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  1. Thank you very much for the Explanation
  2. Hey everyone, i have a tiny stupid question....what does IOU mean? I´m from Germany and i don´t have a clue what it means Can someone please help me?
  3. Curious. I got 52 Treats. Anyone else? And the heck, i grabbed to Magmas out of the biome today!! TWO!
  4. I would hoard a bunch of pretty polishes to paint my scales in bright colours and be a super shiny Dragon
  5. Yep, got the same problem yesterday
  6. I guess this is due to the fact that not all of the forumites do have the same name here as they have at DC?
  7. Got my two new cute little Eggies!! Happy V-Day everyone!! <3
  8. Yay^^ Seems like i´m using my first alarm clock to get up at 5.50 and get started to catch some '12 Valentines. I will need a loooooooooot of coffee that day
  9. Does anyone has the Sentences yet?
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone! I just wondered if the new awesome and beautiful eggs (or latetly Adults) will have a given gender, just like the others? Or will i have to influence them?
  11. No Space left until yet....very excited how the Hatchies will look like *dancing*