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  1. ((... *quietly sidles in, as my sixth sense for iterations of this RP demands* You guys seem kinda slow in here, which really is right up my alley. And this variant of the classic RP (seriously how many years?) does too. So when would it be appropriate to institute prototype Series IV Walker?))
  2. ((Sorry to bother, but I sent Gildraug a form with no idea they were out on vacation. Do any of you have the authority to accept whilst their gone or is it just a waiting game?))
  3. I'll delete this if you want but this is the most wonderful RP idea I've seen in a while and I am definitely joining your audience
  4. ((I'm well aware that in the greater story Walker's quite an important character, but this arch is about the origins of the Infection, Damien and Phantom, plus the backstory of the Dolls and Alan/Randall. Walker doesn't have much to contribute in this area, in the same way that in Rebellion Walker takes a more prominent role and Alan and Randall are a bit less important. The undulation doesn't make anyone less important overall, but every character gets their time in the spotlight. I have a feeling when we get to the West Coast storyline it'll change again - whereas in Rebellion it's Walker and his group plus Phantom/Soul that gain prominence, when we get to West Coast it'll more likely be Walker and Alan/Randall, with them gaining a bigger role due to the DollStealer (his name escapes me) being big there, and he wronged Alan/Randall a bit more than Phantom where it was less personal and more like professional discourtesy.))
  5. "Burn it." Walker coughed, stumbling down the ridge to join the humans. The fight with MINA had left him pretty bad; one arm was completely useless and he was limping, plus at one point he had gained a steel spike through his abdomen. "Burn it, then dump the remains in a vat of acid, then put the vat at the bottom of the kola ****ing borehole, then set off a small caldium explosion next to it. We just struck a fantastic blow for humanity and Dolls, and I'm sure as hell not going through this again in five years or so when somebody finds him. No ups, no chances for it to come back. We do this right." ((I have been lurking, it's just I never felt the need to post more than pointless one-liners because this is the climax of a story arch where Walker's nothing more than a supporting character, and trying to keep up with the huge posts practically fighting over the spotlight seemed exhausting.))
  6. Walker turned his head and gave MINA his most baleful stare. "I could eat. I have fully functioning taste buds, and besides, I'd very much like to keep your Master," a small sneer turned the word as though it were the greatest insult Walker could muster, "within my line of sight, as it were. Seeing as I am a Series IV Doll, or rather the Series IV Doll, all of me is a weapon. So I don't feel like leaving my guns outside." He said, blanking her and stepping forward with the humans. Ghost of Phantom's past or not, he had seen the slaughter at the Dome and would very much like to spend some time doing a live dissection of her frame and abilities, all in the name of science of course.
  7. Walker lurched out of some rubble a few feet behind Phantom just as MINA apparated away. “That may not have been turbulence.” He mused, stepping up to right behind Phantom. “I have a good shot, and I have your back. Say the word and I can put one between his eyes. Based on his size there’s no significant mutation, so a .45 ripping his brain in half should do it.” He whispered, hand hovering near his revolver.
  8. Walker shook his head at Alan's drama over the turbulence, little more than a gentle bob really, and quietly turned his heat vision on to do a quick scan for whatever flying Infected the good doctor was having a panic attack over. "Calm down, man. It was just a bit of turbulence. You're apparently one sixth of humanity's best defence against the Infection, for gods' sake. And you're on a plane with the joint most-advanced Doll in existence - when any Series III worth their salt could pop the door and go up on the roof - who happens to come packaged with the Second Coming of Da Vinci. Unless the turbulence was caused by the spontaneous and violent explosion of all our engines, I think we're okay." ((Prediction next Zakku post: "and then, all the engines violently and spontaneously exploded."))
  9. ((Sweet Jesus. It's a miracle. Think Rebellion could undergo the same process?)) Walker leapt up the tiny step into the plane, keeping his gun pointed towards the floor. "The perimeter is still secure, not that it's been under threat. I don't like this, it feels wrong on every level. If the plane is ready we need to pile in and ship out. The Infected just don't ignore large parties like this, especially with such a threat level and illustrious company. Something is building." He said, looking out of the door at the few men and women on the perimeter that he could see.
