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  1. Yeah, I can slow down and type much better. Depends on what i'm typing though.
  2. Well If I can slow down to correct the typos but I was just testing pure speed. I think my speed clocked in at around 110 when I'd slowed to correct all the typos.
  3. We never had to do it, some of us just would do it in school. Was chatting with a friend about applying for a job as a medical typist since I felt like typing quick was my only speciality. He had me test myself and I exceeded expectations.
  4. I'm showing this to everyone now. I just broke a to everyone now; I broke a typing speed tester. I was typing too fast and the countdown clock froze so it wouldn't end (and calculate my score) until I paused for 10-15 seconds. Greedfall is that like civil war error fantasy thing isn't it? I recall seeing muskets and like big goblins and stuff.
  5. "Friends don't cost money" is probably what they'll say. Nah they just don't get how social anxiety works.
  6. They're not wrong that I spend pretty much all my day sitting on the computer, but it's cause I have nothing else to do. I'm trying to organise family to come over and see my brother before he goes but they're so unorganised! (And I just accidentally sent the text to the girl I've been texting from cairns instead of to my cousin ) so that was a bit silly.
  7. Uhh, it's very annoying that my family are convinced I don't have any friends because I never go out. My mums boyfriend is a social butterfly who will happily start chatting with strangers whereas I have severe social anxiety. They keep telling me "oh, you gotta go out and make friends and do something," and they just don't get how difficult that is for me. Sorry to vent.
  8. Xdre, the one in freeforms. And I might, when i've drawn something on it. I don't like drawing when people are around and my brother being here makes me not want to.
  9. Oooo, reminds me of starry starry night, and almost looks a bit 3D (is it 3D)? Well I showed you my rainbow haired girl a while back didn't I, though that was before the pad. I'm currently doing a project for the RP i'm in (though haven't worked on it in a while) Have thoughts of what I want to try draw but... whether I am skilled enough to recreate what I see in my head is another story.
  10. I haven't seen the piece and even if I did, I doubt I could provide any insight on that. My taste for art is giggling at my gifs. Though did I mention on here I got a drawing tablet?
  11. Maybe so, I'm mainly thinking of how displate works.
  12. You ever thought of using magnets? Stick magnets on the back and allow them to connect to metal/magnetised surfaces? Just wondering.
  13. Oh dear.Frames? I think I might be out of the loop for this.
  14. Was a good game (came really close but I won!) I'm also a little concerned. Got a nice text from one of the old ladies I worked with while up in cairns and she enquired about the girl I had briefly dated their (who she essentially played matchmaker for). Claimed the girl was sad I hadn't contacted her... but I had totally contacted her. Now I wanna know... do I text her? What do you think.
  15. Was one of the jackbox party packs. We played a round of trivia murder party before switching to fakin' it, which was loads of fun. Hoping to play it again (but somehow I doubt it despite the fun we had)
  16. I've been chatting a lot on discord so I haven't been coming on here. Had a fun night, finally got to play the party game I bought last year to play on christmas. And lo and behold we had loads of fun with only 4 people.
  17. Wow I think it's been a while since i've been on here.
  18. Rimuru Tempest - Trying to be badass Rimuru nodded at the kimono’d man’s response and reaffirmed his grip on the newly made sword. He darted passed the taller man; the pink barrier that had been shielding them had evaporated away and charged at the tentacled non-human. One of the tentacles pierced through the air towards him, Rimuru dodged by rapidly returning to his true form, and then transforming back to the side. He wasn’t the only one who had charged in; the white insectoid had produced twin photon swords and was skilfully parrying the extremely durable tentacles. “How are they so strong that even photon blades can hurt them!?” Rimuru thought, aghast. “Well if that’s the case maybe the only thing that can hurt it really is itself!” His train of thoughts continued. Changing his stance, he moved his sword below his waste; gripping it with both hands. Ducking under the next tentacle Rimuru shifted right and sliced upwards, emitting a spark of electricity to activate the blade. The effect was even better than Rimuru had hoped. The blade extended once again, as it had when Rimuru accidentally stabbed yukata-man, and following the arc, cleanly sliced up and through the tentacle. Rimuru paused in his step to admire his work, the blade returning to its original size. He was caught off guard though, when a powerful explosion detonated just ahead of him. Rimuru didn’t have time to defend himself as the blast catapulted him upwards into the air, if he were still human, he would have been eviscerated by the heat alone. As he spun through the air, Rimuru grew out his pair of bat wings to stabilise himself, but in his haste his sword had flown out of his hand. As it careened back down to the ground Rimuru shot out a sticky thread to catch it, but the thread missed and Rimuru lost site of the blade. Rimuru clicked his tongue in annoyance and looked down, unfortunately the explosion hadn’t seemed to have done anything, save disrupting more earth and singing the dirt. “Ah! Oh no! I’ve lost the sword. If an explosion like that didn’t work on him, will my magic even have an effect!?” He asked himself, angrily clutching his head in anger at his own incompetence. “If sensei were to know that I dropped my blade he’d never forgive me!” He cried out in anguish.
  19. Yeah see I'm researching non-dissolable tablets.
  20. Is that dissolvable vit c tablet though? I think i'm gonna get the Warriors Orochi Game. Has the characters from dynasty warriors (plus more) but looks better, though it's lacking the romance of the three kingdom story that i'm after.
  21. All hail spirit the leader!!! Fire emblem 3 houses, it's very persona esque- half the game is wandering the academy bonding with studnets the other half is turn based strategy battles. Also I got Dynasty Warriors 8 for myself but it's too difficult (I die and lose all progress in the level) so i'm gonna refund it... would like a game for my pc though... was looking at ace combat 7 but it's a bit more expensive.
  22. I've been playing my Persona Strategy game, it's been fun bonding with all the students... I've only had one successful tea session so far though, and it was with a character i don't particularly care for. Spirit becoming our tyrannical leader? Neat.
  23. I now only have one subject to work on but jesus it's so annoying! Does anyone on here know the dissolution rate of an ascorbic acid tablet or the best solvent to use to make a standard calibration curve? Cause that would be a big help!