summary: 5 stories about the magical misadventures of Harold Shea It's a lovely adventurous book about magic. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 6 Number Of Pages: 303 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Saint of Incipient Insanities Author: Elif Shafak Summary: Omer, Abed and Piyu are foreigners who live together in the United States. Despite having different religions and backgrounds, they live great together and have no major life differences. The book is about their relationships with other people who don't get them because of their religion, name, family, habits. Rating: 3/5 (compared to her other books that I've read) Book Number: 7 Number Of Pages: 485 Book Title: City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, Book 1) Author: Cassandra Clare Summary: I read it because of the movie, which I loved!, and wasn't disappointed by the book (what a surprise ). The book is filled with magic, monsters, vampires, werewolves, witches, love... I know it's supposed to be a teenager's book, but I really liked it. Book Number: 8 (Reread) Number Of Pages: 509 Book Title: Twilight Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary: Bella moves to Forks to live with her father and falls in love with Edward, who happens to be a vampire. Everything is perfect until another vampire, James, tries to kill her. Book Number: 9 (Reread) Number Of Pages: 629 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Eclipse Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary: 3th book from the series, in this one Edward finally kills their biggest enemy. Book Number: 10 (Reread) Number Of Pages: 755 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Breaking dawn Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary: Bella and Edward finally marry each other, have a kid and live happily forever. Book Number: 11 (Reread) Number Of Pages: 564 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: New moon Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary: Edward leaves Bella, she falls for her best friend Jacob, but Edward comes back in the end. Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 334 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Women Author: Charles Bukowski Summary: It's a semi-autobiography. Henri Chinaski has problems with alcohol, women, life with general. It's a very honest book about the degradation in our society, illustrated by the figure of Chinski. Rating: 10/10 Book Number: 13 Number Of Pages: 220 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Fahrenheit 451 Author: Ray Bradbury Summary: I've wanted to read this book for years! While I was at the library looking for "Women" I accidentally saw it and thought it was high time to read it. I wasn't disappointed! It's a great book about the awful future that is ahead of us if we don't change our way of thinking and living. Rating: 10/10
  2. Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 286 (Bulgarian eition) Book Title: Neverwhere Author: Neil Gaiman Summary: It's a novelization of tv series also written by Gaiman. I've never seen the series, but loved the book. The imaginary world created by Gaiman seemed so real, that at some point I was wandering if that was by any chance actually possible. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 2 Number Of Pages: 592 Book Title: A Discovery of Witches Author: Deborah Harkness Summary: Diana is a witch but doesn't want to be one and is trying to live her life as a normal person. Everything was going ok, until one day when she found an old bewitched manuscript that's been lost for hundreds of years. That's when her problems start, because everyone wants the manuscript including a vampire, who happens to be her soul-mate. Rating: 2/5 Review: In Bulgarian the book's title is translated as "I, the witch" and when I saw the title in the bookstore I thought - That's my book, gotta read it, must have it! Unfortunately I didn't have enough money in me then and later found it in english. At first the book was ok, kinda reminded me of the Sweep series which I LOVE, but after 50 pages it was clear that it is more of a forbidden love story between a witch and a vampire, then about anything else. And it reminded me so much of Twilight, that at some point I forgot what I was reading... Definitely expected more from the bulgarian title and the resume on the back cover. I'm still hesitant about reading the second and the third books. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: 350 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Smoke and Mirrors - short fictions and illusions Author: Neil Gaiman Summary: It's a collection of short stories written by Gaiman through the years. Some are so sad that made me cry. I haven't cried in years over a book. Book Number: 4 Number Of Pages: 384 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Lolita Author: Vladimir Nabokov Summary: Sorry, I can't. I don't like it, I hated it so much, that I read 4 books while trying to read it. I know it's a classic and everything, but it was too much for me. If it wasn't a mandatory read for my russian lit class, I would've never finished it. Edit: some spelling mistakes.
