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  1. I'm over halfway. My daughter, last count, was 25-ish. Will egg hunting be open tomorrow? *thought it was Fri, Sat & Sun only*
  2. I've got 36/53. If I counted right. How many eggs were there last year?
  3. My daughter got the octopus (squid?) and I got the koi. We both got the peacock. Still hunting on mine, up to 30-something. I dunno if J has kept hunting or if she's too into vocaloid to bother.
  4. I've found several partially or near fully covered by the banner adds.
  5. I need 9 more, I think, and my daughter needs 12 more.
  6. Sounds good. I may help now and again, when I have an open slot. Or at least until I get my scroll female heavy by 10+ dragons. I seem to get a lota males. So I've decided to build a pink and purple mini army. Though I may grab from the AP too if it's clogged with one or the other.