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  1. I swear I put this thing in a hatchery http://dragcave.net/lineage/TEy38
  2. For whoever owns the sweetling alts to get back on dragon cave thIS ONE TIME A YEar like PLEASE it's just one day.
  3. Who in the hell snatched up all the Death of a Bachelor dragon names? I was only able to get like one perfect name and the album just came out.
  4. YES! A LUMP OF COAL! This is the best Christmas ever! I tried really hard to do all the naughty options.
  5. I'm so many days behind and I've forgotten what I'm supposed to do on whatever day I'm on. Plus I just had neck surgery yesterday so I'm feeling pretty drowsy from the pain medicine. Can someone just pm me what I'm supposed to do each day?
  6. Just realized I was supposed to keep my 3G solstice x alt sweetling as a mate for this and I just traded it away like a big dumb. This is terrible. Look how great that lineage would have been. If anybody sees one of those solstice x alt sweetlings eggs in the ap, send me a pm..
  7. some really cool new checkers made possible http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.ph...e%5Bborder%5D=n http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.ph...e%5Bborder%5D=n checkers are always the end goal with my spriter's alt offspring hoard.. ..but perfect mates are basically impossible to find bc 2Gs are super hard to collect, so I make do.
  8. Interesting hatchie. Somewhat reminds me of the transformers
  9. Breeding a 4G silver x ribbon dancer pair, actually end up getting a hard to get silver egg, and automatically dropping it in the ap. And only then realizing the time translation from standard to central and my failure to breed 4 different CB holiday dragons before the time is up. But at least I bred most of my pairs..
  10. When does the adventures close?
  11. I actually remembered to long on and breed my holiday pairs this time. <3 I'm still mad about halloween tbh. Now if I could just find enough time to arrange for a 2G alt trade, I'd be set.
  12. Shoutout to this varilla person who has already gave me a few nice lineages from the ap within a matter of minutes.
  13. Oh yeah, caligenes are one of the rare few that have feathered wings. Of course they must breed with whites. And thus, here I go, searching for yet another white spriter's alt offspring.. I'd also like to try breeding them with golds? I feel like it would really accentuate the gold in the wings.
  14. I got 16 caligenes this year, 4 more than last year's desipis. Though I'm still very disappointed that I missed halloween and couldn't get my pin. I guess I didn't need a 13th pin but.. still. Also, I'm disappointed that I didn't get to breed my billion halloween pairs I spent months finding mates for. And I didn't find a mate for this, and considering how easily I could have breeded one myself if I had just logged on, I'm very VERY mad at myself. If I don't get on for the Christmas event, somebody come shoot me.
  15. just missed a 3g shimmer spiral? uhg my luck today
  16. I didn't breed any of my dragons on halloween or even log on for the pin.
  17. Can halloween dragons still breed? Wow, I had so many pairs that I needed to do this halloween and got so busy that I did absolutely none of them.. For example, this lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/vVwLo
  18. I say, if a person wants to wear makeup, than who are we to complain? If it makes you feel more confident: GO FOR IT. I wear make up religiously and I don't even care. I'm happier with eyeliner and foundation on and that's just me. People are like, "just be natural." Well, the most natural me is when I'm wearing makeup, because I feel like I'm presenting myself wrong when I roll out of bed and just leave the house. I'm a clean person and I want to look like it. It takes me 90 minutes to get ready, but hardly any of that is spent on makeup. I shower in the mornings. P:
  19. My genius idea: The potato vending machine. Stocked only with potatoes, the buyer inserts their cash, selects one of the following options: mashed potatoes french fries potato sticks chips potato skins potato boats and bam. happiness.
  20. I just realized I haven't bred my 2G shimmer from my own prize in almost a year.. on purpose.. im so exclusive guiz, so speshul On the bright side I did get this and this, making me able to produce cool lines like this.
  21. I wouldn't quite call that fickle. Just wait until you're months into a breeding and still can't get a prize..
  22. http://dragcave.net/lineage/fOO5d It even has a cool code that almost spells food.