  3. Hello Can you sign me up, please? Last year I was so busy with uni and stuff and totally forgot to add my books here :/ Hope this year to remember better
  4. Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 272 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Frankenstein Author: Mary Shelly Summary: Victor Frankenstein is a bright young lad, who's got it all - loving family, a lot of money, good education. But one day he discovers the secret of life itself and creates a living creature out of human parts. He is scared of what he's done and runs away from it. And his life is changed forever. Book Number: 2 Number Of Pages: 254 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Steppenwolf Author: Hermann Hesse Summary: Harry Haller is a loner and a very depressed man who writes the story of his life, leaves it to his landlord's son and then disappears. The latter publishes it and names it "Harry Haller's Records (For Madmen Only)". It's kinda book in the book. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: 240 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Lord of the Flies Author: William Golding Summary: A plane crashes on a lonely island and the young boys flying in it are left alone. At first everything was perfect - no adults, no rules, no orders - they could do whatever they wanted. But then the problems started. And the killings. And the shame. Book Number: 4 Number Of Pages: 102 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Girl With the Golden Eyes Author: Honore de Balzac Summary: Henri de Marsay is the Adonis of Paris. Every girl wants to be with him and every man wants to be him. One day he sees a girl with amazing gold-coloured eyes and immediately starts making plans about having her for himself. Book Number: 5 Number Of Pages: 154 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Metamorphosis Author: Franz Kafka Summary: It's a book with 8 of Kafka's most famous stories. Book Number: 6 Number Of Pages: 320 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Bast*rd of Istanbul Author: Elif Shafak Summary: In Turkey there is the Kazanci family - 7 women, all different from one another, with a curse on their head - every man in the family dies suddenly. That's why they send their only male relative in America - to avoid the curse. He never comes back and marries Rose - a typical arizona woman, who has a child from her previous marriage - Armanoush (half american, half armenian). One day she decides to visit her turkish family and goes to Istanbul. Edited because of the name of the last book
  5. Book Number: 32 Number Of Pages: 184 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Nun Author: Denis Diderot Summary: Suzanne Simonin doesn't want to be a nun, but her parents put her in a monastery, because they can't take care of her. She tells the story of her life in the form of a letter addressed to the Marquis de Croismare who, she believes, can rescue her from the monastery. Book Number: 33 Number Of Pages: 382 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Mockingjay Author: Suzanne Collins Summary: Katnis is the face of the revolution - the Mockingjay. Everyone in Panem relays on her for moral support and vengeful spirit. Without Katnis the revolution would have never started. Book Number: 34 Number Of Pages: 135 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Phèdre Author: Jean Racine Summary: It's a classic french play based on a greek myth. Fedra is the greek queen desperately in love with her stepson, who in turn is in love with the woman destined to take the kingdom if his father dies - Aricia. Book Number: 35 Number Of Pages: 100 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Oedipus the King Author: Sophocles Summary: Oedipus is told by an all-knowing prophet that he is destined to kill his father and marry his mother. He is very frightened and in his attempt to break the prophesy he accidentally fulfills his destiny. Book Number: 36 Number Of Pages: 178 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Morphology of the Folktale Author: Vladimir Propp Summary: It's a study based on tales. It teaches you the 31 functions of the hero in the tale. In the end you understand that all the tales in the world are the same. Book Number: 37 Number Of Pages: 423 (Bulgarian Edition) Book Title: Telling Lies Author: Paul Ekman Summary: It is a book based on Ekman's research on lying and he tries to explain how to spot the liar by his voice, words, face, body language. It's like a guide that can actually teach you a lot of helpful things. Rating: 5/5 Review: I started reading Paul Ekman because of the Lie to me series, which is based on his books and his researches. And if it's even possible, the books are actually better then the series. If you want to learn more about lying and how to understand when someone is lying to you, I strongly recommend this book
