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  1. Finally I did this...not sure why, thought I'd be unique. Can't really do anything with the baby but I like it anyways.
  2. I got 4 CB Witchlights, 1 CB Black Marrow, 6 CB Shadow Walkers. Plan on getting another CB Black Marrow when I can abandon the Grave that I accidentally picked up. And one of my Shadow Walkers has a code that looks as if a dyslexic person was trying to write the f bomb...lol
  3. I almost got a code with a naughty word inside of it. Take a look at it here: Poor girl (I influenced it female)
  4. I used to write a story about a human girl that took care of a bunch of dragons, until they were adults and could fend for themselves. They lived on a huge island, which you could get to by foot if you knew where the entrance to a cave that would lead you underwater, though the cave itself wasn't submerged in water. The entrance to the cave is hidden behind several Vine dragons and guarded by Guardian of Nature dragons. Inside the cave are several zombies and a Neglected dragon, which will attack you if you are not familiar to them, save for the Neglected that will attack you regardless...Unless you are the girl that takes care of the dragons. She doesn't attack the girl. The island is inaccessible to other than from the air or the cave mentioned above, as there are mountains that are too hard to climb. There is one other way to get into the island but it is through the water and water dragons will protect it from invaders and no human could possibly swim that far down either, so it isn't a likely way to get in, even on dragon back. You would need scuba gear and the time period the scroll is in doesn't allow for that. The girl keeps track of her dragons with a scroll, with a picture of them by their names. She uses magic to keep track of them. She does not have names for all her dragons but eventually she will have names for all of them but with over 600, it'll take forever. That's basically the story of my scroll. I lost where I put that story, it is somewhere on the web though...I don't like how I wrote it anyway so it is meh. I described some of my dragons and they all got accepted. Some took forever and others did not.
  5. I went with my favorite Halloween Dragon, Black Marrow. Isn't she adorable?! I'm kind of glad they went with a small version of the adult form. I don't really like the look of the hatchlings as much as the adults. Can't wait to see what other costumes there are to buy. So far only witch outfit interests me. I don't see my little girl liking to dress up as a ballerina and is more of a tomboy.
  6. It has a green tint to it.Well, mine does at least. Anyways, here is my baby. I'll see if she stays with that costume for the entire time or not. Have to see what new costumes come out tomorrow. :3
  7. Not every Slytherin was evil...Horus wasn't evil. I can't remember any others off the top of my head but no, not all of them are evil. And not all evil characters were in Slytherin either. There was an evil guy that came from Gryffindor as well.
  8. Yeah I got the red one free and bought the green, since that's my house.Curious to see what tomorrow's costumes will be. I'd buy the other two but saving the candy for tomorrow's costumes, in case I like those more than these wizard robes. Or if I would like to combine these with the future costumes.
  9. Ooo, I love how the wizard outfits have the scarves as the house colors in Harry Potter. :3 I bought the green one because...yeah. Edit: I am sorry for double post. x.x It was because of lag.
  10. So what hatchling did you guys pick for the event? I had a hard time choosing between Black Marrow (my favorite Halloween dragon) and Witchight? I ended up with Black Marrow. I couldn't help it, she was just too darn adorable!
  11. Ugh, took a while but finally got two CB Witchlights that'll go nicely for two 2G ones that I adopted earlier. Yay.
  12. Thank you for the Halloween Biome. I didn't realize it was there and was grabbing a bunch of Witchlights, since I didn't have any of those. Now I want CBs of those. Managed to snag a CB Witchlight. Hoping this will be a yearly thing so I can get 6 CBs of every Halloween and if you do Valentine's and Christmas, I could get two of each of those as well. That would be awesome!
  13. Got two cheese dragon eggs within 15 minutes of each other. Plan on using one to trade and keep the other one.
  14. That I could have all my red dragons use incubate whenever I want, no cooldown. Also my pink dragons be able to influence whenever I want with no cooldown. Would also like to have 50 of every type of zombie without having to kill any dragons of mine.
  15. Got this while looking for Zyunomorphs. I looked at it for like...3 seconds and was surprised I got it after so long of waiting. Decided to keep it instead of trading so I could have two sets of CB breeding pairs.
  16. Okay cool, I'll keep this saved somewhere so I can remember it in case I forget. So I am right about the new number. Awesome. I'll still get that many pinks, despite aeons making their job easier. Thank you so much for your response!
  17. So I want to get enough reds and pinks to be able to always be able to influence and incubate, I think the numbers I have are for 7 eggs, I forgot the formula for it though. I want to say...120 reds and 72 pinksx2 (72 males and 72 females). Though with aeons being introduced, I don't think I need that many but I'll still get that many pinks just in case. I don't have the ability to have 8 eggs at a time yet but I will someday.
  18. I got this in a trade today and I literally squealed when I saw this as an offer to a CB Xenowyrm that I was asking for anything nice or something in my signature. Someone really made my day! Though it is just starting out. But whoever that kind soul was THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! Now he (I influenced it) can be a mate to this girl.
  19. I finally got this egg. I don't know how active I'll be, I just randomly come back and see if I can get a successful summon and this is what I got. This will be my last one of these and I made sure to influence it to be male, since my two previous ones are female (one is baby). I think three is max.
  20. Wooo, I have one of each. Will have to breed another to trade to get a mate for the hybrid I have or get another electric and waverunner, raise those and breed.
  21. I'm a collector. I want to have all breeds/variants, including all the alts that I can get. Just need one more alt and I got every variant/breed (Undine). I also want to have one of every sprite. Like if the breed has dimorphism, I'll want to have a male and a female, and each hatchling sprite. Then there is the fact that if it looks nice, I'll want it too. Like a nice lineage. If I see one being offered I'll take it. This is going to take forever for me, I have two green dinos already, need one more green dino for s1 hatchling. I have all the cheese sprites, and need one more paper (s1 hatchling). Need all hatchling forms of all the other dinos. And I need a male and ungendered Neglected, as well as s1 hatchling and s2 hatchling. x.x
  22. http://dragcave.net/lineage/9lQbY He colored wrong. D: Whyyyyyyyy?!?!?! Oh well, I'll let him grow like promised. lol
  23. The only one that I remember (other than a Thuwed) that I named after the parents is one of my Reds named after a Van Halen song since I was told to name her and her descendents that (and thus I won't allow anyone to take her children). Other than that, unless requested by the gifter/trader, I go with my own naming system. As far as I know, no one has named any of theirs after my dragons.