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    WISHLIST- please let me know if you are approaching me with an inbred
    High Priority

    CB silver
    CB gold
    CB Blusang Lindwurm
    CB Pyralspite (Almandine-Alpine, and Spessartine-Coast)
    CB Two-Headed Lindwurm (purple-Alpine)
    CB or 2nd gen Copper (any color)
    2nd gen Holly
    2nd gen Mistletoe-Christmas 2014
    2nd gen Desipis-Halloween 2014 (x2 for breeding)
    2nd gen Solstice-Christmas 2013
    2nd gen Grave-Halloween 2013 (x2 for breeding)
    2nd gen Wrapping Wing-Christmas 2012
    Shimmer Scales (any 4th gen or less with no inbreeding)

    Lower Priority

    alt blacks to freeze in hatchling forms
    any non-inbred, neat lineaged gold
    Cb ice (x2 for a breeding)
    CB thunder (x1 for a mate), or male hatchie
    Cb nebulas
    2nd gen pumpkin
    CB vine (x3 for mates in a few lineages)
    low gen nice lineage Thuweds or Dorkfaces
    CB black

    Lowest Priority

    reds to add to my red army
    CB vampires
    CB tan ridgewings
    CB seasonals

    I accept breeding requests, just PM me with your request and you will either be placed on a wait list, informed of a cooldown time for the requested dragon's breed action, or asked for a specific parent pairing.
    You may request a parent pairing in your initial request as long as your pairing includes two dragons that CAN breed together. (for example: no same gender requests, no pygmyXregular, no, drakeXregular, etc.

    Some dragons I would appreciate a trade for rather than just gifting them to people as some dragons are harder to breed than others and I'm still working on filling my own scroll.

    IOUs to Collect