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  1. The tricks are over? i only could get 54
  2. thanks for the event!! I love the game.... How many items do we need to collect?
  3. wow there are a lot of new eggs! Thanks TJ!
  4. This is great!! I love the Zombie change
  5. where can i find them?
  6. i am lost, there are 4 new release plus old pink and Frill?
  7. wooooow There are too many stuffs to celebrate!!!! Thaks TJ!!
  8. they are beautiful thanks
  9. i am so lost in the game! jajajajajaja
  10. waiting for the special event!!
  11. I want to join! My scroll its organized by breed!
  12. I am so sorry but can anyone help me!! I see my screen black
  13. Ohhhhhh THANkS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. i cant find the cat!! if i see one it says i have full hands!
  15. Oh i see a black window in my game!!!
  16. if i dont see Pearl where can i find her????
  17. i am lost! where do i need to go when Pearl says that i need to talk to him????