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  1. - A flower and a smile can make for a wonderful day, here's both for you! - Thank You Much for Being Sweet and not Having Stinky Feet. - Hyvää Ystävänpäivää from Finland Happy Valentine's Day!
  2. Hi can anyone help me please!! Where can i follow this post? i mean if i want to send an email with each post?
  3. Hi everyone!! where can i see all the flowers???
  4. does anyone wanna swap: 1- Blue or pink Columbine 2- Dew Drop pink or yelliw 3- Titan Arum 4 - Jack-in-the-pulpit 5 - Sun Dew 6- Dandelion
  5. Thaks Selm This is my garden: https://imageshack.com/i/nassk5p PM me if you want a swap!!!
  6. I don´t see the Pansy, does any one know the colors of them?
  7. I didn't know we didn't get to keep our gardens nooooo :'( :'( I don't have too many collected
  8. 33 years old from México DF someone else?
  9. congrats to the winners!!!!
  10. cieloazul

    Donation Meter

    i just made a little donation i havent seen the Donation meter but i will try to remember to donate every month!
  11. i'm having problems when i edit my fort it duplicate or triplicate the items specially the small ice keep but it also happened with the fountains
  12. I loveee the snow fort!!! Thanks!!!
  13. I could't get any zombie this year!!!
  14. Thanks!! So far... 3 kills no zombies
  15. I have a question Can zombies be made at any time during the 31th or only must be made at night?