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  1. Moaning, groaning, shuffling undead corpses with an intelligence comparable to a rock? Not so scary. What's scary is when the infected are still living, can think, and can run. Think "I Am Legend" and "28 Weeks Later".
  2. 1. World peace/more birth control/no destruction of the environment 2. The ability to fly 3. POKEMON ARE REAL.
  3. Just saw a CB Black egg... ...And stared at it in shock for like, 2 seconds. 2 seconds too late.
  4. For the last several consecutive nights I've been having loads of zombie dreams. For some reason, though, they're not all that scary. And it's given me this weird urge to watch 28 Weeks Later again.
  5. I'm starting my sophomore at Michigan State, and people say it's a fairly big party school. Most of the people I've seen/met, though, seem to be pretty heavy about studying and focusing on academics.
  6. I *neeeeeeed* a CB blue neb hatchie and a female pink hatchie. D: Been trying to get them for a while, but with no luck.
  7. I'm trying to get some caveborn Sunsong Amphipteres, Day Glories and Night Glories for a planned lineage project. I have two purebred 2nd gen Day Glories with unrelated caveborn parents, and am hoping to get a caveborn Night Glory hatchling or two. I think it'd be a pretty lineage. If anyone has any sunsong/day/night glory hatchlings they don't need, I'll gladly take them! If you're looking to get something out of it in return, I'm sure we could work something out. Thanks!