  6. Book Number: 23 Number Of Pages: 496 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: 50 shades of grey Author: E L James Summary: It's about Anastasia and Christian who fall in love. Twisted love. With a lot of boundaries and crazy stuff. Review: It's a love story. No matter what everyone is saying, for me this is a love story. I've read a lot of articles about this book and to be honest I was shocked and revolted. But my best friend gave it to me for my birthday and I had to read it. And couldn't stop reading it - read it in 6 hours. It's that good. There were moments when I stopped and couldn't read anymore because it was that twisted and abnormal and gross and embarrassing, but I just couldn't leave it. I can't make a summary because I've tried to tell what it is about to my friends so they can read it too, but every attempt is miserable and not expressing that something that makes you continue reading and wanting more. I can tell only one thing - read it, you won't regret it. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 24 Number Of Pages: 510 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: 50 shades darker Author: E L James Summary: Ana and Christian are trying to sustain a real relationship. (That's all I can say, I'm sorry. Everything else I tried to write sounded dry and was killing the book ) Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 25 Number Of Pages: 540 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: 50 shades freed Author: E L James Summary: SPOILER Mostly about their life as a married couple. Someone is trying to kill Christian and everyone is on edge. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 26 Number Of Pages: 276 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: I am the Messenger Author: Markus Zusak Summary: Ed is a cabdriver, has a normal, ordinary lie, has a caffeine addicted dog and loves to play cards with his friends. Until the day he gets the first Ace that changes his life forever. Book Number: 27 Number Of Pages: 424 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Soul Music Author: Terry Pratchett Summary: When Death decides he needs a break, Susan - his granddaughter, takes over the 'family business'. She tries to learn how to help people pass on, when she meets Imp - a promising young musician, whose instrument - an old guitar - somehow makes music alive, and feels the need to save him. Again and again.. Book Number: 28 Number Of Pages: 236 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Jealous Potter Author: Claude Levi-Strauss Summary: Strauss is trying to show the similarities between jealousy, women and some animals through the myths of North and South America. Book Number: 29 Number Of Pages: 352 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Scavenger Author: David Morrell Summary: It's all a game. Frank must play it in order to save the woman he loves. Who, by the way, is trapped in another game on life and death. Book Number: 30 Number Of Pages: 376 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Hunger Games Author: Suzanne Collins Summary: Panem is a country lying on the remains of North America - consisting of the Capitol and 12 districts. Long time ago there was a war against the Capitol and its restrictions, but the rebels were crashed. For punishment - every year The Hunger Games are organized - a game of life and death where only 1 of 24 tributes (2 from every district) can survive. Book Number: 31 Number Of Pages: 384 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Author: Suzanne Collins Summary: After winning the games, Katniss thinks she can have a normal life. But she can't be more wrong when the 75th Hunger Games are announced.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 233 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Jediná (In English it should be something like "Only child". The title is in Slovak.) Author: Klára Jarunková Summary: The book tells the story of a girl who is about to go to high school. It's a big change in her life. She's growing up, she's finding things about life she's never thought about. She finds her first love, gets into trouble.. Lovely book Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 13 Number Of Pages: 224 Book Title: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (book 4) Author: Douglas Adams Summary: Arthur is back on Earth, but only for a while - he gets off to another journey to find out what were God's final words. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 14 Number Of Pages: 200 Book Title: Физическа антропология (Physical anthropology) Author: Цветан Минков (Tsvetan Minkov) Summary: It's not exactly a novel. It's more like an educational book about everything you need to know about anthropology. Some people use it as a students book or manual, but I had to read it as an assignment and had to write a paper on it. It's amazing how nice it's written and how easy you understand and remember everything! Rating: 5/5 The next 8 books will be reviewed with only a sentence or two, because I read them in like 1 week and can't remember what exactly happened in each one. In my mind it's one whole story, not 8 separate books. SPOILER!!! These are the first 8 books from the Sweep series - it's about a girl - Morgan, who finds out she's adopted and a blood witch. She starts practicing Wicca with Cal - the new gorgeous boy in her school, who also happens to like her. But it's too late when she understands that he only wants to use her to get her magick. In the right moment Hunter - a very powerful witch, working for the international council of witches - saves her and they fall in love. But Morgan is too powerful witch and a lot of other bad witches want to kill her and have her power. Including her birth father. So she has to learn the craft really quickly so she can protect herself. I intend to read the remaining 7 books after my exams in February Book Number: 15 Number Of Pages: 192 Book Title: Book of shadows Author: Cate Tiernan Summary: Morgan meets Cal, he introduces her to Wicca and she feels the magick for the fist time. Their coven Cirrus is formed. