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  1. Oh wow! That's gorgeous. Thank you very much for the second drawing in addition to the original. Very nice ^^
  2. Thank you so much Zen_Cross! It looks perfect ^^
  3. Looks really good so far! I'm excited to see how it'll turn out ^^ Sorry about not sending the egg earlier. It should be available in a PM now!
  4. Yes flesh colour like the bleeding moon example would be great, thanks! ^^
  5. How should the payments be worked out? Would you prefer the eggs be transferred before or after you've made the drawing? Also, to add to my offer, I can also breed you Prize dragons (both shimmer and tinsel), Copper dragons, or anything else you see on my scroll that you might like (golds are hard to breed and I don't have many but I can try if you really want). Feel free to PM me to discuss further ^^
  6. Hi! I'm not sure what you own and don't own, but would I be able to get an Adult drawing of a female Guardian of Nature in exchange for a CB silver egg? I'm willing to breed or catch other dragons (after my new release eggs hatch) for it to be drawn in the style you drew for your Bleeding Moon Adult.
  7. Wow, I really like the style of your drawings here! Very nice ^^ Once you have commissions open again, I'd like to make a request when you're ready. Good luck with the thread! I can't wait to see more of your stuff
  8. I'm in a situation similar to Lady Lunevis here. I'm 18 yr old Canadian here and I have been looking for jobs so I can pay for my university courses. I've had no prior job experience but have done some volunteering...but even then my resume seems lacking and it's been an incredible struggle trying to find work. I've come to a point where I'm doing as much as I can but still not much luck. However, I did finally get a call this morning for an interview! I'm so excited but also incredibly scared since it's my first and I really can't afford to mess it up and go for any longer being unemployed. I feel like I have a good chance of getting the job if I can pull off the interview well. So I've come here to ask people what I should expect for this interview. It's at a grocery store chain. I want to know what kinds of questions they may ask me so I can be prepared (I tend to panic if I don't know what to expect in situations). Do I need to bring anything to the interview? Also, what should I be wearing? My parents suggested I wear my black blazer and a nice skirt. I think it should be fine but I'm worried the blazer might make me look like I'm trying too hard (considering it is just a grocery store) but my parents said it would be fine. I'm wondering if it's bad to be overdressed in this situation but I don't know if wearing a blazer even is or not so any opinions on that would be great too!
  9. 1. How about an introduction; what's your forum name? XDragon52 2. What's your favorite number? 72 3. How many 2nd gen Prizes do you have? Zero. 4. What do you plan on doing with the egg, should you win? Celebrate and then name it and breed it! <3 5. Name a word that's really fun to say out loud. Arcane This is a really fun idea. Good luck to all the participants~ ^^
  10. Holy snap that glorious hair eastern is the best thing! Thank you so much. He's so fab and angry, like he just realised his hair stylist used the wrong brand of conditioner and now his day is ruined.
  11. Happy birthday Dragon Cave!! These eggs look promising ouo I'm excited to see a new pygmy breed and I'm wondering what might be in store for the other two! C:
  12. Haha well whatever works, then! As much hair as possible C: Thanks tho (cuz I forgot to say it the first time and I'd hate to be rude :V)
  13. Loved the stream tonight. 'twas fun ^^ Would you be able to draw me an eastern with super fab facial hair? All the beards, all the eyebrows. yes. ouo
  14. I'm probably gonna set up a stream like right now. So expect it within the next 10-20 minutes or so or even earlier. Depends on how fast I can set this up ovo EDIT: btw it's up now. Come join if you want to see butts spriting goin on.
  15. Oh man, it totally does look candy-appleish. That's really cute now lol. I meant for it to be blood and I even looked at a terrifying bloody arm as a reference for spriting, but I like the candy idea as well. I'd almost be tempted to draw a little cute version of this creature but without its "spooky mask" . v .
