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  1. Lol durr, I just posted in the other contest cause I didn't see this win -win- Posting as soon as waking up is a bad idea x.x
  2. I think it is safe to say you can put up another thread. Unless I missed a new contest which is entirely possible. --Nvm I just found the new one x.x -thumbs up---
  3. For a while we did have a list of all the previous competitions, but then the thread got lost. It was a whole new thread for just chatting about the sig contest and just chatting in general.
  4. For text slap don't just take an image and put text on it. The image has to be manipulated in some way, or multiple images meshed together, layer masks, c4ds, etc etc.
  5. I won this theme last time so I decided to set it out =x
  6. Hey vicepresident, it happened last time too and nobody mentioned it but your sig is too large. There is a size restriction for the contest your sig can only be 600x200 and yours is bigger.
  7. Yep this theme has been done before but it was ages ago when there was as whole different group of people entering so it is fine to keep as is. I will try to enter but I actually have a lot of hours this week at work so I'm not sure if I will have time.
  8. Well I just bumped up the old one, we can start a new one. I miss back when it first came out, there was so many entries even though people hated the images I should use some of the old images for a new one and see what new stuff people can come up with.
  9. So.... whats goin on here?
  10. The person didn't put up the voting thread >.> I've been thinking bout going and finding it, there was only 2 entries so I think they chose to give up on it.
  11. Yay it's a puppy! I don't know if extending it will get any other entries... the only 3 people (other than you) who have posted in this thread have entered >.>
  12. Come on guys, a few more entries...
  13. I may have gone a bit over board with effects >.>;; But it's so shiny I don't wanna change it. It's the ArchDemon from Dragon Age
  14. before I start this, Video Game monsters count?
  15. Lol maybe when I get home... but I'll have to choose a monster, there is so many good choices x.x
  16. Oooh, this one is different.... wonder if I can get my sig making skills back into what they used to be ><
  17. We're not all mean and crazy D: Anyways, I'm ending voting grats Cybele wewt wewt -confetti and all that jazz-
  18. Can I end this early? There hasn't been any new votes in over 24 hours so I doubt we're gonna get many more.
  19. Still have a few more days... like.. 3
  20. Cybele AmberEmber Slim12 Dragonhatchling Good luck everyone!
  21. Whelp I'm setting up the voting thread now, sorry Kanaye
  22. All entries must be in by... tomorrow because it is so frickin hot I probably won't get around to setting up the voting by today