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 16 Number Of Pages: 192 Book Title: The Coven Author: Cate Tiernan Summary: Morgan finds out she's adopted, she and Cal get together, Morgan and Bree (her best friend since kindergarten) aren't friends anymore because of Cal. Morgan meets Hunter and his cousin Sky for the first time. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 17 Number Of Pages: 208 Book Title: Blood Witch Author: Cate Tiernan Summary: Morgan finds her mother's Book of shadows (BOS) and finds out she is a Woodbane - the most evil witches ever. Then she finds her mother's magickal tools and binds them to her so only she can use them. Hunter tries to catch Cal and ask him some questions but can't because Morgan, trying to save Cal, almost kills him by throwing a knife to his neck. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 18 Number Of Pages: 192 Book Title: Dark Magick Author: Cate Tiernan Summary: When Cal and his mother Selene find out Morgan had binded the tools to her - they get angry and decide to kill her and to use her magic. Cal locks her in his house and sets it on fire. Hunter comes on time and saves her. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 19 Number Of Pages: 192 Book Title: Awakening Author: Cate Tiernan Summary: Morgan starts studying with Hunter. There is something bad coming after her. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 20 Number Of Pages: 192 Book Title: Spellbound Author: Cate Tiernan Summary: Morgan and Hunter get together. Selene tries to kill Morgan, but can't. Morgan and Hunter kill her. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 21 Number Of Pages: 192 Book Title: The Calling Author: Cate Tiernan Summary: Morgan has some disturbing dreams. The Council decides to send Hunter in New York to investigate a bad coven. Morgan and some of the other coven members of Cirrus go with him. Morgan finds her birth father - Ciaran, who tries to kill her until hi finds out she's his daughter. Morgan breaks up with Hunter because she thinks she's evil. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 22 Number Of Pages: 192 Book Title: Changeling Author: Cate Tiernan Summary: The Council sends the witch Eoife to help Morgan learn things faster. Morgan has to come closer to her birth father so to find out how he and his coven are killing witches. Rating: 5/5 Edited because of my awful spelling
  8. Book Number: 7 Number Of Pages: 311 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Copper Beach Author: Jayne Ann Krentz Summary: Abi is 29 years old book dealer that has the unusual ability to unlock paranormally coded books. When a supposedly lost laboratory diary is found and rumored to be on the black market of paranormal books for sale, Abi's life is endangered because she is the only one able to unlock it. Sam, the rightful owner of the diary, protects her form the many people trying to find her while she's helping him locating the diary. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 8 Number Of Pages: 224 Book Title: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (book 1) Author: Douglas Adams Summary: *SPOILER* Arthur Dent is an ordinary earthman with ordinary life and ordinary friends. Until one day he discovers that his friend Ford Prefect is actually an alien from a small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse. He tells Arthur that the Earth is about to be demolished form an alien ship belonging to the Vogons, so to free space for new intergalactic highway. The two of them get on board of the ship and travel through space and time while some very strange, absolutely hilarious and utterly absurd things happen to them. Like meeting the president of the galaxy, meeting another human, and some mice... Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 9 Number Of Pages: 256 Book Title: A Restaurant at the End of the Universe (book 2) Author: Douglas Adams Summary: *SPOILER* The president of the galaxy Zaphod Beeblebrox is being chased by the Vogons, who are ordered to kill him by the association of the Psychiatrists. He, Arthur, Ford and Thrillian, the other human, run through the galaxy and suddenly appear in the Restaurant at the and of the Universe. There they have lovely meat while watching the end of the Universe, then steal a ship to go home through time and space. But the ship happens to be a stunt ship programed to crash in the sun, so they use its somewhat broken teleport and Arthur and Ford are teleported to the Earth 2 million years back. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 10 Number Of Pages: 240 Book Title: Life, the Universe and Everything (book 3) Author: Douglas Adams Summary: Arthur and Ford escape from the prehistoric world with a sofa, and appear on a cricket game in London a few days before the Earth is demolished. In the middle of the game the Krikkit aliens form the planet Krikkit appear on the field, wanting to get something, that will help them in their quest of destroying the Galaxy, because they hate it. Arthur, Zaphod, Trillian, Ford and Startibartfast (one of the designers of the planet Earth) are trying to stop them. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 11 Number Of Pages: 127 Book Title: The Thao of Pooh Author: Benjamin Hoff Summary: It's a psychological book explaining the principals of the Taoism through the book "Winnie-the-Pooh".
