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  1. I'm stuck on the reindeer on the ice also. Like I'm assuming it's a puzzle of some sort? But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to bounce off of the rock I need.
  2. I'm missing like 6, and same
  3. Historical fashion costumes.
  4. I just need the holly. I'm breeding the others for those that need them.
  5. Personally I love my corn babies and find them rather docile to handle, without a bunch of racing or struggling. Though I'm sure that's just because I've handled them since they ate their first F/T pinkies. You will most assuredly need more than a 55 gallon aquarium for any of the snakes listed above, especially the Dumeril as from other snaker handler's experience they are not climbers so would find no use for additional branches, instead prefering low on the ground basking spots and hides. Dumerils do not do very well in aquariums due to their shy nature, however if you're willing to provide a cover for the sides and provide plenty of hides, they are fairly easy keepers from what I've heard from friends. The coastals are more arborial and do like climbing so branches would be helpful for them. However they ideally need 7-8 feet of ground space [per other snake keepers opinion] But other than enclosure size seem like very easy keepers. Other than some do seem to have an aversion to rats preferring instead several mice, but that varies seems to be an individual preference per the snake.
  6. akiska

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    If it is announced like this, and not a Happy ______ Holiday type of thing, they are permanent.
  7. akiska

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    typo in the pillow description. Emounts should be Amounts. Great looking sprites though. Love them, can't wait to see the female swallowtail.
  8. Well I have this one after me ~Removed~/view/n/princess_Akiska_Pink[/url] Was one of the other user's son's first silver and he caught it off the AP. It had been meant for a TGT gift, but when I found out who caught it I told them to keep it. For my real name I am a white dragon.... Kinda funny because I used to RP as a white dragon.
  9. I still need a pumpkin. No pumpkin dragon here. Oh well guess that's what I get for being in the hospital last year.
  10. 38/38 guess we shall see what happens when the event ends
  11. 37/38 One more to go... Is there a prize or anything? Or just the fun of collecting? I'm fine either way, just curious.
  12. 3 drops I've sat through, refreshing the ap hoping that it will drop enough to let a cave drop through. This is insane. People need to stop breeding. *takes oath*
  13. Dear Journal WHY WON'T I GROW UP!? The keeper keeps pacing and glaring at me, I know she doesn't mean to be grumpy, but I was supposed to grow up a while ago. I just want to grow and I'm stuck as a hatchling. Please please let me grow... Byron
  14. Dear journal The tender has been in and out lately, she brought home two very thin shelled eggs, and has locked them in a glass case out of reach of the other hatchlings and dragons. She says none of us are to go near them, and we're to guard the case with our lives seeing as they are a rare dragon like the halloween that she can only claim two of. Gassendi is moping, he was rejected by the silver chosen to be his mate, and is now forced to quest a new mate. These green and gold eggs are... Interesting to say the least, I've still no idea as to what they are. The odd stone is a male, there is still debate among us in the cave as to what he will grow up into. drakkari
  15. Dear Journal, The tender has decided that I am to be reserved for a silver mate. She says I should feel honored that I am being paired with a metallic and that all I have to do is be patient. It's hard to be patient when all those around me are paired up with permanent mates and I am still alone. Here is to hoping that the new little silver genders out female so that my long feelings of being lonely will be gone for good. ~Gassendi.