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  1. I. GOT. A. CB. PINK. SAPPHIRE. Thank you kind stranger for accepting my trade offer! What did it cost? A Paper, my only CB Green Canto, a CB Zyu and a CB Xeno. 4 for 1, haha... I'm praying this won't be the ratio going forward... No joke, the Pink Sapphires are becoming my least favorite breed...
  2. So far these dragons are all gorgeous! ... Except for the male new Floret. The description speaks about what an elegant breed they are and then these guys look so derpy... Doesn't really fit imo.
  3. I can't believe it, I just misclicked a chicken... The description has exactly the same format on my phone as the Lure eggs. Oh well, I'm pretty sure someone will trade me a Lure Egg for it... I hope. Would help getting me my fifth and final orange one. 🙃
  4. @LackingDragons I would love a Sprinkle Dolphin, please! My scroll name is Mukouno, just like here.
  5. @biruko Aw, thanks a lot! They're all cool, but if I could choose I'd love the Ditto one! My scroll name is Mukouno, like here. 😊
  6. Woah, all of these designs are amazing!! If anyone still has a Pokemon themed one, I'd love to take it! Been a fan for almost 25 years now, so a Pokemon cookie would made my day! 🥰
  7. Merry Christmas, everyone! And a big sorry to all of those who receive my weirdish cookies, I mostly put random patterns on them. 😆 But if you don't mind that, I'm happy to send one to anyone who gives me one as well. 😉 (Name is same as here.) Other than that, I love the new colourful eggs, and the hatchie is very cute so far, very curious what they'll become. If the adults are coloured like the eggs they could become my favorite Christmas dragons. Also, I've been spending all day and yesterday picking up eggs, putting them in click sites, kicking the hatchies out, take the ne
  8. While this is super cool I'm now somewhat feeling conflicted... I have 7 extra Pitfire Eggs that I was planing to hold on to until the Egg Wall would be gone to give to players that don't have any... Now I'll have to keep at least 2 or 5 even in case the hatchies turn as well... Has anyone tried it on hatchies?
  9. My first Valentine's Day on Dragon Cave! I was able to get an egg of all dragons except the Rosebuds, they are always gone so quickly. Oh well, still got the rest of today to stalk the AP. Can't wait for the new dragons.
  10. Sadly, I wasn't able to get a Holly but on the other hand the cave and biomes were almost abandoned. Sooo... I was able to get a Blusang Lindwurm, finally. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  11. I collect stuffed animals, dragon statues, crystals/stones (anything that looks pretty) and snakes. Just kidding, I don't really 'collect' them but I have 35 cute snakes at home.
  12. Call me crazy but for me all life is equal. I think it is as important to save the tigers as in the first post (and every other endangered species) as it is to save children from starving. The whole world is in need of help. Furthermore I believe it is kind of arrogant from humans to think they are the best out there and look down on every other race. There are many things animals can do that we aren't able to do.