  9. Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 404 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Feet of clay Author: Terry Pratchett Summary: Lord Vetinary is being poisoned and the City Watch is trying to find who's responsible. In the story are involved golems, a werewolf, a female dwarf, some vampires, and a lot of crazy free animals :] Rating: 5/5 Review: I've read most of Pratchett's Discworld novels, and this one became one of my faves Book Number: 2 RE-READ Number Of Pages: 509 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Twilight Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary: Bella moves to the small town Forks and falls in love with a vampire - Edward. They are very happy together until another vampire tries to kill Bella because of her relationship with Edward. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 3 RE-READ Number Of Pages: 629 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Eclipse Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary: Third book from the Twilight series. In it the Cullens finally get rid of Victoria and Bella sets the date for her transformation to a vampire. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 4 RE-READ Number Of Pages: 564 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: New Moon Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary: Edward leaves Bella, she is depressed, but somehow becomes best friends with the werewolf Jacob, who helps her to feel somewhat better again. Rating: 5/5 I have a tradition to re-read all of the Harry Potter and some of the Twilight books every summer. Without that my summer feels incomplete somehow Unfortunately I've already reread the Harry Potter books before the beginning of this challenge and can't enlist them here :/ I know the summary for the Twilight books isn't great, but is there someone who doesn't know what each book is about? Book Number: 5 Number Of Pages: 412 Book Title: Guards! Guards! Author: Terry Pratchett Summary: I'm not sure, but I think this is the first book about the Guards. In it a dragon is summoned and becomes Ankh-Morpork's king. The Guards try to kill him with the help of other dragons, their slightly crazy caretaker, and an ape. Really funny book!! Rating: 5/5 (I can't really give smaller grade to a Terry Pratchett's book. All of his work is amazing!!!) Book Number: 6 Number Of Pages: 447 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Eat Pray Love Author: Elizabeth Gilbert Summary: Liz is a divorced, depressed and unsatisfied with her life woman, who decides to change her life and goes to Italy, India and Indonesia to seek happiness and connection with God. Rating: 5/5 Review: Amazing book! It's one of those rare books, that will change your way of thinking and eventually your life if you let them to do it.
  10. Sign me up too! I had so much fun last year, this really inspired me to read more! Hope this year to past 100
  11. Book Number: 27 Number Of Pages: 431 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: El club Dumas (in English - The Dumas Club, The Ninth Gate) Author: Arturo Perez-Reverte Summary: There are 3 books, which gathered together give instructions about how to summon the Devil. The owner of one of them hires Lucas Corso to find the other two. While doing that, he is involved in events that remind him more and more to the plot of Duma's "The Three Musketeers". As the searching continues, the boundaries of reality and fantasy become blurred and he starts to question his own sanity. It's truly an amazing book, much, much better than Roman Polanski's movie based on it. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 28 Number Of Pages: 341 Book Title: Физика на тъгата (Physics of Sorrow) Author: Георги Господинов (Georgi Gospodinov) Summary: Melancholic book about the sorrow in the world told in the form of little stories. Every story is very touching and has its unique way of getting under your skin and making you feel empathic to the unfortunate person. Rating: 5/5 EDIT: Forgot some closing brackets.
