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  1. It Never Ends - Bring Me The Horizon. Monster - Meg & Dia. Drug in Me is You - Falling In Reverse.
  2. alyssascloud

    Sad songs

    Hmmm. I miss you by Avril. The music video makes me bawl.
  3. BVB are okay, in my opinion. I personally LOVE Bring Me The Horizon<3 anyone with me?
  4. Metal Pop No Rap. No Country d(^.^)b OLIVER SYKES<3
  5. GO SEE THE LAST MOVIE! Oh my gosh! I cried so much!:3 don't wanna spoil anything, but snape loved her sooooo fricken' much! aughh, so heartbreaking to see so many people die :/ oh dang, SPOILER ALERT.
  6. Sims 3 wasn't as I suspected... but it has many choices and stuff to it, i'd prefer Sims 2 though ^.^ Just my opinion.