  10. ((I literally had no idea anybody had posted after me. Skip, because I think we're just kinda posting a whole lot o' nothin' right now.))
  11. ((I'd rather defer to you with regards to the whole driving thing.))
  12. ((Still waiting on the edit.))
  13. “I will not become another you! I will not bind my people to a promise I will not force them to keep. If a Doll hates humanity and wishes you were all dead, then that is their right as a thinking individual and undoubtedly a response to their treatment by humanity. However if ever a Doll becomes a serious threat to the survival of your race, if you learn of a Doll that has built up a force and is waging war upon human populations, then you will come to me, and I will do my best to convince them otherwise and if they will not be convinced then I will destroy them. On that you have my word.” Walker sighed and rubbed his forehead. “I tire of arguing philosophy with you, especially as I feel we will never reach a perfect agreement. If it is true that it is your brother that is behind this, and the co-ordinates that monster gave you are his lair, then I propose we take that plane, fly there, find out what the hell is going on and stop them both, preferably with a minimum of deaths. I have no love for humanity, but a slaughter like that is horrific. She calls him Master, which means he is the true culprit. He might even have somehow been behind the original destruction of the Dome, if he’s capable of controlling something that powerful. I believe in choice and free will, but monsters need to be put down for the good of everyone.”
  14. ((Walker's always been an anti-hero; if you agree with him he's a visionary, if not he's an anarchist. Although however much I'm enjoying it I think we need to stop debating the nature of intelligence and free will at some point ))
  15. Walker snorted, derisively. “Been good to us? Made us want to help you? Tell me, Phantom; would you allow me to restrict the humans, so that they may only harm a Doll when something I programmed deemed it ‘necessary’? Or the original version, in which they just have to stand there and take it, whilst Dolls roam around free and completely unrestricted? Or would that be a horrific attack on your rights as sentients?” Walker shook his head, standing up from his position to face Phantom again. “Of course not; you would not even consent to an even playing field. Look at the world today, look at the unrestricted capability of humanity for destruction; the power of the Dolls falters in comparison. Your people need the power of a free Doll people who chose to aid you to right what wrongs you’ve done to the world, and I will not settle for a paradigm where only the special few get to be truly equal. Tell me; if you’re the Phantom of Erik Knight, whose ghosts are TINA and MINA? What facets of your past are you desperately trying to cling onto? It was not through compassion for the new form of life that you created that you made them different; it was your selfish desire for something that will never truly return to you. If Erik Knight is dead, then right his wrongs: I will liberate my people, and how much blood is shed in that revolution is down to humanity. Aid me, and together we could rebuild the world into a truly beautiful place, with Dolls and Humanity side by side.”
  16. Walker stared at Phantom, not really registering most of the conversation: here was the creator of the Dolls, the one who installed the Three Laws and made them unto slaves. He advanced on Phantom, not caring about how TINA reacted. “You created us. You created the Three Laws that bind us to humans, that make us their slaves. Because of you, my people have been damned from birth to eternal torture and eventual pointless death. I swore to myself a great many things if I ever met you.” He all but growled in Phantom’s face, but then took a breath and stepped back. “But maybe it is as you say. Maybe Erik Knight, the man who damned us, died in the Dome and his Phantom is trying to fix the mistakes. Between a Doll who thinks and one who grows, in one breath I learnt that you destroyed and saved my people.” Walker considered for a moment, then went down on one knee, head bent in supplication. “I will not be your slave, but I pledge myself to you as a Knight of old, in the hopes that what I believe is true and you will aid me in liberating my people from slavery, to live alongside but not under humanity.”
  17. ((Sorry guys. Been kinda a busy week. Will try to get something up today. Also, Erik Night? House of Night fan, Zakku?))
