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  1. My other one was ify, but I don't know what this will do but it seems actually something that might be cool. Okay, we all breed our dragons, but for many different reasons, some breed for a lineage, others to hopefully gain a good egg, and others well for no real reason (I do that sometimes I admit) Now the dragons have a little power, they can like their mate but no egg comes, they can have a egg, or they absolutely hate each other or refuse each other. But what if we could give more power to them? I was thinking maybe some of a heart meter or something. It would appear only on the Breed action and when choosing a male or female it will appear and be one to five (I think that's the limit in my other game or six but five is good enough) and each heart will show how much the dragon feels. If one dragon has a four or five then you can know that it might result in a good pairing (even if no egg is included) but if a low number like one or two or even none then you probably shouldn't even try. Now dragons can change their opinions of their comrades and affections, it's happened to me plenty of times, one couple gives me a egg and like each other, but the next time they refuse to go near each other. The heart meter could give the owner a good clue to which dragon might be a good match and of course People don't have to listen to it, the heart meter won't be exact, a one meter dragon might actually be the dragon's love and it will hate a level four dragon It seems like it would be fun
  2. I do see the pros and cons of this, but I more hope it goes because then it will be so much easier, but yet, what if you want to breed your dragon with a different one? I'll use a example. My white Stripe has two mates, the first is a Nebula, if I made it so they were mates, then would I be able to unmate them? if not then I couldn't breed Silkwings with any other male perhaps it could work as long as there is a way to unmate them if you want to breed them to another dragon
  3. I got two of the second one but what are they? but this is so cool