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  1. I can't believe the event is already over...and you can't look to see what the final outcome was...but yeah, even though I did get two eggs myself, it is not fair to many people who live in different time zones to not be able to get the same equal opportunity. 

  2. There's a cave block going on right at this minute...I dunno. I might glance at it then at the cave but my dragon interests have kind of simmer down. Though I did obtain one of my goals. Got me a chicken finally! Just need a Neglected. 

  3. You guys, it is not always about the search for CB or good lineage dragons, though you can find gems and you can find those that might be considered breeding failures. I personally don't care, I have dragons who classify as both. The AP is a place to dump unwanted eggs and hatchlings and, like the cave, should be a place with variety (that is literally how I roll, could never be a pokemon gym leader). But maybe we should have a bit more of a warning when a massbreeding is going to take place. In-Cave announcements? Just so people won't be taken by surprised and that might lower the negative feelings.

  4. This may not be the place, but I would love if we could have a search filter for the AP. It's kind of bothersome to keep refreshing just to get some new selection of eggs and hatchlings. Of course you may not find the egg you are looking for, but why not use the unlocked Encyclopedia for this too.

  5. But it does get annoying after awhile. Especially when you are hoping for something special. Plus, I am not sure any of the current blockers are being taken (or maybe they are...it is hard to tell when they are the same egg over and over). 

  6. What an interesting looking little creature. I like the colors of the hatchling and egg, but I also like the hatchling's sprite pose too. And it being watchful...that might make it a very fun companion to have around.