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  1. As a Rdm main (Jenova server) this made me extremely happy, managed to find the samurai egg so far. I was busy the last 2 days so hopefully i have enough time to catch up and grab all these eggs
  2. Oh wow i'm pretty late getting my bronzes, didn't think to check after work. Managed to get 5 but i misclicked 2 other eggs so will have to wait until i can try for the others Hopefully i don't miss the blue drop. Those and the gold lunars are my favourite
  3. My waterhorse ended up with a pink. Was hoping he would get the pretty nebula that kept visiting but i think this is a good match too
  4. ergh completely missed this release. managed to get 1 so far but they go so fast in the mixed drops *waits to be unegg locked again*
  5. Xiyne


    The raritys usually get added around 2 months later i think to give all the newborns adopted late in the month to grow. The only creatures that have specific genders are the otterlings, elkrin and ligers, as far as i know the staff said there won't be any breeding or anything added yet if at all so theres not much need for genders
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    Their in the bazaar (HERE) for 100 baubles ($5 rl currency) for the whole of june and possible july too
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    Well i think the next one would likely be in August for Elds 1 year anniversary followed by halloween (all hallows' eve) in Oct and xmas (festival of lights) in Dec. Other than that i have no idea although i'm guessing the march event (cherry blossom festival) might be a yearly thing too wheee finally got my hands on this months glitch ancient now just those big 3 bazaar creatures (elderwind, phoenix drake and blue flame elkrin) to go and the odd few event/monthly/birthday creatures left on my wishlist. so close to completing my collection minus the beta
  8. got my first 2 summons long before the update but no luck so far summoning the 3rd although i did manage to successfully breed avatars from my current GoNs good luck everyone still trying to summon
  9. Xiyne


    I joined there at the beginning of april (UN: Falsanthin) and love the artwork (especially the elkrins) I'm about 8 creatures off completing my collection now :3 (POE otterling pygmy, Albino monochrome dragon pygmy, Lime dessert otterling pygmy Blue flame elkrin, Void drake, Phoenix drake, Elderwind and Galaxy ancients) not including the beta because thats way too much for me
  10. Both failed breeding and a failed summon too. At least it gives me a reason to breed and gift my trio dragons again
  11. It looks like a lancetfish to me but i could be wrong. hmm not sure if many people know about these: panda ant Tenrec Jaguarundi Dhole
  12. wow that was the easiest release in a long time. grabbed all the eggs i wanted in a few seconds. both of them look really awesome so it was hard to pick
  13. sent my first few flowers haven't recieved any yet but can't wait to see them all
  14. ah typical the s2 hatchlings i was planning to freeze grew up. At least they were all 2nd gens so next year their eggs can be gifted I'll have to try trade for some more hatchlings to freeze. Can't wait to see what this years dragons look like
  15. *swipes solstice dragons*
  16. swear i attract 2nd/3rd gen sweetlings its the only valentines i don't need at the moment but keep accidently grabbing. At least their getting sent back out to people who are still after them
  17. Been far to slow to catch any in the ap so far but sent a few 2nd gens off on their way hopefully to good homes. now i just need to wait for the few i kept to hatch so i can breed my 09s
  18. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/whitedragon313711 finally happy with mine
  19. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/whitedragon313711 still far from finished but at least its taking shape
  20. I've seen a few but i'm far too slow to catch one been here many years and still haven't managed to get even 1. Shame the no limits for them this year means theres more competition for them (that being said i'm too busy with work to hunt this year lol) but at least the more that get spread about hopefully the easier it gets in the next few years. I'm just happy to finally get s1/s2 versions of the other xmas dragons EDIT: was just gifted one <3 will be ready to spread the love next year
  21. Didn't have too much of a problem catching these. Already have 6 influenced to be pairs :3 the adults are gorgeous
  22. Just finished x after getting it recently and starting my first shiny hunts had no problems catching mewtwo either, threw 1 ultra ball and that was it friend codes: 2380-3077-3029 if anyones in need of people for the safari (think mine were rock types)
  23. I haven't seen any but i assume they were just being snatched up too fast because of their trade value at the moment. Hopefully when the hype dies down i'll see a few more since most of mine ended up female
  24. wow wasn't expecting to like the adult but its lovely *pokes at the other one* looking forward to the male now