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  1. To be perfectly honest I don't feel as if I can move forward without certain members.
  3. I might have accidentally fallen off the map for a bit but I've managed to climb back on. ^^; I'll.... work on it. Y'all should know by now how long it takes me to write up a post.
  4. I'm an idiot. I'd forgotten to tell you all that I'd started teching a performance of Mulan Jr., but it's finished now. And I've started tech week for another musical, called All Shook Up. I finally got to the Kinder, and it is now a free for all! Go ahead and post in reply to whoever you're interacting with. I'll get the potion picking done this week.
  5. Aww, take your time, sweetie! RL comes first, as always. I haven't seen her at all, actually. >> Hope she's doing all right.
  6. Yaaay! Aww, they're all so cute! I waiting for Lach an DP to introduce their characters I kinder, then we'll all be able to freely interact. Ohh, poor LL. :/ I hope it calms down a bit soon.
  7. *pokes RPers uncertainly* ... Kinder? You guys?
  8. ........ *faceplant* I am so sorry. Strax is a rather amazing character from Doctor Who. Your names are so close.... I... guess I just typed it out wrong...
  9. ....... Right. Promise's post. I was working on that. ^^; I shall finish my stuff so I can return to her stubborness that is refusing to let me write.
  10. I am back, Backup! :3 And glad to see everyone is still around. @DP I understand that, I meant that if you would like some help finding some more accurate pictures, T&T or Kinder, you can ask. Or just say no thanks, so I know to stop bugging you. ^^;
  11. ....... Ohh. If you need some help finding some Kinder pitures, DP, I'd be happy to help. Edith: PAAAAAAGE TOPPERRRR!
  12. I need Ash's picture. You only posted Sky's.
  13. Hehe, I kind of had to clean my room. ^^; But, now I will start up the Kinder! I will apologise in advance as to how long it will take me to officially open it.... That's sad that Gist had to leave. Though, what should Blue and I do? They were being led by Tractus and they just jumped into a hole with him. Edith: Oh, thank you for pointing that out, Skarx. DP, your Kinder pictures aren't working again. Maybe grab a fresh pair so I can fix that? EdiththeSecond: And the Kinder is officially OPEN! Yaaaay!
  14. I am hoooooooommmeeee! Ladies, gents, I am officially back! LL, lovely to see your tiny tots. :3 How cute. I'll get them up then I believe we'll put the kinder into action. Finally! I'm so excited! Also, I noticed Gist left... Is she actually gone for good? :/ Gonna miss her.
  15. Ahahahahahaaaaaaaaa. A few weeks. Aaaugghhh don't mock my pain.
  16. Woow, that sounds really great. :3 Glad to know you'll still have time for us. =w= Thank. It's been going well so far, I'm about to leaa........... Ohhh, right. I should mention that I'm leaving on my yearly camping trip of Sunday and getting back on Saturday. So I'll be unavailable until then. I don't know if I'll be able to get a Promise post before that.. (Sorry Lach)
  17. Raaaaaak! Hiya! Are you back from your honeymoon, or is it ongoing? Anndd could we ask you a favor and grab LN for us? ^3^
  18. But is Gist working on a post or Tractus. -.- Cause Blaise and Luna are waiting for him.
  19. Wait, but... Is Gist working on a Tractus post? Backup, I'd love to see what you've got! Seeing that I have one of the two existing Plant Elementians so far, I think I could throw in some helpful critiques if you need any.
  20. Ah, you did good, Skarx! *clap* Good job. Hiya, Backup. ^w^ Well, take your time, Gist. I certainly took mine. ^^;
  21. Noooo, it's because you're an amazing writer. =w= It takes me forever to write even a paragraph. I figure that I have enough so I'll post it to be over with the writing part. You're welcome. Let me know if you need any more help, mkay?
  22. Edith: PAAAAAAGE TOOPPEERRRRRRRR~ ....... ^^; I suppose..... Maaybee.... I could try. -.- But no more after than. Poor Jahan will have to play catch up. Also, LL, I've posted as Julian. Yay. 2/4, done.
  23. Don't worry, you don't. ^^ Nasa and I had to do a bit of reminding as well before we got our characters to join the front page. CCC basically covered it, but if you've never used Googledoc before, it can be a bit difficult to find and use. I'll go through it step by step. 1) You need to have a google account to be able to use Googledocs, so first log into that. 2) At the top of the browser there should be a black bar with your name, "Search," "Images," etc. etc. Click the one that says "Drive." You might have to open the "More" menu. (It might be a different colour depending on your personalizations. Mine is black.) 3) You'll open up in a new tab, so switch over to it. On the far left there's an orange button that says "Create." Click it, then select "Document" on the drop down menu. 4) Go ahead and paste Lucius's character form in there, then change the name of the doc to whatever you'd like by clinking the "Untitled" at the top left. 5) This is where it might get tricky. Go to the top right and there's a blue button that says "Share." A little menu will pop up. If you have LL's email, you need to put it in the "Add people" bar. The "can edit" or "can view" are both fine. 6) If you don't have her email, go up to the "Who has access" part of the little pop up menu mentioned in step 5. It'll say "Private" right at the top of the list. Click the blue "change" text, then go ahead and change it to the second option, "Anyone with the link." 7) Press "Save," copy the link at the top of the menu. This is what you'll send to LL and/or whoever else you want to send it to. 8) Now you are free to send her the link. There shouldn't be any problems viewing it or anything. Soooo, have fun. ^^
  24. Heh. Blaise is always sticking his little nose into other people's business, so I hope you continue to find it amusing. ^^;