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  1. Of course. You got to love the fact that when a person decides to breed their dragons, nobody is going to bother caring for them...what a waste. At least the first broods were a success...but I am unhappy because one of the Heartseeker eggs had a code that I would love to have back.
  2. Darn it...I was hoping for a female-only release...but oh well it is nice...and is one of those flowers to connect based off of the egg for this new dragon? The petals of that flower looks the same. Whoever was lucky enough to get one of the eggs from my Heartseeker and Mutamore...cherish them, I am proud of my dragons.
  3. How do you know you at actually contributing? I submit an option and the bar looks the same.
  4. What a gorgeous and graceful dragon. The Garland dragon to fit with the Mistletoe dragon from last year. And also a new dragon type too. I must ask...are the mana berries dangerous?
  5. It was 90 percent when I checked, then I made my submit so I hope it helped.
  6. Well fire is red, but it could symbolize a green Christmas like from that one old holiday film.
  7. Pardon if this has been said countless times before, but how do you know which direction the bar is heading? The blue side seems extensive, but I noticed there is a green dot on the other side but doesn't seem to be much action there. Is the bar a blend of ice and fire? Oh...baby dragons do hurry and grow up. I am eager to see what you look like now. But you know...I think my two eggs are hatching before my white Zyumorph (which I got first). Unless that egg is cracking and I just couldn't see it.
  8. Oh, I can't wait to see them as adults. The stage one is simply cute and the S2 looks very promising. I can't wait to see what we get.
  9. Oh...a candle dragon perhaps? That would be neat.
  10. Is anyone else having problems accessing the site? I just noticed one of my creatures in my siggy is missing.
  11. Babies! I can't wait to see what they are going to look like as adults.
  12. Two zombies, but a dead tree...a spirit tree perhaps? That is in Zoo Tycoon 2 as part of a spooky expansion pack.
  13. Was able to get two of the new eggs.
  14. Nevermind, found two of them just now.
  15. I am confused. Have they been released or what? I only see normal eggs. But that two-headed is gorgeous!
  16. Are the Khusa adults the same sprite? I am trying to see if there may minute details, but I am not sure. I got a male hatchling and I want to know if I should let him grow or freeze him to complete my set. But the Khusa reminds me of a bird of prey almost.
  17. Not sure if anyone said it, but that one hatchling looks like a bird-based dragon. Hooray for birdie dragons. The hybrid is quite lovely too, but seems familiar...? Maybe it is just me. The only problem is that I ended up with three of the cave egg. Oh well, one adult, one S1 baby and one S2 baby...and I will be good to go. The birdie dragon is quite cute.
  18. The Bailaka dragons look epic, and they still have that kind of look that reminds me of a mosasaur. But our first two-headed water dragon...I think they look fabulous. The Script dragon isn't too bad either.
  19. Hooray, mature babies! They still look like little Mosasaurs but maybe like certain kinds of fish.
  20. Oh...the pink egg hatchling is cute. I don't think it looks that plain, but OMG we got a two-headed water baby now. Cheers.
  21. Oh...it looks like a widdle baby Mosasaur. The long snout, the little flippers, the long body...aw.
  22. Got them all now and also just rescued a lowtime egg. The poor thing.