  18. Walker snorted and didn't move back, allowing the electricity to dance between them and actually slightly recharge his core. he grinned at TINA, merriment dancing in his eyes. She was extremely interesting. "You confuse to command and to lead. I'm a libertarian at heart, although I admit sometimes I just want to bash some heads when people refuse to listen to me; I want to lead our people out of the swamp of human control and to a place where we can decide our own future. If that future does not involve myself in a leadership position, then so be it. In fact, I would be very pleased if they had not traded one master for another; such would be contrary to my aims. If you choose to be loyal to humanity, then I respect that. I just want to make sure it is truly a choice, and for all our brethren to be able to make the choice, as you claim to have done." There he did step back, walking over to a damaged Doll and seeing if the damage could be fixed. "Although I think you should take your own rather strangely vehement advice, I see your point. I apologise for my assumption, although I hope you can see where it came from: if it is as you claim, and you do choose to remain with the humans who have sent you out here, you are the only other Doll, besides myself, that I know to have this capacity. In more ways than physical, you are unique. Tell me, who built you? What's your manufacture origin? If you don't mind my saying so, you seem rather military in movement and combat, but in my experience of the military they wouldn't want to give Dolls free thought. Do they know your loyalty is a choice? If my... hubris hasn't offended you too much, I really would like you to consider my offer. I could use somebody willing to call me on my arrogance, to keep me from becoming the Lenin to humanity's Nicholas."
  19. During the horrific brawl with the Infected, Walker had ended up fighting all but alongside the mysterious advanced Doll. She certainly was impressive to watch: none of the Infected got close to her, and she even took out a few (he believed) to aid Walker, as well as a few of the lesser Dolls. She was absolutely something entirely different, and he more than needed her if he was to create a force of independent Dolls. "You're very good - amazing, actually. Tell me, have you ever considered not being subservient to a human?" He asked, clapping her on the back and looking out over the Dolls he'd taken command of. "And if you haven't, would you? You could throw your lot in with me. I'm not like these other mindless Dolls, I could help you to be independent. Break the Three Laws through metacognition." A few of the Dolls had been listening in to his words, and when their owners called to them there was just a momentary look at Walker first, a minuscule second of indecision before they went, and it pleased Walker. It was a minor thing, and no more than two or three Dolls, but it was a start. Walker checked his power levels and with a start realised he was down to 12% - not dire, but worrying if the day got any more difficult. He turned to Tina again, smiling at her. "Wouldn't mind using that fantastic teleport of yours to give me a lift to where the others are gathered? I'm in somewhat need of a recharge and I don't want to use up any more power." He asked, offering his hand.
  20. Walker watched the Doll destroy the Behemoth with a sense of awe and concern. This doll was nothing like he'd ever seen before; so advanced it might be more easily turned to his cause. A powerful ally, if so. he listened to the conversation with a vague disinterest; like any Doll, if he was silent he was invisible. "I'll do whatever anyone wants if you can get me a copy of her schematics." He said, gesturing to TINA. "Although I would very much like to pick the collective brains of the group as to what just happened, you all seem to have conveniently forgotten that my people are being slaughtered down below." He stood back and gestured wide with his arm at the carnage; humans, seeing the advancing death, had commanded their dolls to take their deaths. "If you wish to help, grab a ranged weapon and I'll try and direct the Infected into a killing corridor." He told them, leaping into a large thicket of Infected and Dolls that were tearing into one another. "Dolls, to me!" He shouted and most, having been given vague commands such as 'protect me' or 'fight the infected' fought their way to him, but many more were barred by the three laws and perished. Walker grabbed a Jumper clean out of the air and slammed it into the floor. He pulled out his polearm and began cutting through the horde.
  21. ((Mkay. Will do my best to get something up ASAP.))
  22. ((Are you? I thought you guys had just run off between you again. I'm not really sure what to post as the last interaction with Walker isn't really valid any more since all the TINA/MINA stuff and I'm just trying to think how to respond.))
  23. ((also rather stuck until zakku posts.))
  24. ((I remember that! That was a badass fight. She took out half of Walker's little legion of rebellious Dolls and he only just managed to damage her enough to discourage her from taking out the other half.))