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  1. No luck here and only one winner posted - maybe there has been an email fail :>
  2. I'm happy with the hatchlings tbh
  3. Ok... I have all but a holly... come on D:
  4. I've heard of A Christmas Carol and The Polar Express, but not the matchstick story Is everyone automatically entered in the raffle? also, can anyone tell me what a BBW is? :L It's my nub stupidity
  5. what is this i hear of a raffle?
  6. Alt em all \o/ Merry Dragcave christmas :3 cant wait to decorate ma wreath
  7. i want them cos a) my friends have them gold/bronze/silver = omg i want c) i want as many dragon types on my scroll as poss (not caring about lineages or inbreeding or anything )
  8. thanks for the cunning hints guys, now i have everything
  9. damn >.< 39 items and the badge, but where is the 40th D:
  10. Awwww why purposefully kill dragunz :< Any inbreds will be welcome at my place Just though how cool it would be to have an inbred lineage (is that even possible?)