  12. Book Number: 25 Number Of Pages: 352 Book Title: Pretty Little Liars (Book 2 - Flawless) Author: Sara Shepard Summary: The girls are still tortured by A, who makes them do things they don't want to in order to keep their secrets. They have no idea who A is, and just when they thought they knew - their suspect got killed. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 26 Number Of Pages: 432 Book Title: Envy (Book 3 of the Luxe series) Author: Anna Godbersen Summary: I don't really know how to make a summary without any spoilers. Nothing major happens in the whole book, everything written is just the beginning of something that will be finished in the next final book. I'll just outline the basics. Penelope and Henry are married, but he is unhappy and hopelessly in love with Diana. Diana is wooed by someone else except Henry, who gets really jealous and makes a stupid decision which Diana decides to follow. Elisabeth is forced to marry someone because of her condition. Carolina becomes exceptionally rich. Rating: 4/5
  13. Book Number: 23 Number Of Pages: 416 Book Title: Phantom (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters #1) Author: L.J. Smith Summary: Damon has survived and comes back to earth where a phantom is torturing Elena and her friends. Rating: 2/5 Review: L.J. Smith said in her web site that she didn't wright this book and I totally believe it. It lacks the usual suspense and the complicated storyline and everything was happening so quickly and so easy! I wander who'd publish a book by anyone elses name and why are they ruining the series?? Book Number: 24 Number Of Pages:304 Book Title: Pretty Little Liars (Book 1) Author: Sara Shepard Summary: They are 5 best friends - Ali, Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna. But one evening, while the girls are having sleepover, Ali disappears. The book starts 3.5 years later, when her dead body is found burred and someone calling him/herself 'A' is torturing the other 4 girls threatening to expose their secrets, which ONLY Ali had known... Rating: 5/5 Review: This whole book is episode 1 from the series. If you haven't watched them - do it, they are very interesting and highly addictive
  14. Book Number: 21 Number Of Pages: 255 Book Title: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Author: Patrick Suskind Summary: A boy is born with the amazing ability to smell everything, everywhere. But he doesn't have his own smell. The book tells his story as he tries to make the ultimate perfume which will make people worship him. Rating: 5/5 Review: Fascinating book! Couldn't stop reading it! Strongly recommend it Book Number: 22 Number Of Pages: 423 Book Title: Rumours (Second book of the Luxe series) Author: Anna Godbersen Summary: The story continues where the first book left us - Elisabeth is alive and living in California with Will, Penelope wants to marry Hanry, but he is in love with Diana, Elisabeth sister, and plans to marry her, but he ends up married to Penelope in the end. Rating: 3/5 Review: Not good as the first one. The only entertaining part were the last 100 pages, where so many unexpected things happened, that I can't wait to read the next one
  15. Aww, the new eggs are so beautiful! And the sending of Valentine's cards is a great idea. Thank you TJ! Happy Valentine's day everyone!
  16. Book Number: 18 Number Of Pages: 384 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Bulgarian title is Love, but I think in English it is translated as The Forty Rules of Love Author: Elif Shafak Summary: Ela works as a book critique. She is given to read the book of an unknown writer, and while doing it she understands how to love. Rating: (optional) 5/5 Book Number: 19 Number Of Pages: 472 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Book Thief Author: Markus Zusak Summary: It's a book telling the story of Lizel - a little orphan girl in Nazi Germany, who likes reading books but doesn't have money to buy them. The Storyteller is Death herself. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 20 Number Of Pages: 649 Book Title: The Girl Who Played With Fire (Millennium II) Author: Stieg Larsson Summary: Lisbet Salander is wanted for 3 murders, but noone can find her. Blomkvist doesn't believe she's guilty and is trying all he can to find her and help her. Rating: (optional) 5/5
  17. And I'm from Bulgaria, a small country in Europe
  18. Book Number: 16 Number Of Pages: 189 Book Title: Няма смисъл (Niama smisal - which roughly translated is "There is no sense") Author: Иво Сиромахов (Ivo Siromahov) Summary: It's a book consisting of Siromahov's articles he'd published in magazines and newspapers through the years. In them, in a sarcastic, ironic and incredibly witty way, he tells about the problems in Bulgaria and suggests funny ways of dealing with them. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 17 Number Of Pages: 483 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Let the right one in Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist Summary: Oscar is a lonely, bullied in school boy, who doesn't have any friends until he meets Eli - a vampire, who changes his life forever. Rating: 4/5
