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  1. Thank you, Dragon and Cat Tamer, for keeping the thread up-to-date. Congratulations to all of you. You've made a lot of progress and I cannot wait to see your final results. I made two minor corrections to the first entry: - the secret word changed - I updated the criteria according to which a Common King or Queen can be reported (please refer to the coded form in the first post for detailed info) And I added one paragraph to the "And in case ..." Section dealing with lost eggs (auto-abandoning, accidental abandoning etc.) Please shoot me a PM if anything is unclear. Thanks, folks! You're awesome! [Greetings from traumeule]
  2. Welcome to our new thread! Make yourself at home! So far no-one has expressed interest in becoming a thread moderator. Please PM me (traumeule), if you want to be one. I'd be thankful for some help. =)
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  4. This section will show our royal members and our crowned Kings and Queens of Commons. Project Administrator/Creator: traumeule Scroll Thread Moderator: Dragon and Cat Tamer Scroll Members: airaani Scroll Yuki-chan Scroll Lizzyluna Scroll Miss_Sophie Scroll Rye Scroll pisps Scroll beachbeagle Scroll ElayneDragonLover Scroll Mow Scroll LeoGirl Scroll Elecii Scroll Avari Scroll Varnayrah Scroll Liadin Scroll Sinnarn Scroll Brightstar_Farm Scroll mpolo Scroll Alice Rose Scroll grayson1314 Scroll KoyukiZaku Scroll kissmychaos Scroll IvoryDragon432 Scroll twokeen Scroll RotomGuy Scroll Katann Scroll Speedyheart Scroll Xocowolf Scroll LexxyMomma Scroll rainbowsmile Scroll Blackchimera Scroll Saori_Nightstar Scroll VampiricOmen Scroll elynne Scroll tigerhawk_13 Scroll Serpy Scroll Kurtos Scroll MadameX Scroll PolarVortex Sroll deblogan Scroll Stickley Scroll Sunvera Scroll xXAngelicEvilXx Scroll Lelyn Scroll thegreenrobby Scroll beyzoar Scroll mou325 Scroll seep5 Scroll Siln Scroll nosuchloveScroll Shay-la! Scroll AmalgamKhaotica Scroll SoratorScroll Zephyra Scroll Anarie Scroll LwyllasLaVey Scroll Verl Scroll HeartOfTheDragonScroll Lycaenion Scroll Elemental One Scroll Chasilin Scroll b9b9b9 Scroll crimsonsnowflake Scroll Rekha Scroll Tiffalkin Scroll dreamweever Scroll RyuKaiser Scroll MysticTiger Scroll Jysana Scroll SilvorMoon Scroll SpiritOfSakura Scroll AmalgamKhaotica Scroll azurewingsofwind Scroll tar.gzip Scroll Faerie_fyre Scroll Queen Wavedancer of Commons (Coastal Waverunner) by traumeule Queen Azhreia of Commons (Water Horse) by ElayneDragonLover Guv the King of Commons (Water) by Liadin King Zarkireon of Commons (Hellfire Wyvern) by blackchimera Tide the King of Commons (Coastal Waverunner) by Dragon and Cat Tamer Caesar communium (Swallowtail) by mpolo Levethix King of Commons (Magi) by Xocowolf King Royal of Commons (Moonstone) by twokeen BB Queen Nymphadora of Commons (Grey) by beachbeagle Queen Smile of Rainbow Commons (Daydream) by rainbowsmile King Helium of Commons (Balloon) by PolarVortex Queen Hulya of Commons (Daydream) by beyzoar King Forest of Commons (Terrae) by serpy Queen Ranocchia of Commons (Waterwalker) by Varnayrah Queen Vyyuncyn Bolt of Commons (Electric) by blackchimera Empress-Queen Kircyn of Commons (Hellfire Wyvern) by blackchimera Queen Gaia of the Commons (Neotropical) by Saori_Nightstar Chrysocolla Queen of Commons (Coastal Waverunner) by LeoGirl King Waverunner MacDubh (Coastal Waverunner) by deblogan Queen Sunsi of Commons (Sunsong Amphiptere) by thegreenrobby Fellfire Iodin King of Commons (Deep Sea Dragon) by Verl King Deiric of Commons (Magi) by MadameX King Terra of Commons (Terrae) by Mow Queen Racing Stripe MacSuibhne (Whiptail) by deblogan Treble Tudor the King of Commons (Sunsong) by xXAngelicEvilXx Emperor Cadbury (Whiptail) by deblogan Queen Birdo (Stone) by Tiffalkin Queen SpeedingVoltage of Commons (Water Walker) by dreamweever Queen Althea of Commons (Water Walker) by nosuchlove EO Queen Trichuris of Commons (Whiptail) by ElementalOne King Merari of Commons (Spitfire) by AmalgamKhaotica
  5. Purpose... Let’s show the world that commons are as valuable as rares! The purpose of this lineage program is to create the King or the Queen of Commons by starting with a breeding pool of 16 different commons. Subsequently, these Commons are bred until the 5th generation egg is created. This egg, once grown, will represent your personal King or Queen of Commons. In this thread you will have the opportunity to present your personal King of Queen of Commons. Data will be collected to find out which species generates the most Kings or Queens. This Project Account & Thread has been approved by rubyshoes. Please do not forget to update the link in your signature, in case you promoted this project. The new codes can be found in the 3rd posting. Thanks! Pick up 16 different caveborn common eggs from the following list*: Albino Balloon Bright-breasted Wyvern Canopy Coastal Waverunners Daydream Deep Sea Purple Dorsal Electric Ember Flamingo Wyvern Golden-horned Tangar