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    Gonna carve pumpkins, do diy halloween stuff, and then go to a party.
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    God I eat so much pasta...
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    Oh, how I love living in Texas, where the unborn are more holy than immigrant children.
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    I doubt it's what you're looking for, but I found simper. It means to smile coyly.
  5. Sbowen your egg is 2cute2function
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    I mean, I've thought about it and tried, but I guess I'm better at that in real life than in words >_< TANGENT
  7. Lila

    Pet Peeves

    My inner calendar aches. ETA: I just realized another one. I absolutely LOATHE when people my age (16 ish) go to parties and drink to get drunk. It's usually always cheap beer, and I feel like it desensitizes people to the true craftsmanship of finer beers and wines, and also cocktails. Does that make any sense or do I just sound pretentious?
  8. Lila

    The Sims

    bump for Sims 4 discussion~ I haven't purchased it yet, mostly because I've watched LPs and it looks really vanilla right now. What are your thoughts on the lack of toddlers? That's the main thing that's getting to me. I loved toddlers in Sims 3.
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    Oh when I say no I mean NO as in it was never my intention to publish something so lewd. Actually happens to me a ton
  10. RN working on FF Mystic Quest. Because I just started getting into old school games last year, but I also want to play through all of the FF series. I was playing Zelda but I just gotta really pissed off at how everything spawned and I got stuck at a certain part, so I'll probably go back to it whenever, but it's not my favorite. Also, update on Chrono Trigger; played up until the Lavos battle, because I really, really don't want that game to end
  11. Lila

    Pet Peeves

    I have a neighbor who puts their xmas lights up the day after Halloween.
  12. Considering this is a dragon-based website, I wouldn't expect any different a result. That being said, I have to go with unis because I love horses and it's been made mention that unicorns are murderous and honestly it can't get better than that.
  13. Lila


    If I based my book off of my recent dreams...no. Just no.
  14. I hate them in games soooo much. It makes it near impossible for me to play.
  15. Lila

    Pet Peeves

    This. I used to love tumblr but SJW have entirely infiltrated my dash. I was only on tumblr for the community but it's really become a very volatile place.
  16. Oh yeah, I definitely didn't mean dumb in a "slow"(?) sense. I don't really refer to people's intelligence by that. I just meant a total irrelevant definition I've adopted. My apologies if I rubbed you the wrong way It was a reference to conformity, I guess, not actual intellect.
  17. I feel people resort to religion as a need for absolutism, which I suppose I understand, because a fear of the unknown is very daunting. That being said, I think it's entirely natural to fear it, because we can observe that in other species; ants don't run from us because they don't want to die. It's unlikely that ants can even grasp the concept of death. They run from us because it's wired in them to escape fear. Many people fear death, and I suppose religion is a way for them to escape that. I, personally, am perfectly comfortable in knowing that when I die, I'll likely never return. Of course it's not a reassuring thought, but why in the world would I worry about what happens when I die when I have so much to do here on this Earth that I know to be true? I'm not sure how I feel about others being religious. Of course I don't think that I, nor anyone else, has the right to silence that, but that being said, I feel that society suffers on a whole from religious ideals infiltrating their way into our social interaction/government. When it starts to affect how other people live their lives, or how you treat or perceive other people, it becomes dangerous. I don't want someone basing their perceptions of life and decisions and votes and emotions on an old book that's been translated many times that it itself cannot even be considered accurate, empirical evidence. I think everyone has their own idea of what is true. I will not rebuke that point. However, I feel that objectivity should exist if we are to be a functional society, and that objectivity MUST be based on tangible proof. tldr; I'm an atheist
  18. This might come across as rude, but I really don't think dumb people should go to college. By dumb, I just mean annoyingly ignorant and entitled people who take school for granted/are only there because they feel like they have to.
  19. Lila


    Update on my opinion: Nothing wrong with meat, not gonna be mad at anyone for eating. However, I will just suggest looking into where your meat comes from. I drove past a feed lot in Colorado back in August and almost cried because it smelled so horrible, even after it was out of sight. If not for the sake of animal welfare, at least for the sake of your own health.
  20. Lila


    Should I write with the theme of war or the way the west views "under" developed countries?
  21. Well I regularly wake up at 1 PM, so, soup at Panera.
  22. Lila


    Second NaNoWriMo this year! I'm excited. I really liked my novel last year, but I lost my inspiration and stopped at around 30,000 words. Hopefully I'll have a lot of inspiration to make it through this time
  23. Lila

    Lady Gaga

    Gaga Breaks up Fight in Her Own Audience