  19. School started a month ago, so I don't have much time for reading anymore :/ I'm still reading a little bit now and then, but not like the reading-spree in the summer At the moment my goal is not 250, but 50. I hope to be able to catch up with you guys during the winter holiday Book Number: 11 Number Of Pages: 199 (Bulgarian Edition) Book Title: L'amour dure troisans (Love Lasts Three Years) Author: F. Beigbeder Summary: It's a book about the love life of the author. About his divorce, his new found love and about his theories about life. Rating: 4/5 Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 319 (Bulgarian Edition) Book Title: In too deep Author: Jayne Ann Krentz Summary: Isabela Valdes is running from the people, trying to kill her since she was a baby. She hides in the little town Scargil Cove, where she falls in love with Fallen Jones. Together they fight against the people Isabela's running from. Rating: 5/5 Review: I love all Jayne Krentz's books, because there is always romance in them, which combined with the paranormal abilities her characters have, make the books very very intriguing and easy to read! This one makes no exception! Book Number: 13 Number Of Pages: 592 Book Title: The Vampire Diaries book 5 - NightFall Author: L. J. Smith Summary: In this book Elena becomes human again. Meanwhile, Caroline summons in Fell's Church 2 Kitsune (Japanese demon, shaped as a fox), but her plan goes horribly wrong and the whole town ends up covered in Malach (evil "bugs"), that infect every child. Damon makes a deal with one of the Kitsune, but that ends up badly as well, and in the end Stefan is kidnapped by the Kitsune and taken into the Dark Dimension (a dimension, where demons, vampires and all kinds of supernatural species live and the humans are their slaves). Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 14 Number Of Pages: 624 Book Title: The Vampire Diaries book 6 - Shadow Souls Author: L. J. Smith Summary: Damon, Bonnie, Meredith and Elena go into the Dark Dimension, trying to rescue Stefan from the Kitsune. After a lot of struggle, they manage to do it and in the end all of them go back to the Earth. Rating: 5/5 Review: The best book from the series in my opinion. Book Number: 15 Number Of Pages: 576 Book Title: The Vampire Diaries book 7 - Midnight Author: L. J. Smith Summary: After returning back to Earth, they find Fell's Church almost in ruins and almost every child in the town infected with a Malach. So Elena decides to go back to the Dark Dimension to try to find the Star Ball, in which all the power of the Kitsune is stored. She wants to destroy it and so to kill the Kitsune and to free her town. It's a very loosely summery, but if I write the most important thing that happens in the book, I'll spoil the fun of reading it! As my fun was partly "murdered" when my best friend told me how it ends :/ Rating: 5/5
  20. Book number: 8 Number of Pages: 239 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: Smoke in Mirrors Author: Jayne Ann Krentz Summary: When Leonora's half-sister Meredith dies in мysterious circumstances in the little town Wing Cove, she decides to go there and investigate the death on her own. She allies with her sister's previous bosses and together they find out there were 2 similar deaths in the past 30 years. Rating: 4/5 Book Number: 9 (RE-READ) Number Of Pages: 295 Book Title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Bulgarian edition) Author: J K Rowling Summary: Harry goes to his second year in Hogwarts. While he's there, the Chamber of Secrets is opened again and everyone in the school thinks it's Harry who did it. Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 10 Number Of Pages: 255 Book Title: К западу от смерти (It's a book written by a Mexican writer, but translated in Bulgarian from Russian. I couldn't find the original Spanish title of the book, or the English one, so I wrote the Russian. In English it should be something like "To the west of Death".. Probably..) Author: Луис Ривера (In Russian again, and Luis or Louis Rivera in English - again, I couldn't find it anywhere :/ ) Summary: It's a really strange book. It tells the story of a man, who's best friend dies in an unusual way. While trying to understand his death, the man starts to read a manuscript telling the story of a long-death prophet and finds himself lost in the story. Literally. Rating: 3/5 If someone knows the English title of the book please let me know so I can add it here. Thanks!
  21. Twilight. I've read and liked them both. Chose Twilight, because it was easier to read than Eragon.
  22. I've never written a whole novel. Only a few short stories, some of which were published in different magazines. If I ever have an idea that's good enough to fill 300+ pages, I'd write a novel.
  23. Voted! All the entries are lovely, It was really difficult to choose only one!
  24. Book Number: 6 Number Of Pages: 678 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Host Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary: The alien race Souls takes over the Earth by replacing people's minds with their own, trying to make the planet a better place for living. The book focuses on the life a woman-host, refusing to disappear from her body and trying to co-exist with the Soul there. Rating: 5/5 Review: I read it in less than 2 days. It's one of the most interesting books I've ever read and I highly recommend it! It has nothing to do with Twilight (which I also like, btw), although It's from the same author. Book Number: 7 Number Of Pages: 718 (Bulgarian edition) Book Title: The Passage Author: Justin Cronin Summary: The story takes us in the future, where vampire-like creatures are trying to kill the last few remaining real humans and only one little girl can save them. (It's far more complicated than that but I can't explain it without spoilers :/ ) Rating: 3/5