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  1. Still not a single crack? Does it normally take a while for TJ's holiday eggs to hatch? I know his other eggs are usually stage one by now or maybe stage two.
  2. Was there ever a way to actually climb the cliff? Apparently you can't play the game over again which is kind of weird compared to previous ones. I mean you got a lot more allies and tools (I actually forgot what I picked up previously)... But what was with the beaver stuff? For the egg...I am totally not hoping that it might be an Iris-based dragon...I love the tulip flower and also the Iris flower. They are my main connection to Spring and I am waiting for them to bloom...the birds are coming back I've seen.
  3. Huh...I am going to be honest when I say the event was kind of...dry. I was fortunate enough to not have to return to the nest, but I feel like it kind of...lackluster. But at least we have pretty eggs now.
  4. Is there a specific way to give the spider the box? (Besides my urge to kill it)
  5. I hate spiders...so I would kill it and burn it and...yeah.
  6. That was fast...got my two and can't wait to see them. I do think these will be a female breed right? Given the last one was male...?
  7. Sounds fair enough, but now I have another question that kind of just came to me via Shokomon's suggestion. Does raw mana have adverse effects on other creatures that may come into contact with it? Like insects and animals that may get too close to these pools (or might step in it and try to wash themselves). I am very puzzled by the honey drake and how it says they can fit in a beehive. Are they that small? Or are the bees in this world large?
  8. Um...it doesn't really bother me...but it kind of seems odd to rename a dragon who is dead and has descendants...but I like that one person's idea.
  9. As much as I like the idea of being able to get rewarded for each dragon I am able to raise, I thought DC wasn’t going to have an in-game currency. To be honest, I like it this way. On Tales of Ostlea I am constantly rushing around trying to have enough to pay for certain items or creatures and Magistream is a nightmare… I would prefer if DC was not the site that made its players work far too hard just to be a special dragon, now if it was a shop-born dragon, then maybe. But… It’s just not sitting well with me at all. Even more so because people often charge more than what a dragon or egg may be worth. That was my game in ToD, I would shell eggs or hatchlings at what I felt was a decent price...gosh I miss my little business.
  10. Whoa...that is both cool, but also kind of scary (and saddening too because they are now limited and have to wear special clothes). But that Alt. Black dragon is very suspicious, but I liked today's quest. It makes me think of Mystery Dungeon for Pokemon. The mini games are kind of boring, so I won't be doing any more of those...but I must ask. Are these dragons actually talking in human tongue, or is it really them communicating telepathically as the descriptions say?
  11. Finally got through, but I hope the rest of the game will pass without problems. But Zeto and Nana are strange...they are wyrms right? But they seem more human-like...maybe it's just how the game is set up.
  12. Okay, but so far it seems many of us aren't getting it to pop up. Avery is still saying the same thing to me that he said yesterday.
  13. It's still not working for me...unless you're supposed to do the minigames instead.
  14. Flurry looks beautiful with that gold on his mane and tail, but I think I will freeze at the S1 point because that one looks utterly adorable.
  15. OMG that hatchling is utterly adorable! *little hearts floating*
  16. Why do all the plushes that you set down vanish in the house?
  17. ^^ another CL list dragon has been added...I had a hunch it was the Azure Glacewing. But OMG those Honey drakes are adorable
  18. I thought I was seeing things when I noticed that egg had a new description, but got all three...the golden-scaled one had me thinking goldfish because I got it in the coast.
  19. I think I will still use X, mostly because I need to finish my Pokedex...and also my beloved Sylveon and Talonflame are on it (hooray for Iloe and Pookie). Does anyone happen to have a Stantler, Maractus, or Mismagius? I need to get those two in my National Pokedex and then all I will need to do is worry about the legendary Pokemon that I still need. And I need a Piplup and Turtwig if anyone happens to have any to spare.
  20. Is it just me, or did anyone start thinking of Mismagius when reading the description? In one episode of the anime, a Mismagius created an illusion and its eyes were glowing in the process.
  21. Animated egg...I think we may just get more in the future now *nod*. One of my Fluff-Brambles has hatched and I have named her...but if I am being honest, this naming system needs some work. It's hard to find unique names without that stupid message saying 'The name you entered is already in use. Names must be unique; try again with a different name.' Well that name was unique, but apparently I can't use it for what reason? Is it used as part of a name? Is it a single name for somebody's dragon? I finally settled on Auhoaraa, it reminds me of Aurora and is a nod to the possible Maleficent idea. The fun part is that it means friendship, which probably doesn't apply though .
  22. I think you mean the Philosophia dragon...once more I miss my Tale of Dragons babies, I can remember so few of their names, but I think that one Kreeth.
  23. Hmm...the mature looks kind of like a cat...or at least that is what I'm seeing now.
  24. Got the new dragon, and now an undead Eastern and Drake...too bad the Eastern was a shimmerscale, but oh well. Now to dump those failures who I had slated for Zombie fodder.
  25. Guys, I think the Contagion might be coming to a close, my infected dragons are cleared.