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  1. Every time i go into flight fourm on my lvl 63 druid i always stay a worgen swimming in the air.
  2. The best fan site by a long shot!
  3. I wish they would have taken thier time with WotLK.
  4. one of my class mates that loved cats just got that from the avatar.
  5. 1) Belly. 10 2) Ribs. 0 3) Underarms. 2 4) Neck. 0 5) Back. 0 6) Feet. 7 7) Sides 10
  6. (lol) granted, only you end up lost in china i wish i had some head phones
  7. done, olny you sleep to long and sleep for two whole years. is wish i had my own room.
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    Oh? They are the same thing? Lol nvm I have played it LOL.
  9. *sigh* nvm, school is starting back soon so just forget it.
  10. (OoC: I posted my joining fourm on the other page, am I allowed to rp?)
  11. Name: Graystripe. Gender: Male Type: Dark/Black Power: Darkness, fire, and lava. Job: Fighter/Mentor (If that's ok, if not fighter) Personality: Caring, Fearice, some times moody. Appearance: A large gray dragon with wide wings that have blue stripes on them. His eyes are hazel yellow and he has a dark gray stripe on his back. Age: Grown
  12. I have the collection one with everything ZT all in one game. It's kinda gotten boring after 5 years of game play.
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    *Halo: Reach* ~latest~. ( loved it!!) Halo: CE ~original~ (Never got to play ) Halo 1 (Very good game) Halo 2 (never got to play ) Halo 3 (My fav) Upcoming Titles: Halo 4 (I cant wait!!) And yes. I am a female player.
  14. Give our hatchings some more time before they die DX And Maybe...just maybe a video game?
  15. Well for starters Humans are animals. Also everyone knows there are little kids amethyst families starveing out there. Well there are also little lion/tiger/lepdoard/Ect cubs and Thier families that are starving. Really i think god knows what he's doing and we should just let the worse come and after the hurricane is gone a rainbow will light up the sky.
  16. Username: Mey12ab Name: Corli Gender: Female History:(optional) Personality:(also optional) Snappy, loyal, short-tempered Clan: Darkness Rank: Beata Age:(S1, S2 or adult) adult Breed: Black Other: Lost
  17. I HATE YOU!! Lol Na, just kidding true, I hate Cata... I REALLY want BC back.