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  1. Here I am confirming that I am in fact still alive. Though gotta have more procedures, more tests and most likely another surgery just in time for christmas... woohoo.
  2. I feel like I saw that image of you years ago.
  3. I agree, buying houses is hard, especially when you don't know what next year will entail and you also want to buy a car 😢
  4. The test for covid? It's not pleasent, they shove a cotten swap right up the back of your nose! I've only had it twice, the 2nd time was better cause I was expecting it. First time I started laughing like a madman, probably freaked out the nurse doing it. I'm technically able to give actual Covid vaccinations but my work hasn't been able to get a hold of them... I think i'm the only regular at work who can too cause the other two aren't aussie citizens so are still waiting on all the paperwork to go through (took me like 2 days).
  5. I'm getting my covid jab this friday hopefully. Assuming i'm not still sick which I have been the last couple days. Fortunately i have easy access to drugs to treat cold and flu symptoms.
  6. What the bloomin onion is this? Kestra!? Is that Kestra who was at one point a regular on here and a nurse? Or am I thinking of someone else.
  7. It has been 8 days since my eye surgery and even with my glasses reading stuff is still a blur and I've got zero chance of driving... but i'm supposed to start work on monday. I am concerned. Plus side, bought a laser pointer and making my cat run around in circles and skid across the tiles has been a delight,
  8. Oh no thats awful spirit! Not something anyone wants to experience, especially a puppy. Work is exhausting honestly, switching between morning and night shifts is also hell as I sleep better later so having to get up in the morning early for work is tough. Gave my first public flu shots today though, and no one complained so thats something!
  9. Hello Spirit. I worked every day bar sunday, and couldn't sleep at all. How was yours?
  10. So after some strenuous work at... work, I took my glasses off and put them in my pocket. They then fell out of my pocket, I couldn't see so I didn't know that was them and I subsequentially placed a trolley on them, cracking one of the lenses rather badly. Also I changed my gifs
  11. I wish I wasn't so determined to make a good impression. I had a doctors certificate that covered me till wednesday... and I went into work each day covered. Tomorrow is looking to be the same, unless I am suddenly really sick.
  12. Hello humans. I feel like the CPA age of Spirit and Fort may have passed. I've not been on often but it seems like you two haven't been either.
  13. I've been pretty absent too. Working full time is tough
  14. Honestly based off how much money they've made I don't think most people play for free. I think that's the exception. I've stopped looking at moving out to rent this year and looking at cars instead cause I have too many problems.
  15. @Fortune86 I've stopped playing genshin. After the boatloads of money I put into it.
  16. Since Lego seems to be a topic. I got this for Christmas and finished it on new years Eve.
  17. Merry christmas to you too lagie. Though I'm pretty sure it's still christmas eve where you are.
  18. @Fortune86@DragonSpirit009 Merry christmas you two. And all the rest of you CPA folks.
  19. If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says 15 miles to the LOOOOOOVE CAT! Sorry I saw the name and just had to do it.
  20. Nah i'll be right. I started watching the Boys recently. It's nice to see a proper aussie character realised and using our wondrous dialect.
  21. Thats pretty cute. I don't know how to pronounce the name.
  22. Just got my first artefact to level 20, its pretty nice. Would've preferred some more Crit rate over the HP but the DMG is definitely the best part. Also you get a lot of gems from the spiral abyss like 100 for each completion which is one of the highest quick ways to get gems. I should probably go and do it again sometime.
  23. You will need a beta team eventually for the spiral abyss.