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  1. And even harder to know if you got it.
  2. Okay, now I'm annoyed. The moment you redirect back to the cave, the eggs are all gone...time wasted waiting for the page to load. But on a lighter note, I got two zombies, one being a fickle Mint who dodged ever since I first hatched her.
  3. I am in love with that Pygmy hatchling!
  4. Kala gotta Gusty! And I am liking its code...I like when my dragons have good seeming codes...I wish I did not give up that one Silver hatchling, it's code was Owl.
  5. *sigh* Got to wait for a Gusty, but I got a little Feather...can't wait to see what it shall be. Maybe a bird-based dragon?
  6. Is anyone else having problems reaching the site?
  7. OMG...those pygmies are simple adorable! So small and purple and chubby.
  8. I agree, those recommended posts are exasperating. You have to scroll past them simply to see the key points of interest which are TJ's dragons. I found it frustrating myself. But come on babies, grow so mama can put you guys in your proper place. The Black Truffle gives me an excuse to use something special...mushrooms!
  9. I thought of that too. The goo hug I mentioned came from an episode of Steven Universe. OMG...what if they ended up getting stuck to each other? Awkwardness...
  10. This makes sense *nod* Now to lighten the air...BT dragon would say GOO HUG!
  11. Guys, if TJ released these dragons then we should expect that they were both able to check out. So what if it may seem awkward? The descriptions could be tweaked, and may they will be (do note that he also had to deal with an unplanned dragon being released too)...can we just let it go?
  12. Okay guys, I think they get the point regarding descriptions... But I kind of am craving some mushrooms now. There is this one brand who has a truffle mac and cheese...it has a strong smell, a kind of odd flavor...but is SOOO good.
  13. I think there is an error in the Black Truffle's description. I think you meant 'near the point of extinction' but it only says 'near the point of'.
  14. Black Truffle for the win! A mushroom dragon...I love it 😍
  15. Okay, I am confuse...what are the gusty glitch? Got my musky! I am content now.
  16. I think I like the oily one a whole lot more...but can't seem to find any eggs for it.
  17. I got one egg...happy early birthday to me...I need more things to be happy.
  18. Huh, so they are Harry Potter based...not bad. Some very fluffy dragons we got there, so I bet they are good for snuggling.
  19. Oh...those sprite updates are simply gorgeous!
  20. Babies! The golden one looks kind of like a dinosaur (in my mind).
  21. Finally got a pygmy and first catch on my brand new laptop! The drake looks nice...but seems familiar...but the pygmy looks nice. Kind of like an aquatic critter.
  22. Has anyone made the question or comment about if these guys are distant relatives of the Flesh-Crowned dragon?
  23. Both of my new dragons have hatched! But I am expressing tears of joy at the knowledge that two of my dragons (one of my favorite couples) are part of a lineage that is being continued. Their first brood had three eggs (I think it was four, but the last one didn't make it) and I kept and froze one, but one of their grown sons participated in this season's breeding...I really hope the three resulting eggs get some well-deserved love. One of their Diamondwing daughters was bred to a Mutamore this season too! And it turns out that he is the son of a Mutamore x Diamondwing (CB couple) too! She is having better luck, all the eggs have hatched and one is now a mature hatchling. ...if the line continues...that will be beautiful to watch ^^.
  24. Okay I now feel much better. Two hatchlings and one egg is in the middle of hatching for Ranofer and Taemane...huh...a vampire from one of my Heartseekers...well I guess that is okay.