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Wishlist: 2g Shimmer, 2g Tinsel All Dead Eggs are Vampire Fails!!! I Breed ALTs and Hybrids send me a message for a trade.

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    Full-time Employed. Please give me a day to answer as I am usually at work during the day hours. I can breed Alts for Black and Undines. I can also breed most hybrids easily.

    Common Dragons(caveborn):
    Female Moonstone
    Female Stone
    Female Water Walker

    Rarer Cuties(caveborn):

    All Tinsels Low Gen

    FULFILLED 55 Olive Hatchlings to rrattts 
    FULFILLED 2g Chronos Xeno From Pyro Xeno(F) x Enraged Aegis(M) to Amazon_warrior
    FULFILLED s1 curled black 1(f)sit black 1(m)sit black 1(s1)sit black to hippocamus
    FULFILLED 4x 2G Setsong, 3x 2G Carina, 2x 2G Dusk Pygmy, 2x 2G Hellhorse, 1x 2G Ultraviolet to immeria


    immeria 2G Gold Shimmer from << https://dragcave.net/lineage/udAlQ>> & Spirit Ward