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  1. NOOO omg I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for it to be this wayyyy *single tear* Whatever you do I'm sure I'll love it, honestly. I will repay you with a million sprites until the day you die I swear!
  2. Story of my life omg *looks at the ever growing pile of unfinished projects* That eastern is really cool though. I love how you do claws and faces!
  3. *stares* .... *STARING INTENSIFIES* Yes. So much yes. I need to overload you with all my requests until you spontaneously combust... except not because then I'd be sad OTL I think, from that picture at least, that you can actually draw the humans pretty well! But I get what you mean about them being hard to draw. The faces I swear. I wanna request something from you but I'd feel bad since you already did so many electromagnetic sketches for me >_< *bows* *is forever grateful* If you do feel like taking a request from me, I was wondering if you could draw one of my characters for me. It's kind of a monster thing I think? Kinda like some sort of bipedal cat-dragon-machine sorta thing. This is what he looks like. Um yeah. The sprite is a teensy bit old so some parts are kinda weird looking but basically that. You don't have to draw it in that style though! I'd be interested to see your take on what it looks like so go nuts if you wanna make it more dragony monstery or w/e. Don't feel obligated to do this for me though. It's up to you if you want to or not ^^ So yeah . u . Diggin this thread. Will stalk. EDIT: just saw your wyvern drawing. Thumbs up. More thumbs than my body has room for.
  4. My silver attracted a pretty blue neb! I gave her a little gold ball for her neck (I like to think of it as a cute little bell :3 ) It's strange because she never came by at all during the week but I'm happy about this since I wasn't too fond of many of the other ladies I saw earlier. Kinda bummed that I caught my silver before the biomes seeing as the biome based caves were really pretty. Ah well x u x
  5. Pineapple, kiwi, pear, dragon fruit, sour oranges, raspberries. I prefer fruits with a more sour kind of flavour over sweet ones. I greatly dislike mangoes and melons (watermelon is ok though)
  6. Edit: Just changed again to Wind Fish this time. The picture was too pretty to not use as my wallpaper ^^
  7. I always used to make wishes as a little kid hoping that one day I would become a dragon. I don't wish for it now, but I think I would still prefer to be one than to own one....Mostly because then I wouldn't have as many responsibilities
  8. I don't hunt the AP very often but I wouldn't mind seeing this implemented. Would this apply the same way to holiday eggs in the AP as well? I think that'd be really nice, considering that I've done quite a bit of holiday AP hunting only to see the same egg get tossed around between people forever when clearly nobody wants it at that time.
  9. I used to collect rocks as a kid. Currently, I collect pokemon figurines (though I haven't worked on the collection for a while). Here's a link if you would like to see it. Some are kinda damaged and it's not that impressive of a collection but it means a lot since I've had most of these since I was a kid. I got some really cool beetles for Christmas this year and I think I may want to start a bug collection once I have some money to spare.
  10. I think that as long as you're careful and safe with how you go about meeting people online, it can be a lot of fun! Currently 1 year 2 months with my BF in England. We skype everyday and we hope to meet each other some time this year. We've mailed each other some gifts (both which happened to be pokemon plushies and country-exclusive foods). It's really exciting and definitely amazing to have strong connection with someone who lives far away. I can deal with the distance quite well, as I don't require physical contact due to my somewhat withdrawn nature. Though being together would be really nice, I don't need it just yet. Personally, I prefer online dating to standard irl dating. I tend to be very shy and distant, so it's hard to feel comfortable with guys around here ^^' My parents don't really understand my choices but they're not discouraging of it, which is great!
  11. I got full gold wings. I don't mind the colours themselves, I just wish that the gold ones had feather details/patterns like the other two varieties have. I'd prefer tri-coloured the most, but I'm ok with the gold wings too!
  12. Well said, Blight. I was trying to express that general idea as well, but I'm not the best at typing my thoughts out. You managed to express what I feel a lot better than I did! I agree that I hate when people say I'll "change my mind." The way people say it is almost patronizing and it frustrates me.
  13. I've held a baby once and only once and I can easily say it was not a good or happy feeling for me. The baby wasn't crying or being bad or anything, but I couldn't stand it due to paedophobia. When I even so much as see or hear babies, I want to hide away in the quietness and comfort of..well...anywhere but there (but most preferably my room). I know I'm not the only person who feels this way either, so no, holding a baby will not make everyone just immediately realise that they could never abort a fetus.