  16. MessengerDragon, I've finished your halloween-ish sprite! Sorry it's a little rough since I didn't want to spend forevers working on it lol. Apparently this was the first thing that came to mind when I thought halloween *cough* I think we can all agree to never give me creative freedom again :V
  17. I took Mandarin for three years in highschool. I really enjoyed learning it, but sadly I don't retain languages very well and have forgotten most of it. Also, it seemed like the class catered to students who already had Chinese background so it went too fast for the people who were new to the language as a whole (AKA basically just me :I). I stuck with it even though I wasn't the best at it because I loved learning about the language and culture in class. There was a point in time where I got so into it that I would almost reflexively say xiè xiè instead of thank you! By the end of the last year we had a huge group project where we got to make a short film all in Mandarin and I had a blast doing it with my friends. ^^
  18. I remember encountering a lot of glitches when playing on the N64. A long time ago I was playing LoZ Majora's Mask with a friend. I went to put on the Zora's mask when the game froze with a screen that looked as though link was covered in a heavenly light and the music hung on a single note. We shut off the game as soon as possible and ran away lol. One glitch I like a lot in the glasses glitch in Shadowgate for the NES. The concept is funny to me. Once you obtain the glasses item, you can go into your inventory and select it again. Doing so will make give you more glasses and you can repeat this infinitely. Since the game hasn't planned for you to get so many items, it starts to make the text and graphics freak out.
  19. Thank you!! . u . I think I started spriting 5 or 6 years ago but only started really taking it seriously around 2-3 years ago. I've been drawing since I was really young, so it's always been something I've loved doing. Again, I probably only started to practice and get better at it within the last couple of years ^^'
  20. Completed Requests: 1. Halloween-themed dragon for MessengerDragon
  21. Yo wassup. I'm Tia and I make art things when I'm not busy being incredibly lazy. I mostly do sprites and pencil drawings. I may take requests, but they'll be limited if I do ^^' Stream: Sprite Streaming!! (OFFLINE) I will do spriting streams when I feel like it I'll try to update this post whenever I have new things to put up If you're interested in seeing some of my DC styled sprites, feel free to come check out my stuff in the Dragon Requests section, as I won't be posting any of those here :3 Some of my Sprites: Original Character stuff: ~Unfinished These are all sprites from when I did a lot of pokemon inspired things: Big Sprites: Dimitri from Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons -My current avatar is also a sprite I made (Thanatos from Persona 3 - original concept art colours) Drawings and Paintings etc.: Magical Skull Deer thing Rayquaza as a Snake Masked Monsterbutt ------------------------------------------------------------------ ***I will only take 2 requests at a time. I only do dragons/monsters/creatures/animals. Please no human or human-like requests please! If I can't get a request to look right I may have to reject it, sorry ^^' *** Sprite Requesting: I like to work with sketches from other people, but I'm fine with doing them from scratch as well! You can specify if you want a certain style from what I have shown above if you'd like (eg. pokemon-like, DC-like, etc...). I probably won't do very large sprites, so I'll say 120x120 px is the max. Please do not ask for animations. They are very time consuming and I no longer make them. Request list: OPEN 1. 2. Drawing Requesting: Do note that these aren't that great and stuff. I'll try, but don't expect anything too great lol. If you're going to ask for a specific pose or scenario, try to make it simple if you can, thanks ^^ Please do not ask for something to be done in photoshop. I may consider doing something in PS, but it'll come at a price (DC eggs prolly lol) but if you really want you can PM to discuss it further. Request list: OPEN 1. 2.
  22. I wouldn't care if refusals were gotten rid of completely, but I also like the ideas of "Re-familiarize" or any sort of removal action (as long as it is not a one shot thing!!). Either that, or it works like option number 3 and just requires the user to wait a while before they can breed that pair again but it isn't forever. I've been having a lot more refusals lately, and while most of them are just minor annoyances, I've had some pretty nasty ones too. Most notably, my only two CB Silvers. I doubt I'll get another CB Silver for a long long time since I'm not the fastest catcher and I just happened to get really lucky catching the two I have. I'd really like some way of working with/getting rid of refusals because all it has succeeded at doing is making people stress out whenever they want to breed anything and that shouldn't be right for a game that people play to relax from the pressures of real world problems.
  23. I have to agree with Fuzz here. Moving these threads to the BSA section hasn't helped bring more attention to that area of the forum at all and, from what I've seen, has really only succeeded in hiding important discussions which need more attention. Honestly at this point when I see that a thread get moved to the BSA section because it's related to teleport, it becomes a lost cause at that point because I know next to no one will pay attention to it, and it will soon get buried by new BSA ideas and forgotten.
  24. I played piano for about 9-10 years up until last year. I quit this year because I didn't have time for lessons anymore. I love to play it but I progress slowly since I don't really have the patience to sit down and practice. I love to teach myself little tunes nowadays but it's nothing that great. I also used to play clarinet and bass clarinet in my school band up until my last year of high school. Despite how much I had fun learning the instruments, I think the small taste I had of playing them was enough for me ^^
  25. Oh my bajeebers! I love it <3333 Thanks so much Spatio! I really appreciate it Would you mind if I sprited your drawing? . u .