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  1. I got two of the pink eggs, need the other two...but I am confused.
  2. I got my babies! In terms of Rats. Trying to get them all. The Fallen Orange I did not see on the book and when will the Soot-backed Lindwurm be given a library entry?
  3. Whoop! Finally got a Sunsong egg who shall be another little male...and waiting for the cooldown...of course they would all be stubborn and refuse.
  4. That pygmy egg looks weird with the crack, is that supposed to happen?
  5. OMG that little hatchling is adorable...why did you refuse! *glares at her dragons*. I need another Sunsong for my last Sunset.
  6. I can't believe it, both my Sunset and my Sunrise rejected the Sunsongs, but at least my Pygmies were more willing to work with me. Honestly though, I think I got one other Sunsong...
  7. Aw...it seems like most people don't like the Black one...I do Infinis, it reminds me of the War dragon from ToD...kind of.
  8. I like them (the black one I can't stop staring at), but I am puzzled to why there isn't a piece of the description that refers to the dragon of a certain color. Like the Black one seems to be wingless and the Pink are wyverns and Yellow are wyrms...do they not really have certain characteristic that sets the colors apart while still contributing to the main breed?
  9. Oh...single adults...and boy do they look epic!
  10. Squee! OMG the adult forms will be revealed soon and my babies finally hatched and are all healthy. Thank goodness.
  11. Mature babies! Hmm...I don't see no dimorphism between each set though. But of course that means nothing. I can't wait to see them as adults.
  12. Dino-based dragons? Cool! I may be looking at Jurassic Park games a bit too much at the moment. But come on babies, mature so we can see what we are working with.
  13. You know, even if they are based off the Power Rangers, I think they will not be a modern dragon (and thus stand out amongst the others). The most powerful thing in DC is mana, so maybe these dragons will be connected to the different kinds of mana (if so then that would be thrilling because I am still curious about all this stuff regarding it). But I see potential in these dragons. If they are very protective of other dragons and humans (at least the ones they are associated with), then I bet these dragons would be good for important missions and tasks that other dragons may not be able to do...my mind is working in weird ways.
  14. Exactly, it would be nice to have more themed dragons, but I am sure they will be their own dragons too... But that white hatchling is making me seriously think of a Spinosaurus. Am I the only one thinking that?
  15. The new Vampire spriters are gorgeous, they seem to pop off the page now...and I had to rename my other adult female. Instead of Hvitt, her name is now Winterfell Snowflake (called Snowflake for short). Game of Throne reference it indeed is, even if I have never watched the show (and never will due to certain content). I don't know, it just sounded nice and I had to put it down...I'm kind of having this thing when I am renaming my dragons to something that sounds more...special. The name is important...but now I am going to look up theme songs for the Power Rangers other films.
  16. Oh, the hatchlings we have so far look adorable. The red one looks like a little T-rex baby and the yellow looks awesome, and so does the pink...I can't wait to see the others and find out their genders.
  17. But epic! Power Range dragons! I'm still not getting why make a movie when there are already movies out for the different...whatever you would call it. Love the songs from them though
  18. Where is the yellow most commonly found? I got all the colors except for that one.
  19. *la* I was right! It is a female-only this time and my those wings are large and beautiful.
  20. Huh...well let's see what happens then...but darn that egg even had owl in it...take really good care of it. Am I the only person who thinks the new V-day dragon will look lovely with the Purple?
  21. I think this might be the only event...I mean it even says THE END. Oh well, for those who may have picked up none valentine eggs in the AP...take good care of them (especially that Silver...it was hard to let it go).
  22. Spreading the love in my own way...by dropping none Valentine eggs in the AP (bred from my special lines, including a Geode from two CB Stone dragons...take care of it).