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  1. Wait, for the Maleficent idea, do you mean the new movie where she had wings? It makes sense, but the downy makes me think of a bird...we got a buggie-dragon, another bird please.
  2. Wait...is the Contagion over? I thought two of TJ's eggs were glowing green.
  3. *flops back against pillows* finally got one...now to work on my zombie. One failure, two dodgers.
  4. I'll wait till later, time to make some zombies!
  5. Curse this lag! But Downy...it must be a kind of bird. Please let it be an owl *hopeful*
  6. Is it just me, or is that bar not moving at all?
  7. Well this stinks, apparently some people don't know what a Flip-Flop trade is supposed to be. If you see a Pokemon offered with an item, then you are supposed to give it back once it has evolved (like with my Milotic). But nope, this person refused to give me back my Magmortar...that was my only Magmizer and also I traded by Happiny for the Magby. Some people *eye roll*. If anyone has a Magmortar, I would love if we can do a Flip-Flop trade, I need one for my National PokeDex. Also an Electivire. You send them to me (and I'll send maybe a least desired Pokemon), then we trade them back to each other. I get the Pokemon registered, and you get to keep your Pokemon. Also, if anyone has a Dusk Stone and/or Shiny Stone to spare, would you be willing to trade? I need those stones for my Misdreavus and Togetic.
  8. I am a bit wary...but I am going to take a gamble and choose Rowlet for my Moon Starter (I like Lunala far more). The good news is that it's a flying type so I'll have my transportation from the get-go. All I'll need now is a few others for water travel and stuff and I am set to go.
  9. I think I am done for this event, but my dragons would understand it was an honest mistake...so I feel better on that case. But ah...I want that witch hat badly! The one with the white bow, it's very pretty and stylish.
  10. I do have one concern, if there is a glitch that produces an auto-win...then shouldn't that glitch be corrected? I mean I know the event only started yesterday, but still... I won...although I am a still a bit surprised. But I get my badge and now we wait. The bar is going up, but if the bar ended up falling...what would happen to all the infected dragons? Oh dear...that was not the option I wanted either.
  11. I am not finding this game amusing, even with the guides. I would like to earn the badge, but this Minesweeper is doing nothing but wearing down on my patience, even with the guide.
  12. I wish they used one sprite for the Monarch...I love the dark color on the male more than the pale color on the female...unless she's meant to represent the white monarch. This reminds me of my days in elementary school. I used to stalk a field looking for butterflies.
  13. I think some of you guys were right ^^ and hooray for our first buggie-dragon. Been waiting for one of those for some time. I must ask, would captive Monarchs make the same journey?
  14. It would be good if we could have tabs that we could name, I want to organize my dragons based on certain location, but's it next to impossible.
  15. We got some wings now, the little leaf guy looks like it may be a large dragon.
  16. If one of them is bug-based...hooray! I can finally use those two areas.
  17. OMG they are both adorable! And the diamond-egg is quite beautiful.
  18. Hooray, home from work and I got all five...and one extra that I don't recall...but oddly enough it is on my scroll. Oh well will dump that. the time egg makes me think of Porygon for some reason or some other time based Pokemon (not Dialga though).
  19. But do you think in time humans may know more because of their dragons? Many of the stories for events involved dragons talking to the user who is a person, so could it be possible that the knowledge of humans may expand if they are having help from dragons? But given that mana is kind of a vague topic, what if we merely had some facts listed for the known mana types? Like what uses may be for that mana (as somebody stated), for example fire mana can be used for spells but can also be used to warm something up (like that egg from the story). It just may be good to help people with mana for their concepts. I don’t think I have yet to encounter anyone who has a dragon that uses light mana.
  20. That would be wonderful, I checked the link and it does answer some of what I suggested...but what about those dragons who have mana inside them? If you could somehow explain that...it would be good and useful. From what I read, raw mana is liquid...so that could be the liquid in the heating pouches of the Bull...but yet the Desipis has mana crystals embedded in their bodies. Not sure if I'm repeating what I said in the OP, but can certain types of mana be harmful to certain types of dragons? So much to learn...I hope he agrees Fiona. It would be nice to have an area dedicated to Mana itself.
  21. When we were discussing the Brazen Bulls hunting ability, Shokomon mentioned that they can use Fire mana. I know mana has been mentioned a lot, but what is it? How is it made? We have some species who creates their own, but it must also be natural too. Since we have something for dragons (which I am not a big fan off because it seems not to count owned dragons), can we have something to help those people who are making dragon concepts that harness the power of mana? We know that one Halloween dragon can use, and the Xenowyrms can as well. But what about others? I know in one story a gold dragon and his mate used a shard of fire mana to help their egg, but can all dragons use mana regardless of what type it is?
  22. I hope I am reading this right...but would this mean that there would be a chance for dragons who refused to 'change their minds'...I would like that. Two pairings who I had them be together...and both refused and won't ever try again...frustrating. If that is what you mean, then I'll say yes.
  23. Oh...it looks like an alien dragon of some sorts and so squishy *runs to poke repeatedly*. Hooray for Spacial dragons (we needed more of those).
  24. It's good to see the Antrean again, I loved them when they were being worked on and it's good to know that these little aliens will now be permanent members. The Sapphire dragon is quite interesting, more because it's not made of entirely that deep blue (do real sapphires really look more green-blue?).