  14. I currently identify as cisgender but I don't actually feel right being that at all. My main problem is that I don't know what else I could identify as and I figured I'd come here for help since it seems there are a lot of people educated on the matter. I've tried searching on my own, but I can't find results that are specific to my feelings or I get vague descriptions which don't help me at all (I might just such at searching too XP) Anyways, I hate being in my female body. I don't feel comfortable and at times it even makes me mad. Everything about being female, especially the sex specific body parts and their functions and implications, just feels wrong and uncomfortable. But, this doesn't necessarily mean I want to identify as male/a man/a boy either. Sure, I'd enjoy my life a lot more if I were, but I don't have a strong desire to be that. I dislike my name being associated with the words "she" or "her" but I deal with it because that's all I've ever been referred to as. I feel like I have trouble relating with and befriending other females, except for a select few (and even then, most of my relationships fall apart with them after a couple years) because I feel some sort of disconnect(?). This isn't really necessary to indicate anything, but to add, I don't care about clothes or make-up or hair at all and honestly it makes me upset when my mother tries to get me to care about that stuff. I don't really know what to do or think about this. I think with the way that I currently identify, I'm only becoming more unsatisfied and frustrated. In the past while, my dislike for the way I am is starting to become a dislike for the female sex in general. I'm not sexist or generally mean or anything, but I find that my anger towards myself sometimes gets extended towards other situations which don't even concern me. I never speak any of these thoughts, but I often feel inwardly frustrated because of who I am. Anyways, I'm sorry if I've used any terms wrong or just in general have not been right about something. I'm quite new to the specifics of genders so please try not to be too hard on any mistakes I've made >_< Also, I'm not good at conveying my thoughts properly in general, so I hope I don't come across as a bad person or someone who's just trying to get attention (like the people I've read a lot about in this topic so far). I'm alright with being properly informed, but please try not to be too bold or harsh. I'm very sensitive and I'm just genuinely looking for information.
  15. I believe you mean sex, not gender. I don't mean to be a nitpicky jerk or anything trying to correct you, but I've seen a few times here where sex or gender was used in place of the other and it just caused confusion and large paragraphs of debate that ended up not being about the proper thing. I could be wrong though, maybe you did mean gender and I'm just reading into things wrong. If that's the case, you can ignore me ^^
  16. I would like the enter the raffle too please!
  17. I'd say I wear a matching pair once every few weeks. Most of my socks have lost their pair, so I just mix and match now because nobody sees when I'm wearing shoes all day anyway.
  18. This. I am severely tokophobic (fear of pregnancy) and mildly-moderately paedophobic (fear of babies/young children). In addition, I am and have always been anaemic which leads to me being quite weak or, even at times, sickly. I would not, under any circumstance, be fit to have a child. Not now, not ever. However, I don't believe that I should have to never have sex in my life ever because of these issues. I would make sure everything is safe, but contraception (even in combination) is never 100% and that scares me. If I were ever to become pregnant, I would like to be assured that there is an option for me to abort, otherwise I would literally attack my own body (yes, the tokophobia is that serious. Even thinking about all this right now makes me want to pull myself apart.) I'm sure there are others out there with similar issues and I find it hardly fair that if they were to get pregnant, then they'd have to suffer. And no, despite my phobias, I am not some crazed evil baby killer who would just carelessly get an abortion without any regret. I'd still feel terrible. Hardly anyone doesn't in that situation. I just know that, if it came down to it, it would be the safest option for me and most likely others as well. I believe every woman has the choice to do what she wants with her body. She should not be treated as a vessel and should be able to have an abortion no matter her reason. There is such a large spectrum of individual cases that you can't just pick and choose which women can and cannot abort.
  19. Caught my first ever CB gold today and also had a successful summon! August in general has been a very lucky month for me in terms of catching CB rares. My first being in Aug 25, 2008 and I hadn't caught anything particularly rare again until this month.
  20. Ooh the egg has hatched! The hatchling looks adorable and I can't wait to see it when it grows up. Such a pretty green~ <3
  21. These eggs look really amazing! I can't wait to see what comes out of them ^^ Honestly, I don't really care when releases are. I don't pay attention to the schedule so this was actually a surprise for me when I logged in this morning. I wouldn't mind new releases being changed around from time to time, since it's always a pleasant surprise! I do feel bad for people who might not be ready and have rare or nice bred eggs on their scroll that they don't want to part with and for people who can't make it on certain days or times but it's impossible to make a game like this work for everyone. Even if a release time messes me over then that's just how it is, I suppose.
  22. I'm not so sure about this combination, but I figured I'd try them with Water Horses. http://dragcave.net/lineage/5nSXG My reasoning being that they roughly have each other's colours when inverted. Not the best, but I don't mind the looks of it! Water Walkers look a lot better though in my opinion.
  23. Personally I prefer this one as opposed to the other one. I feel that it'd work better and not do any harm. The issue with a trade not being able to be completed until the egg loses its 5 hour cool down seems to overcomplicate things and would most likely result in hindering those offers as the trade starter would most likely want to pick something they don't have to wait for. Or the dragon could grow up while the trade is on wait which might throw things off as well. As for this topic coming up before, after some more thorough searching, I found two similar topics except that one appeared to be in the BSA section (unless I read wrong) and has lost activity, and the other was directed at removing cooldown entirely, which is not the goal of this suggestion.
  24. If they did, then both their scrolls would get burned? EDIT: If someone is using two scrolls for that purpose, then it's against the rules so that'd be their fault anyways. If they traded to a family member's scroll to abandon, then I guess abandon limits should remain despite trading.