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  1. I accidentally ended up with two CB Springs while hunting for Gemshard eggs, so I put them up for trade, and I came home from work and checked my offers, and found this beauty waiting for me! He's my new favorite, FAVORITE dragon on my scroll (or he will be once he hatches and grows up) http://dragcave.net/lineage/Cyrur If whoever offered him to me sees this, thank you! <3
  2. These are all SO PRETTY OMG I'm SO glad I managed to nab at least one CB of each, because I'd have been equally sad no matter which of these I missed out on, otherwise. Thanks TJ, and THANK YOU spriters, these are all amazing. <3
  3. Ooooh my GOD the Gemstone hatchlings are SO FREAKING CUTE I have a feeling I'm gonna have a few dozen of them frozen on my scroll. <3
  4. My guess is this: Two colorations (probably red and greenish, like the gems?)Dimorphism in both hatchlings and adults (meaning four hatchling sprites and four adult sprites)Plus stage one hatchling probably has a neutral sprite (so hence nine eggs?)We'll see in a few days, but that's how I'm gonna justify so many eggs in my head. Nevermind, there are THREE colors, not two. So kitsune93 is probably right, there's prolly three colors, with dimorphism in adults.
  5. So, if 2 eggs: no dimorphism 3 eggs: dimorpishm on adults only 4 eggs: dimorphism on both hatchlings AND adults ...then what does 9 eggs mean? O_O Multiple colorations AND dimorphism?
  6. My pretty little Loveshift decided he didn't need a mate to be happy, so he's just hoarding gold. (He attracted a Canopy Dragon but didn't like her, poor fellow.)
  7. Total support for both! The stories are available offsite, but it'd be nice to have them in-cave somewhere. Maybe condense them all down onto one page? And the Mana Alchemy game was really, REALLY fun. <3
  8. FINALLY got my first GoN! 8D I almost had a heart attack when I saw it, because I used the summon action, and I'm so used to it failing that I didn't even pay attention to the result. I just navigated away from the page, and went to pick up an egg from the abandoned page, and it said I was egglocked. I was like "Wait...I only had one...egg...slo---OHMYGOSH" I'm very excited right now, y'all have no idea. I have the egg hidden for now since it's my bedtime. It'd be just my luck to come back to a view-bombed dead egg.
  9. Whelp, I'm not needed here anymore. ...Am I the only one who thinks maybe Shikaru meant "You finally figured out that the secret flower isn't unlockable for the public, so I don't need to hang around and watch you all guess anymore"?
  10. Happy Valentines Day everyone! <3 Might I ask for some Red Roses, if anyone's willing to send me some? I'll be sending some out to people here on the thread later today. For now I need to sleep, now that I've got my two lovely new eggies. <3 Thanks TJ and staff for yet another fun event!
  11. Well, I used to just grow whatever eggs I got my grubby little paws on. Then I actually took to caring about lineages and breeding, and my entire scroll has seen a huge turnaround already. (I'm not done yet either.) I have been ruthlessly releasing any inbred dragons I find on my scroll, renaming dragons according to their Generation, and using a spreadsheet to figure out my breeding pairs. Once I'm finished, I'll probably join a couple gifting-type threads here on the forums and give away babies. (Of course, once I'm finished, I may end up losing an egg slot for awhile, depending on how many dragons I get rid of, so I may have to start raising some replacements first. )
  12. Took me four hours, and I almost wiped it twice due to concerns that other people on here already did pink/white/red themes, BUT here is My Gingerbread House! (Sorry to anyone who already did those colors. ^^; I was too far into it to change it around.) Yay for frosting writing? 8D
  13. This. I DO understand that TJ is a busy person, and has a life, and all that fun stuff. But I've run both sites and game servers before, and I have a life as well. Part of what makes a site successful, and part of the responsibility of owning a site, is jumping on what the users want, when they want it. Not years later, when you happen to get around to it. I don't mean to sound ungrateful to what TJ has already done. He has done , and some of what he does leaves me scratching my head and thinking "..How the dickens did he pull that off?". But honestly, I've thought this several times before: DC could evolve a lot faster.
  14. Definitely agree with Sock. I have so many dragons that I remember by code rather than name that's it ridiculous. I got to the point where I was just naming my dragons based on their codes for awhile. (Then I got tired of that.) Still, I like this idea a lot, especially since it would only effect your own dragon's pages and no one else's.
  15. People who try to tell me how to live my life. I'm not one of those people who's blind to friendly suggestions from well-meaning persons. But when someone hears a single thing I say, and twists it around to make me sound horrible, and then chides me for living my life horribly...Lord, I just wanna smack them.
  16. Holy noodles, it worked. 8D I'm egg-locked though, so it auto'd. Totally forgot I was locked. Congrats to whoever grabbed the baby. Aww, the tan is sooo pretty! D8 I'm gonna have to breed that pair weekly, just to keep a tan one on my scroll.
  17. http://dragcave.net/lineage/6NgWF Thank you to whoever bred this beautiful, lovely egg. <3 I can't believe I was able to grab it. I was hunting for inbreds and just didn't have the heart to let this lovely go. ♥
  18. I've DEFINITELY noticed this. Every darn Nebula I've had lately has turned Green. (Which is even more unfortunate for me, because I despise the color Green. >.<)
  19. That's exactly who I meant as well, Tarlok. For some reason my brain was not with me when I posted that. Butyeh. Regardless, it's highly obvious that Tarlok is SOME sort of bad guy. We just don't know how yet. Zuko and Iroh were humanized from the beginning of TLA, so even though you started out thinking they were bad guys, it wasn't a shock to have them become good in the end. Whereas Tarlok is just and all around, full-out .
  20. My guess is either A: The new police chief (can't recall the name) is really Amon, as Syao said. B: If not Amon, then he's an Equalist of some sort. C: He's an "Equalist" of his own sort, but instead of wanting to rule out Benders, he wants to eradicate non-Benders. It would explain why he rounded up all those innocent non-Benders at least. I also fully agree with Ext3h. This episode was very, very poorly put together. To the point where my fiancee' and I actually managed to predict several lines and actions long before they ever took place. And WTF was with all the random, stupid 'comedy' they added? Tenzen yelling at the chief? The little boy asking Asami for some of her hair? The little boy Air Bending by farting? Just....WTF. By themselves, I did chuckle at Tenzen losing his cool, but the little kid was just too obnoxious to be funny. Seriously Nickelodeon...Don't resort to creepy, farting children as "comic relief". Just...don't.
  21. ShadowMonster eats puppies for dinner, and kittens for desert! WITHOUT MILK.
  22. PikachuNez? IDK. Person below me, fuze your name with 'CAPER'
  23. Thanks for the merge, Socky! ♥ And thanks for including my post in the OP as well. ^^ Sorry giving you extra work. ;P
  24. I have a couple inbred Adults on my scroll from back before I knew what inbreeding was. Nowadays though, I avoid it whenever possible. I always double-check my breeding pairs to make sure the offspring won't be inbred. If I happen across an inbred hatchling or low-time egg in the AP, I keep it and freeze it. It's a good way to increase my overall scroll size, and end the lineage of that dragon. If it's a high-time egg though, I tend to be lazy and drop it off into the AP again. ^^'