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  1. A few months ago, in front of a subway station with my ex. How romantic Actually...it kind of was and I remember it fondly.
  2. A good, black gel pen is wonderful ^-^
  3. Do gerbils count? I know they used to come from Mongolia some time back when... ;w; Well...I have two gerbils (after countless other gerbils and hamsters), little one year old boys named Finnigan and Mustardseed and I love them to death. They love to cuddle, and hardly nibble unless I smell like food. We even have a little game we like to play by hiding seeds under empty acorn caps and switching them around, and then they find them =3 It amazes me how squeamish people are about rodents sometimes. These aren't pests, their pets, and very affectionate ^.^ But I've also had several salamanders and a couple of Northern Brown Snakes I've caught.
  4. Scroll Name JayWanderer Egg Type 2 CB Swallowtails. One is due to hatch soon. Any Wishes for the Egg's Home A good home, please don't freeze =) If I can be contacted to arrange an abandoning-trade time (I don't have a magi for Transport yet) that would be great =)
  5. This is correct. Also, the goal of the project is to raise the dragons completely.
  6. Philly of the Pennsylvania of the United States
  7. The Sight by David Clement-Davies is also a good read for such perspective.
  8. They're so cute! I couldn't help but join =)
  9. Everyone that has signed up to be a Keeper has been added to the official list. Also a list will be made for Freelance Volunteers as well. Thank you all! =)
  10. Keepers List Shadowwolf6 Mysfytt Angelofgeek sweet_smurfette MousieBrown Malum Dragon and Cat Tamer C4C3 Cabalsux WaterScorpion Vocalia shelbell Kyeykva darkflowernightshade Hei Speedyheart skyress2000 Kalanna Rai lady_caetlyn Bobbica
  11. I've noticed that a lot of what's being said is an animal's ability to cope with death. However, as much as a species has evolved to be able to cope, I do not believe means that it should still FACE that type of suffering or tragedy. People can cope as well, however I would never neglect someone faced with death just because they are able to.
  12. Overall, I think it's a little on the ludicrous side to put people above animals. I respect and care about both equally. Just like Snow Plow is saying, just because they aren't us does not at all or in any way mean that they feel any less than we do. I could care less that they don't look or act like us. Anything with intelligence, emotions, and the ability of expression I would indeed risk myself for or make an effort to conserve or care for.
  13. I meant it in the sense that humans (and here I'm making a broad generalization) tend to fill their lives with unecessary drama, the common he-said-she-saids, social mishaps, facebook bullying, and all of that sort. Animals' lives are simpler in that they are to the point. The focus is survival. Our lives may be easier to maintain, but for some reason, many people can't keep it simple. The one-track life of an animal is what I'm speaking of appraising.
  14. I agree here. We've distanced ourselves in so many ways from the basis of nature, with our intelligence, cooperations, civilization, and technology, that while we are biologically classed as animals, we cannot say we reside in life in the way that they do.
  15. Just coming into the topic, this is my stand: Honestly...there are billions and billions of humans. There are more than a few species of animals in nature going extinct. Humans will never be able to be a part of wild nature again. We exist on a higher plane of being. People talk about animal populations overcrowding. WE are overcrowding. And when we have the resources to support at least most of the 6 billion of us, when I hear about animals in captivity and hunters that kill for sport, it does make me irritated. In the state that earth and nature is in right now, I do indeed care more about the animals. Because once they all die because of a lack of conservation, and the ecosystems fall apart and the world is left with people, when die, Earth would theoretically be dead. Animals aren't less than us. We aren't better than them. Evolution doesn't have favorites. It's just how it happened, so I think it'd be good pay more attention to the animals for once. In fact, I appraise animals for leading lives simpler than ours.
  16. The {Egg Basket} Save an Egg, Raise an Egg What is the Egg Basket? This isn't the everyday trading post. Nor is this a thread for breeding or requesting commons or rares. It is an indiscrimate thread, meaning that anyone that does not want an egg or eggs of theirs may leave a notification, and someone willing to take it in can reply, therefore ensuring that the all-too-common flood of eggs into the Abandoned Pages is prevented, creating not only a lighter server, but more dragons raised comfortably in suitable homes. To break it down... Any person that is currently in possession of an egg or eggs that they do not want, cannot take care of, or otherwise along similar lines, can reply to this thread with: [b]Scroll Name[/b] [b]Egg Type[/b] [b]Any Wishes for the Egg's Home[/b] Others, called "Keepers" or "Fosters" that have joined the project, are available and willing to take in the unwanted eggs and raise them with the prefix: EB to represent the origin of the egg from the Egg Basket Project. It is as simple as that. For the Keepers, there is a small but important point in our pledge that will keep the Egg Basket what it is intended to be. THE KEEPER'S PLEDGE * I promise not to kill or freeze my given egg. If a Keeper is otherwise unavailable to take in unwanted eggs, we welcome all volunteers. If you would like to sign up ahead of time to become a Keeper or a freelance volunteer, please use this form so we can keep track on our Bulletin. [b]Best Way to Contact:[/b] [b]Your Job? (Keeper or Freelance Volunteer):[/b] [b]Do you promise not to kill, neglect, or freeze your given egg?:[/b] And that's all there is to it! Our Badge [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=120749][IMG=http://i53.tinypic.com/idhgfk.png][/url] *The Egg Basket is in beta stage, to see if it will become a successful project
  17. Small. Lots of cords to go tripping and flying over. A little pink desk (but the sliding drawer part is broken =/). A bookcase. And a broken hamper, which means overflowing with clothes, sweaters, athletic gear and all the fancing like. Then there's my... *MAGICAL STUFFED ANIMAL* Corner with all of my stuffed animals from my youth. My bed houses my PillowPet Moose, whom I affectionately call Charlie.
  18. Name of fansite: Linked Scales Hatchery Haven Link to fansite: http://linkedscales.host56.com Here Link to thread on DC forum (if any): Type of fansite: Self-serve Registration required?: No Is there an ER?: Yes Notable features: Easy copy&paste hatchery to add your dragons. Any extras?: Will soon have a community chat center.