Gray Green Guardian Harvest Hellfire Horse Magi Mint Moonstone Neotropical Nocturne Pale Ridgewing Pillow Pink Purple Purple Ridgewing Red Red Dorsal Seasonal Skywing Spitfire Spotted Greenwings Stone Sunrise/Sunset Sunsong Sunstone Swallowtail Terrae Vine Water Water Walker Water Horse Whiptail White * All species that don’t show up here should not be in the breeding pool, because CB versions of said species are not considered common due to their rarity. Group your dragons into breeding pairs in whatever fashion you like. It’s just important that for the duration of this project, your pairs stay the same. In order to get 8 pairs from your 16 dragons, all BSA are allowed (Fertility, Influencing, Incubating). Start breeding. It’s essential to take the FIRST egg your dragon pair gives you, since this is what this project is all about. After all, we’re interested in what species dominates the others in terms of breeding without interfering or bringing in our personal preferences. Keep on breeding until you narrowed your dragons down to two common dragons – the parents of your King or Queen of Commons! Whatever result this pairing gives you, the first egg will be raised to be the King or Queen of Commons! And in case... … your hatchling does not gender correctly in order to fulfil the breeding sequence, you may breed a second egg from the same parents. Please don’t just abandon or (even worse) kill the hatchling, since it is part of this project! Freeze it or trade it here, maybe someone else is looking for that exact hatchling. … you get a refusal of two designated breeding partners, you may breed a second egg from one of the two parent pairs. You may release one of the partners who refused to breed, but please no killing! … your egg results into an Alt Vine hatchling or you get a Bluna, Shallow Water or Geode Egg from breeding, you may proceed with the project or replace the egg with another bred egg from the same parents. It’s your choice! ... you lose an egg from dedicated breeding partners (auto-abandoning, accidental abandoning etc.), the breeding partners are both disqualified for the project and you have to replace them. The thought behind this is that only first borns carry on the parents' heritage. It’s mandatory to name the final offspring “ <dragon name> the King of Commons” or “ <dragon name> the Queen of Commons” respectively. One suggestion from my side is to increase the “royal factor” of names the higher the generation gets. I think it would be quite nice, however, it remains purely optional. 1st Generation: Lady or Lord <dragon name> of Commons 2nd Generation: Baroness or Baron <dragon name> of Commons 3rd Generation: Duchess or Duke <dragon name> of Commons 4th Generation: Princess or Prince<dragon name> of Commons 5th Generation: <dragon name> the King or Queen of Commons General rules... All involved dragons must remain on your scroll for the duration of the project (and hopefully also longer than that!). For exceptions, please see section “In case”. None of the eggs you get from your breeding pairs must be killed, abandoned, vampirezed or experimented with. All involved dragons must be named. The last offspring must be named according to the above mentioned naming scheme. Do not mix rares or uncommons into the lineage! Only those in the list above count as commons and therefore may be used for breeding. Your dragons must not have offsprings already. To be included in the breeding pool, they must be caveborn and childless. The secret word is cooee. As we do not want to worsen the problem with common blocks of the AP, please only breed your pairs after the project is over in case you definitely have a taker for the egg. Please no random abandoning! Keep the thread clear from drama. Thank you! Optional rule... You may also start with 32 commons. In that case your project will take longer to complete since final offspring will be the 6th Generation. If you choose to do so, the proposed naming scheme will change to the following: 1st Generation: Lady or Lord <dragon name> of Commons 2nd Generation: Baroness or Baron <dragon name> of Commons 3th Generation: Countess or Count <dragon name> of Commons 4th Generation: Duchess or Duke <dragon name> of Commons 5th Generation: Princess or Prince <dragon name> of Commons 6th Generation: <dragon name> the King or Queen of Commons If you want to join, please fill in the following form and do not forget to add the secret word. It is hidden in the text to make sure you really read the rules. [COLOR=purple][SIZE=6]I want to breed my own common King or Queen![/SIZE][/COLOR] [U]Forum Name:[/U] [U]Scroll Link:[/U] [U]Secret Word:[/U] After all the breeding is done, you can report your own King or Queen. Please only use the following form to report 5th or 6th gen dragons that have already genered. [COLOR=purple][SIZE=6]Hear ye, hear ye! A Common King/Queen was born![/SIZE][/COLOR] [U]Forum Name:[/U] [U]Lineage Link to your King/Queen:[/U] [U]Breed:[/U] [U]Name of your King/Queen:[/U]