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  1. I have a give away to an alt sweetling scroll. A lovely 4th gen black sweetling x gold checker. Just put in a dummy (unwanted AP egg) in the link so I can make sure it goes to an alt scroll (please have scroll visible as I will check). https://dragcave.net/teleport/6cadb9f7cf77e231deb9f3cf66e8f150 Found a home!
  2. I have a give away to an alt sweetling scroll. A lovely 4th gen black sweetling x gold checker. Just put in a dummy (unwanted AP egg) in the link so I can make sure it goes to an alt scroll (please have scroll visible as I will check). https://dragcave.net/teleport/714880d55613b995e73d618dd46098ae Edit! New link with hatchling! https://dragcave.net/teleport/6cadb9f7cf77e231deb9f3cf66e8f150 Found a home! Egg has hatched and since it's been 10 hours with no response, I'm going to cross post over in trading section too.
  3. Messy sweetlings, feel free to freeze. Claim my hatchling! Claim my hatchling! <--has black father, will be black on alt sweetling scroll.
  4. 2g floral-crowned x freckle hatchling! <--Grows up in 3 hours! You're welcome jumpsnake! 2g floral-crowned x starsinger hatchling!
  5. 3rd eg radiant angel x white checker hatchling! 4th eg heartstealer x blue lunar herald checker hatchling!
  6. Have: Beautiful 5th eg Sweetling lineage with all black Sweetling x Thalassa Want: A home for it on an alt sweetling scroll. Offer a dummy (random unwanted AP egg). I will check your scroll to make sure it is alt sweetling coded so be sure your scroll is visible. Here for dummy egg! Sorry I only had one to give away, responses came in while I was asleep.
  7. This little egg is afk (code) and hoping to find an alt sweetling scroll. Are you the one? Found a home with kanya146715, you're welcome!
  8. 4th even gen white x rosebud checker, with both rosebud spriter's alts Claim my rosebud hatchling! Gone
  9. I recently got a offer that wasn't even close to what I asked for on a 2nd gen gold hatchling. But stun was soon to wear off and I looked at their scroll. They didn't have a gold at all and the self bred hatchlings they put up were about the best they had, was only a bronze trophy with around a hundred dragons. I took their offer so they would have their first gold dragon, one hatchling I kept and froze and the other two went to departures and claimed. Sometimes you need to put the shoe on the other foot and think about why someone offered what they did. There's been other times I wasn't so keen to let something go and would end up keeping when I didn't get an offer I liked. But either way it's not worth letting yourself get worked up over. Sometimes things click and sometimes they don't.
  10. Trade fail, somebody get this off my scroll. Claim my 2g sakuhana x silver egg! You're welcome, Alesita.
  11. Black sweetling x skywing is still looking for a home. (will be pink if your scroll isn't coded for black sweetlings) -Gone on it's way.
  12. A couple of 3rd even gens that would look best on an alt sweetling scroll. Claim my black sweetling x skywing egg! Claim my black sweetling x sunstone egg! Gone
  13. Claim my Floral Crowned x Grave hatchling! You're welcome Tasokie!
  14. Unknown gender xeno hatchlings, feel free to freeze. Claim my Gaia hatchling! Gone Claim my Pyro hatchling! Gone
  15. It is expected. Things were changed two years ago in a turbulent way for alt sweetling owners. If you wish to plow through the thread it's here. It's not a pretty sight.
  16. Thanks for the undine, a nice combination I hadn't thought of.
  17. Thanks for the celestial and 3g ridgewing!
  18. 4EG Ribbon Dancer, checkered w/bronze & gold tinsel gone 2g Solstice from Frostbite You're welcome Rememberdrgns! 2g Ribbon Dancer from alpine Floret gone
  19. Thanks for the winter magi, I've got a couple of potential mates waiting.
  20. 3EG checker, Winter Magi x Royal Crimson. Claim my hatchling! gone. You're welcome anetofstars!
  21. The AP no longer changes egg times, so just a matter of doing the math of egg age vs the cave clock to figure out if day or night. If the questionable one is a hatchling use breed sort to see if it lands with your rosy winged or blue winged solstices. edit: breed sort will NOT help to figure out an egg. edit2: I might be wrong on the eggs with sort. I just grabbed a 4 day solstice egg from AP so it would certainly be night wing. Flipped to breed sort and it sits with my rosy wings and the day egg I bred earlier is sitting with the blue wings.
  22. All caps code 2nd gen Mistletoe x pink Sweetling. Aeon says it's female. Claim my hatchling! gone 3EG Ribbon Dancer with 1 blue arcana spriter's alt. Claim my egg! gone
  23. Dracaena

    Z Project

    Had a couple Z eggs come my way. First, a cb Storm from AP, can influence/hatch if needed. Freebie You're welcome random_dragon_collector! Second, a new release Sandwaste, that I'd like to swap for a non Z Sandwaste. Swap Thanks for the swap Lagie!
  24. Dracaena

    Z Project

    Anyone want a Z code AP catch 2gen pb chonos? Claim my egg! You're welcome dragonpuck!
  25. Thanks Dragoness! I don't have discord so if anyone reading this will give a shout in discord to Clowncow to check their PM I'd appreciate it! edit: Thank you @Astiana2011 ! Connections made and all sorted out.