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  1. i cant grab any egg I see the page show me the following message You are already at the limit (2) for this breed of dragon!!!
  2. i am having problems dressing up hatchlings, i cant see the outfits bought...
  3. Love the purple color!! Thanks!!
  4. I'm in!! My scroll https://dragcave.net/user/cieloazul It's order by Legacy Breed Name,
  5. I would love to see my house!
  6. How do you move the forniture?
  7. where can i see the number of items? i love the sledding game!!!
  8. i cant move the pilars in the water temple! Can you please help me??
  9. i had the same problem, y refresh before exit my house!
  10. please help!!! i caant find Zeto
  11. I am lost i cant find the person who lost their glasses!! help please!