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  1. i am the Lq@ Well Near, it looks like I've won
  2. Monster Hunter Tri, may seem like a childish game at first but as you get into it the gameplay and combat is amazing, (Logged around 500 hours into it, and yes I do have a life!) Also the Dragon Age series, Love it
  3. Okay's *jogs with stiff legs*
  4. Now this is what I call a little bit confusing so Pshyshocks it? Ok I'll run Now
  5. I dunno should we pm hgfggg? That's twice in a row hgfggg's been awhile..
  6. Finds that the tunnel is blocked and heads back
  7. *digs a tunnel underground and goes to china* hee, hee.
  8. RUN, RUN, RUN Now where's hgfggg??....
  9. iRorschachBot has 7 annoying people in his/her sig
  10. Pen because our teacher forces it and since Im left handed my work isnt so neat
  11. Rate, late, sate, mate, mute
  12. Granted,you're wheels are flat and you have no petrol i wish I had an IPad
  13. I am registered on Dragcave forum
  14. Rattatoulie on PS3 jeez that is like impossible and it just failed (played it with a cousin hes like 7 so..)
  15. I wish I was a punk rocker...in my pants Be our guest...in my pants (lolololooool)
  16. Lose yourself...in my pants Thats a bit wrong aye?
  17. There once shined a shiny demon...in my pants (lolololoool)
  18. hofectbw Heat over fire except calibrating the bone world byuhtid